Thursday, November 16, 2006

Side bar....

Okay, okay....back to The Seaman in a few. But first I totally have to gloat/celebrate/share a great day I had here in New York city.
I was on a photo shoot for a French language Canadian publication when the photographer started to direct me to move my arms around and adjust my shoulders and positioning. I moved again and she just sat back and said...get this...its exciting... "Your just looking too big for me!" "I don't want a bodybuilder, I want a healthy fit man!" "Can you stop looking so muscley and look.... fit?"

Of course with some good positioning I could, Im not THAT big. But having someone say that just made my day, espessially since it started off with me feeling so ich about the way I look after a month on the road.

BTW, any New York dudes out there want to show me how to really PARTY in the big New York City?? Let me know...I don't think this is the city to be going out by yourself.

Check back later for the continuation of The Seaman.... He and I got upto some real hot stuff...


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