Friday, November 24, 2006

Narcing it up Hollywood style....

So Im heading back to California. Venice to be precise. I enjoyed that area so much, from the beaches of Venice itself all the way to the Hollywood hills that stand just down the freeway. Such and awesome area that’s enjoying some amazing weather at the moment.
The opportunity is there for me to extend my stay, so why the hell not? Id only be going home to start looking for work and slowly watch the holiday period approach. So I might as well stay here and see what the local Los Angeles area job market has to offer a guy with my skills and experiences. At this time of year I probably won’t be able to secure a job offer but Im already in the country so I might as well see if the response to what I offer makes a return job hunting expedition worthwhile. And now that Im not only on holidays, but in one place for more then 4 days…And not packing my days and nights with masses of touristy things, perhaps Ill have more time to get a little more friendly with the locals….;-P

This also means that updates should get slightly more regular. Back to the old Narcissus but in a different country doing different things playing with different dudes….
Sounds like an adventure worth blogging for… ;-)

Im glad you guys have stuck with me during this time, I feel really lucky to have you guys come along for this ride and I really look forward to getting back into dialogue with you guys….. Catch Y’all online…. From somewhere in the Los Angeles Valley….


At 10:23 AM, Anonymous Sean said...

Glad to hear you are in LA, my home town and favorite place ever. Just so ya know, even though it kinda looks like a valley, we call it the LA Basin (Hollywood Hills out to Baldwin Hills + the Westside and Downtown).
The "Valley" always refers to either the San Fernando or San Gabriel valleys, both of which have nice spots, but are kinda sneered at by those of us who live in the basin.

At 7:05 AM, Blogger NarcissusAU said...

A hahaha thanks for the geography correction. Its so much easier getting around places like this when you understand stuff like that.
And I can see why you might say this is your fav place in the world. I can certainly say Im enjoying myself here. Plus having an apartment and kitchen and a solid workout routine is certainly helping improve my levels of relaxation. Im slowly getting into the grove and slowing down...


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