Friday, February 09, 2007

Weekend Playtime....Guy Two...(Cont)

At this stage I should also explain to you that not only was this guy TOTALY my type, but he also had quite an accent. Its was Greek/Mederterainian with a strong Aussie twang over the top of it. Just like a mate of mine at the gym.
He sounded just like this guy who I help out in the gym. And that just drove me wild!!
So I push him over the bed so he's bent at the hips, chest to the mattress presenting his ass for me to use.
I grab some more lube and run my finger over his hole as he twitches at the touch. I stick one finger in slowly probing around followed slowly with a second digit. He's moaning slightly and pushing his body back and forth as I run my fingers around and watch him jump and react.
His dick is stuck between his abs and the padded bench he's bent over so every-time he jerks back and forth in reaction to me playing with his ass his cock gets a rub from the bedding.
He moaning gets louder. Its time to step this up and start the real fun.
I lube everything and gift wrap my cock. I poke my cock in and out of his hole a couple of times as he starts to get more and more insistent on me driving into him and starting the fuck.
He reaches behind him to grab my hips and try to pull me into him. I hold his arms down and steadily slide my cock all the way in, all the way to the hilt. As I push in further and further his back arches and his fingernails claw into the mattress.
His head drops hanging from his shoulders rolling around as I slowly pull back out and plunge deep again, pushing against his prostate. A few more pumps and I grab his shoulders pulling him up so he's standing in front of me. My cock impaling him as I wrap my arms around his chest and tight abs holding him close to me. He looks back over his shoulder and I lean down towards his face and we kiss as I push in and pull out in short strokes. (Being taller really was a benefit in this position).
We kiss slopily until I push back in hard and his head drops away and he groans again. Falling back towards the bed he pushed back and slams himself hard onto my cock.
He gets up on the bench and rolls over while my cock is still jammed in his ass. Now he's lying on his back and I can see his face and his muscled body heavy with heavy breath and shean with sweat starting to collect in his masculine fur and drip in rivulets down the valley between his pecs collecting for a moment in the groves of his abs before running down his flanks.
This is a SEXY fuck.
He's looking up at me and he smiles hard.
"You have an amazing body" he said, while reaching up to grab my pumped up arms, pawing at my biceps and running his finger along the veins wrapping around the muscle.
I shove my cock deeper into his ass and lean back reaching up and throwing down a double biceps pose. I feel his ass close down tight around my cock as he reaching for his own dick in a flurry of masturbation.
"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!" was all he said. I pumped him harder and harder as the sweat started to roll off my body and land on his prone torso.

He askes "do that again. Do that thing with your arms again!" I pump one arm in front of him and then the other. I rub the muscle with my hand, smearing the sweat and rubbing in the shine of the lube.
"Fuck" he says again, in that sexy accent. He reaches up in a passionate thrust and grabs my neck pulling my face to his. He kisses me deeply as his other hand squeezes at my shoulder and arm. I pump him harder and harder while grabbing at his cock to add to the pleasure sensation.
He lets go of my neck and starts to roll over. He stops on his side and lifts one leg in the air exposing further his hole. In reaction to this I plunge deeper and harder into his waiting ass while he takes a huge hit of Amyl and goes bezerk with his cock in a flurry of sweat and lube.

Again he rolls over so he's perches on knees and hands. I grab the back of his neck and push it to the mats. He goes bezerk with moans and groans as the change of angle hits just the right spot deep inside his body.
He looks up at me and says "I want to suck your dick".

I pull out of him and strip the rubber. He grabs me and direct me to the bed. He jumps between my legs sucking my throbbing cock down his throat. He sucks me hard while running his hands along my body and up and down my legs. As he touches my quads I flex them. He stops sucking and just sits back playing with my muscles as I flex them for him.
"Your body is amazing, your muscles are so big" He is genuinely in awe of my body, like he'd never seen anything like it so close. Which I thought was super ironic, since he basically had the same proportions to me just less cut and 5" shorter. But all this attention was really turning me on. (Well there is a reason y'all know me as Narcissus!!)
Again he returns to sucking my dick. He pulls down on my balls and I launch a massive spray of cum in the air. Pulse after pulse of white hot seamen stream across the bed and the wall.
Panting and heaving from the orgasm I reach for him and pull him close, I suck down his cock and after a few bobs of my head he pulls away from me and backs towards the wall, cock in hand. Cum dibbles from his cock and drips onto the floor. His body heaves and the shine returns as sweat covers his flushed form.
He smiles, thanks me and leaves.... I shower and to the hunt. This is after all a celebration weekend and Im a very horny boy.


At 1:41 PM, Blogger Sue said...

Oh, yes. Very hot. I love it when you flex for him and that turns him on even more. Hmmmm. That might work for me too. :P I don't know about during sex though. I can get quite distracted during sex. Boy, it would be great if there were photos of these bodybuilder guys, but I know that can't happen.

How was your neck during all of this? Any pain?

At 1:00 AM, Blogger NarcissusAU said...

Flexing is fun mmm'kay!!

But no pain. I still have a little swelling, but I think there is a stich left in there because I can feel it scratching under the skin.

The only pain I had was doing deadlifts today at gym. But the good pain way outweighed the bad pain.
Pain is good ;-) mmm'kay!!

At 4:26 AM, Blogger Sue said...

Mmmm. Yes a bit of pain IS good. hehehe.


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