Thursday, January 18, 2007

Surfie Boy (concluded...

His head bobs and his fingers play me like an instrument. Pleasure everywhere as he moves and groves his way around my body. He moves with fluent skill seemingly getting off on getting me closer and closer to the edge.
I pull him off me and kiss him deeply, tasting my salty flavor on his lips. Nice.
I pull him towards the bed. He stands on it as I kneel on the padding taking his cock once again into my mouth, I suck down hard and twist his balls. He falls back against the wall as I continue to work his cock reaching up to work on his nipples.
Soon he removes me from his cock and Im lying on my back with him siting on top of me. We kiss deeper and deeper as our hands continue to explore the others body. He runs his fingers from around my balls over my perineum and up the crack of my ass over my ass....playing with my hole with flicks and pressure. His other hand stays steadfast on my abs pushing down solidly.
I run my hands through his wild and curly hair. My hands move down to caress his strong uber-masucline jaw. I pull his face towards mine, we kiss as I flip him onto his back grabbing his cock and falling onto his nipples.
He's already close so I move in for the finishing move. I grab one of his nipples in one hand and twist hard, as he gasps at the sensation that provides I latch onto his left nipple (which I had worked out to be far more sensitive) and biting the flesh between my teeth I used my tongue to flick at the sensitive tip of flesh. Sucking and gnawing I continued to pump is cock in time with pulsation of pleasure running across his body.
I felt his body tighten, his abs popping and the arms running down his arms sprung to life as orgasm racks through his body. He pulls my head off his nipples while he cums instead bringing my face to his as he forces his tongue into my mouth as we kiss deeply while his seed is pumped over our tightly entwined bodies.

He rolls off me and runs his fingers through the strings of cum that cover his tight smooth abs. His breathing returns to normal as he rolls onto his side next to me and grabs my cock with a look of lust in his eyes. He looks like he can't wait to make me cum, and it shows. Soon his magic hands appear as everywhere on my body.
I tell him to treat my balls like I did his nipples. Rough. So he starts gently at first, then harder and harder as my moans and groans get louder and deeper. He pumps my cock more and more. He gets up on his knees and runs his hand over and around my balls and again to my ass where he prods at my ass.... He's bringing me closer and closer.
I roll up to face him on my knees and grab my own cock, kissing him firmly at the same time. With his two hands he grabs my balls and massages the crack of my ass until my hot cum is pumping out of my tight balls and across my stomach, his chest, up onto his shoulder then over his head onto the wall behind.

We crash onto the bed drenched in sweat and cum. He wraps his arms around my shoulders and pulls me in tight. We lie there hugging and chatting not wanting to or being able to move, both exhausted from out release.
Lying there next to his perfectly smooth and awesomely lean body I couldn't help but start to run my hands over it.
Smooth and hard as rock, cut and defined his whole body moved and flexed with every breath. I ran my fingers around his nipple and started to gently tweak at it...
I could see his cock which was softly draped over his thigh start to thicken, then roll into an upright position. I smiled at him and he smiled back.
In a quick move I sucked his nipple into my mouth and nibbled in the way had learnt he likes best and quickly beat his cock. His body rocked and jerked as his moaned load and rolled his head back. He grabbed at his cock and started pumping as I worked both of his nipples. Quickly he was groaning deep and low while a second lot of cum spilled onto his hip and trickled down his thigh.
Again we cuddled for a bit before I showered and left.
God he had a hot body!


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Very Hot. I couldn't help buy rub one out while I read the story.


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