Thursday, February 08, 2007

Weekend Playtime....Guy Two

I head to Plan B also known as my local spa. Talent everywhere.
I strip, wrap a towel and check myself out in the mirror before heading upstairs to do a lap and see who's here tonight.

Second Guy:
He walks up the stairs and walks down the corridor furthest away from me. Its only a glimps but my cock sees more then my eyes do as it jumps under my towel and my balls get a tingle through them.
From that instant I could see a dark european, short build but thickly muscled. Chunky is how I usually describe them. Its that muscle look where they arn't fat but the muscles aren't ripped either. A full rounded firm muscle with great shape and form. I wait for him to complete his loop which will bring him out to the foyer area in which I was standing watching some seriously heinous porn.

He appears and I openly and obviously check him out. Full chest and proportionate arms, a slightly rounded stomach but with a solid and thick sixpack tapering down under his towel which slung suggestivly low over his crotch. I smiled and raised an eyebrow, "Hell yeah!" was what I was thinking.... I made eye contact and he walked off. I followed after him, after he got around the corner away from the crowds he stood back against the wall. I stood in front on him my chest perhaps an inch from his. He smiled and I grabbed his head and held his mouth to mine as I started to deeply kiss him and run my free hand down his chest, across his abs then around his waist to tightly grab an ass check pulling his whole body closer to mine.

Grinding two cocks together we realise this should be taken behind doors. I direct him to an open door, we go in and he reaches for the light dimmer. (Now this is the test. Im a turn the lights up kind of guy, alot of guys prefer to mess around in the darkness.) He turns the dim light up and quickly the room is filled with light as I drink in this man's uber masculine body and presence in the room. His chest and abs are covered with very close clipped hair and he stands naked moving closer into me, going straight for my towel.

He moves in close to my body, I can feel his heat radiating against my chest and abs. He strips the towel from around my waist and wraps his hand around my half hard cock. He starts to slowly but firmly jerk it up and down. I grab his cock and pull him closer by his cock. I kiss him deeply as I reach behind him and pump some lube into my palm from the dispenser on the wall behind him. I reach down between us and grab his dick with my lubed up hand. He gasps and rolls his head as I run my slick hand up and down his shaft. He can't bear it anymore.

"Do you want to fuck me?"
"Hell yeah...."


At 2:15 PM, Blogger Sue said...

Too bad about guy #1. Guy #2 sounds very promising! I'm all worked up already. I want you to f*ck him too. I know you will tell us all about it in your own good time Narcissus. Sigh. This is the difficult part for me. The waiting. How long will you make me wait this time?

At 8:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait....I'm confused...

Is "Sue" a Woman or a Man? This is not meant to offend but I'm intruiged by the fact that a 50yr old female as stated on Sue's profile is getting "hard up" as she put it over these stories....

At 10:54 PM, Blogger NarcissusAU said...

Sue's always welcome here. And she is welcome to react in any way she sees fit.... (although hard or wet would prob be approriate around these parts....;-P)

At 1:42 AM, Blogger Sue said...

"Worked up" just means horny. I am all woman, trust me. Hard up would mean the same to me. :)

Thanks Narcissus! Now get on with the story!!! hehehe


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