Thursday, November 23, 2006

So its time for New York City....

So it’s New York City. What a great place, what a fun city. So much to do and see that up to this point I never even felt the need to explore the nightlife. But now we are here midnight Saturday night, I’d never get away with not going out so it was on. I’d Googled “gay New York nightclubs” to try and work out where I wanted to go. Having located somewhere in Chealsea Id tucked down into my dinner and was ready to hit the subway and head downtown to see what the men of New York had to offer me.
Its cold out and Im rugged up nice and tight with coat, scarf and hat pulled on tight. It’s nice to be venturing out on such a crisp night and truly feels like I’m out in another city.
I get into the club and show my ID to The Hottest Doorman in the History of Clubs and then proceed inside to hand over my cash to the ticket guy who stands in front of me 6’5” tall skin tight tank top stretched across jutting shoulders of rounded granite and pushed forward by a massive rounded chest which leaves the tight material hanging for several inches below the massive overhang of his chest before it can stretch back to hug the contours of his rock tight waist. Damn.
Good start.
I walk into the main area of the nightclub and the music is pumping, kinda commercial and a little light but I’ve come to learn what the Americans like their music to sound like (and its totally different from the Aussie clubs). On the bar and on boxes around the rooms are the Go Go Boys in variously revealing shorts and thongs… I still can’t get over the whole GoGo boy thing. It turns out that Im somewhat of a prude when it comes to such things. I get quite uncomfortable watching the kinds of things these guys do to have dollar bills stuffed in their ass crack… I don’t know why I just see it as such a devaluing and diminutive process of quasi begging for cash. Its something that intrigues the hell out of me, that I have such a strong reaction against such things when I’m so open about pretty much everything else. It just means one thing tho, I wanna give it a go. I want to pull a shift as a GoGo dancer and see what its all about. Understand it more.

But anyway, I’m cruising around and of course as new meat in a town like this Im attracting a lot of attention. The T-shirt I’m wearing is almost sheer its so thing and it hugs the curves and creases of my shoulders and snugs my swollen chest. The sleeves catch on my arms so they bunch above the muscles showing the veins that still run down my forearms. Im feeling good and Im in a hot New-fucking-York club on a Saturday night and Im feeling GOOD. You can’t get the smile off my face. Its stuck there, and its contagious…. I smile and the whole club is smiling back at me.

I travel around checking out the crews in the club and listening/grooving to the commercial tracks being dropped to the floor getting into the grove of this club. And then he walks past. Quite quickly, he’s doing a lap and checking out what’s in store at the club today. He’s wearing a black t-shirt and is shorter then me, but the massively bulging arms jutting from his sleeves can’t be missed. His thick chest pushes his t-shirt out and gives him a definite fireplug look. His belly comes out under his chest but its all in proportion for a guy getting bigger and bulking hard. Its masculine and sexy and he has caught my eye.
Just as I look at him and think to myself “Hell yeah, Id do that!” he looks in my direction. I watch as his eyes drag up and down my body making the decision on what he’s looking at. He smiles at me and then moves off.

Now here’s the thing. Call me lazy or stupid or whatever but Ill never chase after a guy like that. The smile and walk off, hoping Ill follow his trail through the club just isn’t fun for me and detracts from the true game of cat and mouse that is far more enjoyable to play.
So I let him walk off and continue to stand against the wall and groove to the tunes as they pump into the room full of bass and melody.
There he is again, same path a new lap has begun. This continues for about half an hour. I position myself so he has to physically brush past me in order to continue his lap. He slides past me in the crowd, him and I brushing chest to chest. I smile at him and lean in to his ear “Don’t you ever stand still?” he smiles back and keeps walking. Glancing back as he again blurs into the crowd. Work it out dude, Im not going to follow you!
Then the next lap he stops briefly in front of me, pressing his palm onto my chest and dragging it down my abs. I feel his fingers catch on each row of my abs and his eyes flicker a combination of shock and excitement. “Yum” he says before walking off again.
Okay, I’m going to have to do this the old fashioned way.
On the next lap he’s again moving past me when I reach out and grab him by the scruff of the neck pulling him towards me but pushing him against a wall. I hold him against the wall by pushing the palm of my hand into his left shoulder driving him against the wall and preventing his escape. I lean in so he can hear me over the music and say “You didn’t give me my turn. You cop of feel of what I have, I wanna check you out properly!” And with that I draw my hand across his thick pendulous chest and down his tight rounded torso. My hand travels of his belt and cups at his package. My eyebrow raises and I look at him, “hot” is what I say. This which he responds by thrusting both hands up under my shirt feeling the contours of my chest down my ribs to play on the outlines of my stomach. He has a half smile across his face.
We do the niceties of introductions and where are you froms, but really I’ve already forgotten his name and I can’t really hear the rest over the booming music. Sounds harsh but Im only here for another three days, this guy is interested in me for the same reason Im interested in him…. And long-term is not the word either of us would use.
He pushes me away from him and says to take off my shirt. Now Im not big on taking my shirt off in clubs, I still have some scaring from my cancer treatments and don’t like to show them to the world. But what the hell, Im in New York and this guy wants to see what I got, and I got plenty for him to see so why not? I take a step back and strip my shirt off flexing my abs as I go, making sure he gets a full view row after row of the reveal. I stand there and flare my back out pulling my shoulders down and giving this guy a real show. He drinks it all in and I can see his head spin a little as he looks me up and down. I look at him and say to him that its his turn now. He stands up from the wall he’s leaning nonchalantly against and strips his shirt off. He’s completely hairless and the his the shadow of his massive chest casts across his stomach but still allows enough light to flash to show his firm musculature all the way down. He’s a big guy but none of this bulk is jelly, its all well earned and masculine man BEEF!
I step in running my hands across his bear chest flicking at his nipples and playing across his stomach. His hand dives under my belt and grabs around my throbbing cock.

