Wednesday, November 22, 2006


So Im playing with my old mate the private boat seaman. And its just getting interesting....
So Im locked immobile with this guy swinging wildly on my sensitive cock. All I can do is twist a little trying to use my strength and weight to move this guy off me. Finally I get enough twist to me facing this guy. I pull my arm free and wrap it around his chin, from here I can torque his face and neck back and around to lead his shoulders enough to unbalance him and push him off me. I follow him around and end sitting on his chest. Now we can have some fun.

I reach behind me and grip his cock and balls in my fist. I wrench it around and watch as his face screws up in pain. Rolling his head back he hides his face with his hands trying to hide the paid flashing across his eyes. Just the move I wanted. I release the grip on his balls and grab his wrists together with my left hand. I roll away from ontop of his body but still holding his down by pressing my legs across his on the bed. From my position on the side of his prone body, his hands pinned above his head I start to thump heavily with my fists against his abs and solar plexus. His audible “umph” and “arghs” are so fuking sexy to hear as his cobblestone abs redden from the punishment of my fist. He twists back and for trying to roll up, roll over or just protect his abs. Ultimately, all he is able to is move the punishment around his torso spreading the redness out around his abs, chest and obliques. From all this punishment his cock has worked its way to full and rock solid turgidness and now points its way from underneath the underwear he is wearing. I pull the band of his underwear down and under his balls, pushing his whole sensitive and engorged package forward. I play with it gently as he catches his breath. The slight sheen of sweat that now covers his smooth, tan skin begins to show the slight veins and sinews on his muscles. His quickened pace of breathing starts to slow and I move my hand to around his cock and balls. Together squeezing with one hand as I tease and play with his nipple with the other. I watch the pace of his breath quicken once again as the mixture of pleasure and pain swirl in his head and react in his balls and cock.
All at once it becomes too much for his and he pulls his hands away from my grip above his head and wraps his hands around my throat as he rolls to the side and we end up on our sides facing each other. No advantage to either. I reach my hand out and grab the back of his head pulling his face into mine. Our lips connect and our tongues swap spit back and forth as we pull our bodies closer together feeling his radiating warmth against my wetted skin.
Soon this changes from slow, sensual and erotic working its way up as we get more and more aggressive. Soon our hands are roaming to get a good grip in order to push the other into the next move.
He pushes on one of my shoulders whilst pressing his leg across my hips, the motion forces me onto my back with him quickly following so he is sitting on top. As he sits on my chest I watch his hard cock bob and sway still jutting forward, the applied tourniquet of his swimwear waistband tightly pulling under his balls.
He reaches back behind him and starts to pump my cock, his eyes light up in a cheeky way I know so well. He is up to mischief. I quickly realise the game he has decided to play, he’s trying to make me cum quickly. He wants a first to cum looses battle. That’s a big mistake, I go for a really long time. Long. He will loose….. but a game I know I can win can be just as fun as a game I have to play hard to win.
So it begins, him pumping at my hard cock. My hips thrust as the waves of pleasure rip across my body. He starts to play with my nipples, using his free hand and his teeth. This guy means business. He wants to win this round, but that ain’t gonna happen! But Im not gonna stop him just yet. He’s working so hard that when he sits back the sweat runs down his chest and his tongue is sticking out of his mouth like he’s really concentrating. That’s so cute.
