Wednesday, November 15, 2006


He, he, he…Seaman. What a funny word! It’s so funny to me that the two meanings of the word relate so ironically. (And yes I know the words are spelt differently. But they are still the same damn word.)

As usual, Im crawling through gaydar checking out who’s online locally when up pops a familiar face on the list of online profiles.
My first response: Your fuking kidding me!?! I travel all the way across the world and end up in the same city as one of my regular (meaning Ive played with him more then once) guys.

I send him a message and soon we are meeting on Ocean Drive, overlooking the beach. Not only is this guy hot as hell with his perma tan and smooth skin from his profession as a yacht captain but we get along really well.
We meet up, sit down and order drinks.
We chat about when he got to the US, about how funny the Americans are to us outsiders and how ridiculous all those Humvees are driving around.
You know the story of two travellers meeting in the mist.

We chat about all kinds of things and eventually finish our drinks. Bluntly (as is my way) I ask “So, we heading back to mine?”

So back at my place we recline back on the beds until he makes his move.

One thing y’all should know is that this guy is a wrestler. We originally met through the Takedown Wrestling contacts page online.
So when we play it’s a combination of the sensual and outright aggressive. Pure sexual energy. So that’s why we kicked back, it’s a game. Waiting for someone to make the first move.
He made it.
Suddenly Im on my back on the bed and he’s sitting on top of my chest. His full and growing package sitting so deliciously just out of reach of my tongue. He tries to press my arms back behind my head but Im too strong for that. He’s not a small guy but he just doesn’t have enough weight to get my hands down enough to make his next move. I push his back up towards the ceiling (perfect bench press form), he’s displaced enough for me to be able to roll up with my legs and wrap my quads around his midsection, locking in by crossing my ankles. I squeeze at the knees and watch as his abs pop row by row into a chessboard worth of muscle, resisting against the pressure on his ribs. His face turns red and the veins in his neck pop out as struggles for breath and to hold the crushing forces on his chest at bay.
I mean, really? What did he expect? Im a bodybuilder. My legs are huge. And right now he is feeling every inch of those rock hard quads tightening around his midsection.
He releases the grip on my wrists and arches back pushing against the resistance in my legs.
Suddenly in desperation he releases a flurry of punches on my abs. Lucky they were already flexed in the strain of applying this scissor grip. The punches were hard, and on my relaxed stomach would have sunk deep and hurt like a biyatch. Lucky me, the worst that happened was the sound of dull thumping as his fists bounced off the muscle in my torso.
Another flurry unleashed as I grip down harder on his torso. He might as well be punching concrete. Then the bastard changes attack. He opens his hands from fists and runs his fingers down my exposed ribs. When Im lean you can see the rib bones down the sides of my chest and they are ticklish as all hell…. I can’t stop jerking around and giggling. It takes less then a second for me to release my grip and curl up in the foetal position trying to get away from this brazen attack.
He takes this opportunity and wraps his arms around my neck and jumps on my back.
He pulls me down and locks a tight grip around my head and shoulders. Id like to be more specific at this point but I seriously don’t know what he was doing. I was face first into the mattress unable to move anything. But whatever it was he was doing It meant he still had a hand free. Which went straight to my right stretched out nipple. Which his grip I twisted my lower torso trying to torque my way out of the hold. All I managed to do was twist my hips enough to expose my throbbing cock. He sees this and releases my nipple, instead locking his tight grip around my throbbing member.


At 9:51 AM, Blogger Not so Single Guy said...

You always have the best stories. Did you get some semen from your seaman?

At 1:29 PM, Blogger NarcissusAU said...

Hehehe thanks man....but don't jump the gun, I haven't finished yet ;-P

At 2:54 AM, Blogger tino2 said...

the descriptions are hott--esp the one about the rib-cage, super hott;)


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