He leans in and kisses me deeply, sucking on my lips and playing his tongue across mine as we swap spit.

Eventually we decide to leave the club. Well he does anyway, I’m still having a great time dancing in the middle of the crowd to some remix of an ex-American Idol someone or other… But this meaty man is something hot and Im ready to play with him big time.
Jointly we weave our way through the crowd and get to the cloak check. He pushes me towards a wall and asks where my hotel is. I let him know (again) and he asks why so far?
Far? Well, it didn’t seem that far when I compared the hotel on the map to Chealsea on the map….but you know how these things always work better from on the ground. But anyway he makes it clear that I won’t be going back to his place, so I invite him to come and have some fun at my place. He asks me where it is, (do you get the feeling that someone else isn’t listening in this conversation?) I let him know its only a short Subway ride and wont take long at all to get there.
On recollection I realise that a cab should have been my immediate and first choice, but I was just so into jumping on and off those things all day exploring the city that I didn’t think about not using the subway….. but anyway, on the mention of the Subway he shakes his head and says “Oh. No, I don’t do the subways. We’ll get a cab. And your paying.” Did you hear the screeching sound as my brakes were applied full force?
“Excuse me?”
“Get me into a taxi now or Ill get in my car and drive home.” My mouth is literally hanging open as he turned and headed up the stairs that led to the door. What…Who….. Are you Kidding? What the hell kinda thing to say is that?
Well, you may not know but you’d all pretty soon recognise that ultimatums and I don’t really work all that well. Give me an ultimatum and you better be ready to follow through with the bit that comes after your words “or else I’ll” because, mate, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. And that’s exactly what I made this guy do. After he said it, he turned and headed up the stairs thinking that I would follow behind him. Well, that was a mistake. From there I head back to the dance floor and let this punk go on his way.
Get me a taxi or Im going to drive home drunk? Nah Uh, that shit aint going to work on me buddy.
So that’s how my closest night to New York sexy fun playtime ended. The club closed some 15 minutes later and I headed home. On the Subway.


At 10:18 PM, Blogger Snickers said...

well you can tell by that kind of behaviour that he would have been a lame fuck anyway...

At 1:50 AM, Blogger scott said...

Nicky is right - lame fuck - and good on you for blowing him off. Plus, I guaranfuckingtee he was Bridge and Tunnel trash, probably from New Jersey or worse some shithole like Freeport out on Long Island, because nobody who actually lives in New York owns a car.

At 3:14 PM, Blogger NarcissusAU said...

A hahahaha thanks for the support guys.... but this is me all over. A guy can put me off so quickly by doing something stupid. Its black and white, either Im gonna fuk him or not. He started with a yup, and ended on a big fat...Nup!
And yeah, can you imagine what he would be like when we were playing around..... I don't think he would have taken my directions very well at all.

Oh and thanks Scott for confirming my thoughts....I thought it was weird when the guy said he had his car!

At 6:49 PM, Blogger tino2 said...

What a freakin fool--I would venture to honestly believe he is out of his mind. Who would pull such a stupid prank?

Who would get the physical comitment of a hot guy for the evening and then turn it down for a single subway stop?


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