But enough of this playtime, its time to hand him his defeat. I grab him by the hips and using one foot against the bed drive one of my hips up and over unbalancing him from atop my torso. He tumbles to the bed and I quickly jump on top of him wrapping my legs around his stomach. His abs flex in anticipation of a shocking grip, but instead I just hang on enough so he isn’t going anywhere I don’t want him to. With my legs crossed around his torso Im facing his feet with my ass in his face (lucky guy ;-D). Right in front of me is what Im after and its not long before Ive licked my palm and with an open hand start rubbing just the sensitive head of his cock around and around in circles. Now if you haven’t done this before, to yourself or someone else, I suggest you stop here and go do it. You can simply see the exciting combination of pleasure and pain that this little trick emits. Your cock can only take a certain amount of pleasure or sensation and by continuously running the cockhead around your palm the whole system goes into pleasure overload. Seaman is jerking and swearing with his arms flailing around as I work on his cock continuously. Its a lot to take. Suddenly I stop and bending over suck his cock into my mouth and just hold it there slightly swirling my tongue but hardly providing any stimulus to his cock at all. The contrast of this pulls his nuts in real tight as the muscles across his body flex and strain as he tries with all his might to not cum just yet, he really doesn’t want to loose.
So I start to swirl my tongue more vigorously, running it up and down the underside of his cock head. I clamp my lips down harder and wrap my fingers around the very bottom of his cock and grip on tight. I pull his cock in and out of my mouth, with such a vacuum his cockhead makes a loud popping sound each time it reaches my lips. I suck him back down, with him enjoying every movement. He’s forgotten about not wanting to loose, overtaken instead by the overriding need to cum. His back arches as he lifts his pelvis trying to ram his cock into the back of my throat. His movements become jerky and uncontrolled. His balls pull up tight and his head rolls back and his mouth opens a gasp pulling in oxygen and letting out a guttural moan. Then everything slows down as he approaches the end. He’s given in, he’s lost and he knows it. He is ready to cum and its gonna happen big time. Suddenly his hands grip the sheets of the bed, bunching them up in his grip. His body shakes and jerks as his cum runs out of his cock across his abs and down his still red flanks. Usually a guy spurts and shoots shots after shot, this is the first time Id seen anything like this. This guy just ran like a hose as his cum emptied from his balls. His body thrashed around and his groans and moans were music to my ears. Soon he had finished and his whole body relaxes as he melts back into the bedcovers. He takes a deep breath and as he breathes out again you can see his body release a whole bunch of stress through his limbs, the warm glow of a man at ease. Sexy.
He rolls his head towards me and smiles. “Wow” was what he said. Then he turns his body towards me and again gets that cheeky look in his eyes. From his reclined state of relaxation he rolls onto his side and then he’s on me. Pouncing across the bed, hitting me with such force that we both end up tumbling off the bed onto the floor. Im on my back and he’s on top. Being caught between the two beds in my room means I can’t move or roll or in any other ways get this guy off me. Im stuck, and he knows it. He sits on my legs to immobilise them and then grabs my arm. He pulls my arm/shoulder across my body twisting my torso as I torque to follow my appendage. Im all twisted up and still stuck between the beds with Seaman on top. In this twisted state my balls and cock dangle freely open and unprotected. He takes his opportunity and grabs them both. Pumping my cock yet squeezing and pulling at my sack all with the same hand. I’m rock hard and the sensations of being totally restricted and having my balls played with as well as my cock are enough to make me start to breath hard and heave and arch around thrashing under the weight of this guy on my body. He holds tight like a cowboy at the Rodeo and continues to ply his pleasure over my exposed crotch. With the free hand he has, he grabs at me twisted nipple and that’s enough to back my cock twitch a few times before shooting all over my twisted torso and up his chest and all over his arm. I thrash around, enjoying the sensations as I throw my head back and feel the cum pumping from my balls up my shaft and out the head of my cock. As usuall I make a big mess and when Seaman stands up and gets off me the cum runs down his arm and gently drips off his fingers just like you see blood dripping off an injured hero in a bad action movie.
“That was hot” he sighs, watching me get untangled on the floor.
“Fuck yeah” was all I said.
He dresses and leaves, still covered in my dry cum. And that’s hot. I love leaving a lasting mark on my men.


At 3:13 AM, Blogger Sue said...

So, I guess you could say that you are having a good time in New York? lol

At 4:49 AM, Blogger NarcissusAU said...

Oh Sue, you should know this by now..... I have fun EVERYWHERE! HeHehe

At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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