Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Playing with some All American BEEF....

"You look so damn sexy!"
Thats how it started.... my conversation with the Muscle American. We'd actually spoken 2 years before when he first his here in Aussie land and posted his profile on Gaydar.

He hadn't changed much in that time, he was still a hot as hell masculine American with a massive solid body.

As usually happens with my profile, I had posted new pics. So the guys who weren't paying attention I looked like a whole new guy for them to play with. That doesn't really bother me, Im just as subjective with my judgments of other peoples profiles. (They have to say something truly profound to make up for some dodgy photos...)
But anyway, this guy doesn't remember chatting to me, so I don't mention it. He is straight to the point and wants to fuck. I like that style, and I like that attitude.

We kinda banter really slowly over the next couple of days or maybe even a week about how we want to play and how hot I am, how hot he is..... It gets really worked up between us.

The problem is, he's stuck holidaying in Queensland. The day before he gets back he sends me a message..... "Im back tomorrow, you avail?"
I wasn't then but I send back a message that Id be up Sunday night. That he should be ready to fuck.

Sunday comes and I knock on his door. He opens it and smiles broadly at me. He's a little shorter then me at maybe 5'7/5'9 but packed full of thick rugby style muscle. Just real masculine, sexy, fury, mans man kinda bulk. My cock starts to get ready in my loose fitting cargos.
He opens the door and beckons me in, he shakes my hand like real men do when they meet each other (Im not in Europe, I don't kiss cheeks...). So we shake hands and then step back, he is just pepped. Bouncing around and excited to see me like a dog whose been left alone all day. I grab the back of his neck and pull him in to kiss him deeply, exploring his mouth with my tongue.
"Nice!" is what I say as we start to chat about the trip up, his holiday, finding the apartment building. All the while he's stripping clothes and moving step by step back towards the bedroom.
He stands in front of the bed fully naked as I stride across the apartment to meet him there.
"Thats unfair!" He looked me up and down mischievously, "I've taken all my clothes off....and your still fully clothed!"

I smile at him and reply, "And what are you going to do about it?" as I lift my hands into the air. Mr Texas takes the hint and grabs my shirt to pull it off over my head. He gets half way up my torso when he stops to rub his hands over my newly (and ever improving) ripped abs. I break his concentration by ripping the shirt off the rest of the way and reaching for my belt.
He's taken the hint thus far tho and is enjoying the job of stripping me of my clothes.... he pushes my hands out of the way and attacks my pants with gusto. Soon they are a crumpled mess on the floor and I stand there in tight briefs. Sheya, they don't last long and soon my rapidly expanding cock is lengthening down my leg and starting to lift away from my body.


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