Thursday, March 15, 2007

Playing with some All American BEEF (Concluded)....

This started HERE.

We kiss again and more, his hands slide up and down my chest and abs while my two hands are firmly gripping the immense shoulders of this gentle giant. I keep gripping and pawing at the notted sinews of muscle that form his shoulders and neck.

He walks over to the bed and reclines back waiting for me to join him. I walk over to the side of the bed and kneel up onto the mattress. I throw a leg over his torso and lower my weight onto his body as our chests grind together with the weight of our bodies. I cross my arms on his chest and start to kiss him again. Pulling away and teasing his searching tongue to keep him guessing.

He's aggressive and masculine in his treatment of me, but so am I to him. Two MEN fucking. We push and shove and semi-wrestle around the bed and off the bed and back on the bed as we push each other around. He Tries to grab my wrists to pin me down and we play as I try to break his hold on me. "Nearly!" "Not Quite" "I don't Think so..." he taunts as I try to push his mass off my chest. I give up and wrap my legs around his waist and squeeze him while the surprise makes him yelp and cough.
He tries to move my legs, but realising their strength he reaches down and tickles my exposed ribs and I collapse into a giggly pile.

Then I run my hand down his furry body and reach for his rock hard cock. I wrap my fingers around just below the head and squeeze its length in my fist. HIs body jerks and his back tries to arch but can't under the weight of my body.
He reaches for my cock as I slowly rub his shaft, up and down. He grips tightly and starts stroking it as I roll a little onto my back to give him more access. I bite my lip and my eyes roll as he plays gently with my hard cock.
Quickly he jets out of bed and grabs a bottle. He pours a little oil on his hands, on his cock and then onto mine.
"Macadamia" he says, referring to the oil.
Its a nice replacement for the normal synthetic lubes and crap that get all sticky and messy, this stuff makes everything run smoothly but still leaves enough friction to keep things interesting.

Suddenly his attention goes back to my dick. He grabs my cock and and pumps it a few times, spreading more oil along its length. Im lying on my back as he throws a leg over and sits on my stomach, trapping my cock between his ass checks behind him. He starts to bob up and down while playing with his cock in front of me. I reach up and press my finders against his ass and perineum. He jumps up and down faster and faster, the sweat starting to roll down his chest and abs matting his hair against his skin.
"Man I just wanna fuck you right now!" Im looking up at his bulk as his chest heaves under his breath. "Lets suite up and do this!" I say instructing him to go get the rubbers. He cracks one open and rolls it onto my cock (Turns out that the 'Magnum" brand don't hurt or pinch as much as the ones I usually use, I'm learning all the time!).
He gets on his back and looks up at me as I approach. "Slowly" he says pointedly. If I want to....was all I thought as I started to jam my cockhead in his tight whole. Turns out slowly was the only way I was going to get inside this guy, but that was fine because with each extra inch I could see his head roll and his eyes goggle. He has a massive vein in his head that just started to pulse and bulge when I got all the way in, his head turning red as I started to pump his ass.

I lifted his back and shoved a pillow under there to make my way easier. In and out I slid while he swung furiously on his cock. The redness made its way down his neck and across his broad and thick chest.
His biceps bulged with the pump of working his cock so furiously as I grabbed his hips and drove deeper and deeper into his body.
He's moaning and groaning while I can say nothing my pant as the cock rejoiced at the sensation of this tight, tight ass playing at my shaft.
The sweat collects in pools on the ridges of his abs as our two sweats mingle on his body.
He starts gasping out and lets go of his cock as I drive into him from a lower angle, hitting him differently inside.
I grab his cock to start playing with it, knowing he is close. He clams both hands around mine and locks tight, preventing me from moving at all. He pants up at me breathlessly, "Im going to cum!". He tries to regain control of his breathing.
"Thats the point..." I reply digging into him deeper. His head rolls as it slams against the bed head as I aggressivly work him over.
He reaches for his dick and after a couple of pumps he yelps out "argh, argh, gar argh!!" and spews his hot cum down his hand and across the fur on his abs.

We lie together his head resting in the crook of my arm as we chat and chat. For hours we lie there nakid and just hanging out together. He's a supper nice guy and we get along great.

The next day I message him. "We gotta do that again."
"Fuck yeah, your hot shit!" Was his relpy.....


At 2:21 PM, Anonymous SS said...

VERY hot mate ;-)

At 10:19 PM, Blogger brenton said...

this just inspired my latest post... you got a mention.

At 9:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Magnums" are larger trojan condoms. they are for people with larger penises. the rugular sizes used to hurt me too. Welcome to the club!


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