Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The kiss to awaken the beast....

Like a fairytale begins....Once upon a time, there was a dude who competed in natural bodybuilding...
blah blah blah... until we get to the part where I'm in a nightclub having finally won my comps and are free from the shackles of diet and training to have some fun with my friends.
A familiar smile in the crowed appears as a one of the smoking hot guys I know appears across the croweded dance floor.  He smiles his recognition at me, I smile back at him... then he's gone.
Much later that night as my girls are sitting on the sidelines tugging at their high heels and planning our escape home we agree to leave.  I turn to leave when *bam* there he is standing in front of me. 
"Hey man how are you!" I say as we embrace in a hello hug.
He runs his hands over my smooth face, "You shaved your beard!"
"Your still Jesus tho" he says playing with my long hair.  He always called me Jesus.
"Its good to see you man, but were just heading off...Its good to see you again tho." 
"Good to see you too"  And with that he leans in for a good by kiss.  We kiss on the lips but he quickly pulls me closer as his tongue explores my mouth and this good bye kiss becomes a deep, wet and sexy embrace.
"Seya" I say, as I turn to the door.  I look back with a big smile on my face, I see him grinning ear to ear.
"That was nice..." I said to my girls as we break into the sunlight of the crisp morning air. 
And with that my beast had been awoken....And I need to get me some ass!!


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