Thursday, June 07, 2007


I. Nearly. Forgot!
As the working masses here in Australia whittle away our week we look towards this weekend with an added sense of excitement.  The true Aussie tradition of a long weekend!! We don't have to return to work until Tuesday giving us all an extra 24 hours to relax, spend time with our families, clean the house...or party like monsters.
So after having my appetite wetted last weekend, I was trying to workout what to do and where to go to have a good weekend.  My friends are all going to Sounds on Sunday which is a dance music festival (but straight dance festivals are nowhere near as fun as the debauched parties our people throw) anyway, that was firming as an option until I got a phone message from a very good mate of mine.
"Hey Babe, Long time.  Indulgence.  This weekend.  Whole crew's going.  Its going to be big and messy."
(I added all the vowels back in so its easier to read)
My point is: INDULGENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My absolute favourite all time dark, sexy, sweaty, big boys and masculine men party!! Fuck man I am going to go OFFFFFF!!
Going to get big and messy?? Bloody Oath!
I've just started my heavy, heavy cycle of supplements (including testosterone builders) and I feel invincible.  Im not really worried about my now MIA 6-pack, because I feel like a TANK!  This is JUST the party to goto this weekend. 
The party gods have delivered.
Big and Messy.


At 2:58 PM, Anonymous Cheech IN NYC said...

Can't wait to hear the details! Have FUN!


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