Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Grrrr I think Im crushing....

Okay...now Im going to admit it. Im crushing hard on this guy....
Tony's MuscleGallery.com preview page

Its very rare to find a dude:
1. This age
2. This size
3. That goddamn sexy handsome

Imagine waking up next to that guy. And looking into those eyes and kissing that smile..... arggggh Im morphing into a 14 year old GIRL!!

But watch this and tell me this isn't the sexiest thing there is.

Oh and by the way. This is a fantastic example of EXACTLY how I want to look.... One day (soon)


At 3:21 AM, Blogger Sue said...

Now, now Narcissus. This is not the direction you wanted to go in. You were going to take the other video off the blog to keep you from getting distracted, but now you have added one. Instead of one step forward, you have taken two steps back. Naughty boy! Were I there I would punish you soundly (right, but you would have to allow me to as I only weigh 51 kg).

Well at least Tony trimmed off that silly little beard. It was really distracting. He is massive though. And hot. I am sure he has lots of admirers. Fans. Groupies. Drooling groupies. But you would stand out among them unlike a 14 year old girl. Isn't it possible that someday through competition you could even meet this boy?

At 9:55 AM, Blogger NarcissusAU said...

Ah Sue, can you blame me? Really?

At least the fact that he's on MuscleGallery.com means he's open to having gay fans.... hehehe (thats always the first step)

Oh and meeting him at comp? No. Unless Im a spectator, just no. Because I went down the natural bodybuilding route instead of taking it heavy early like he has, we will never compete at the same level. (I wish!!)

(And my mother had the same problem punishing me....)

At 10:07 AM, Blogger Sue said...

It is unlikely that my punishment would be anything like your mother's, Narcissus. ;)


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