Thursday, February 08, 2007

Weekend Playtime....Guy One

First Guy:

So anyway, as you guys could tell from my previous posts I was TOTALLY in the mood of a little bit of celebratory fun. I hit Gayday to see who was up to what and who wanted me to get up them....
As usually happens with Gaydar I got totally distracted from chasing the boys when I started messaging with my friends.... that was until I received a message from a 20-something dude who quite simply said: "Id wrestle you".

Those are actually the top secret code words that launch my cock. Usually they are stored in The Football that the US presidential aid carries, in with all the launch codes to the nukes (and George W's lunch box)...

So anyway we chat back and forth getting more and more edgy, sexy and flirtatious. He has two pics in his profile. Normally not someone I would go for, he's cute and all. Very young looking, a baby face. He obviously hits the gym but by no means would I describe him as "muscular" or even "athletic" .... you could say he looks "fit". But that doesn't matter right now because he is pushing all my fetish buttons saying that he wants to wrestle and fight me in speedos.
Matching up face to face, speedo bulge to speedo bulge and work each other over until the sweat runs off our bodies in sheets, soaking us and our spandex.
And you know what? That will do it every time!

So we plan to meet up out front of Citygym after Id finished my workout (it was a back workout and it was super fantastic!! I was so tight sore and pumped....that always puts me in a happy/horny mood)
So anyways, I swill my protein shake and take a seat with a glossy gay rag and start reading it cover to cover...
An hour later, I give up on him.....he ain't coming.
But Im in my happy place, so this isn't going to burst my bubble.


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