Friday, June 08, 2007

But what *about* the kids??.....

Today on (via The Australian) Prime Minister John Howard again proves to us all how OLD he truly is.  Speaking out in response to the Victorian report on Lesbian access to IVF treatments.
Reported to say that having a heterosexual couple as the foundation of a family is best for children, "It gives children the best opportunity in life," (Yo John, you met Britney yet??)
Now I totally see where this comes from.  A place where familiarity breeds a comfort of unchallenged opinions.  But some opinions need challenging. 
I think we all know people who would make great parents, and we all know people who I wouldn't give a dog....and the magic thing is?  It has nothing to do with who they fuck.
Unlike a lot of other things in life (like intelligence, economic status, ability to fly) you can't judge someones' worth as a parent by seeing if they like to take it up the arse.
If this is a question of role models of either gender being available to the children, why don't we take the kids away from single parent families?  (Im not suggesting that we do!  Im just saying that its just as dumb as an idea)
You can spend a weekend in and around Oxford St and think that everything is okay.  But when you wake up sometime in the week you realise that as a social group of outcasts.  We gays have a long way to go.
And sometimes I wonder if we have what it takes to make the journey?


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