Monday, June 04, 2007

Watch the Ego....

My mates and I were out on the town and having an absolute blinder of a good time.  It was a massive get together of bodybuilders and their support crews to celebrate the end of this season.  Massive.
We were going back to my car for a change of scenery to an Oxford St club when it happened....
With my friends off to one side I was waiting to use the ticket machine to pay the parking fee.  I noticed a group of four guys standing off to the side staring, pointing and whispering to each other... I was the obvious object of their discussions.  These tall, rather large men of middle eastern appearance were certainly catching our attention. 
My heart started to beat faster as I turned my to use the ticket machine, I could see out of the corner of my eye the body language of my two mates changed from being fairly relaxed to ready for anything.... I knew they had seen these guys too.
Finished with the ticket machine I pushed out my chest and squared my shoulders enlarging the visual impact of my frame, I turned from the machine to be faced by this group of men....
Big Guy 1: "Mate..."
Shit, I can't really ignore them....
Me:  "G'day", I was being friendly...
Big Guy 1: "You competed in Sydney last weekend didn't you?"
Big Guy 2: "Yeah, under 80s right?"
Me: "Yeah...that was me."  BIG sigh of relief!!
Big Guy 3: "We thought we recognised you..."
Big Guy 4: "I competed last year, you looked better this year!  You made some great improvements..."
And so it went on, chatting about comps and the fact that I nor any of my friends could remember which floor I had parked my car on....
Finally we went our separate ways...
Me:  "If you happen to see a Silver ***** on your way out honk, fuck knows where my car is!"
A few minutes later as we walk down yet another set of stairs looking for my car we hear a loud honk in the distance...Ah ha!!
Mate 1: "Did you see those guys?"
Mate 2: "I thought they were going to start something, I was getting ready to kick my shoes off!"
Mate 1: "Yeah, I was staring them down....but hows your ego now Mr Recognised-by-the-general-public Bodybuilder man?"
Oh yeah, that felt damn good....


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