Thursday, September 28, 2006

Internet boys and their toys...

I was packing up my office yesterday as I continue my wind down. Ive been finding all sorts of things buried in the piles of crap that accumulated over the six years Ive been working in that office (like 6 years of payslips stuffed in a draw).

Its all been very reminiscent for me as I go through some of this stuff. Well one thing I did find was my old USB camera for internet chatting. I haven't done camming in a long time, I don't really like the idea of look but can't touch, in fact it drives me crazy but I used to get into it quite heavily.

Finding it reminded me of the memorable dude I met online. The poor dude was truly lost in his own sexuality. And he was HOT.
Addicted to the gym, and getting shredded he was 23 years old when we started chatting. He identified himself as straight but liked showing off his muscled body to other guys and having them show off back.
His abs were cut deep and he was smooth all over. He had a perky chest and wide shoulders. Very, very sexy.
He would always ask "This is normal isn't it?? Just two dudes showing off and comparing bodies..." Ummmm, yeah sure it is...
I was always very supportive and answered his questions about when I knew I was gay and playing with guys. His parents were very religious and Lost went to church every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. He was torn, and I was there helping him along.

Each time we chatted and cammed he would get more and more brave and experimental with what we did and how much he would show.
One time he striped his boardies and flexed his whole body, one muscle at a time. He would do a double bi pose and then rub the peak of the muscle in his right arm. He would flex his chest and abs, cutting his chest deep with the muscle striation. Then he flexed his legs and calves and generally showed off his body. His was very proud of his body and liked to see others appreciate it. Then as he flexed around and showed off and I flexed back, matching him pose for pose. His little black Bonds briefs started to grow and bulge more then before.
Every now and then his hand would shoot down and "adjust" himself to make himself more comfortable.
I asked if he minded if I jerked off while I watched him flex. He said sure, he liked it when I guy got excited over his body. Fine. I started jerking off my hot hard rod in my hand.

Suddenly the camera angle moved up and focused on his upper body, he was playing with himself but didn't want to show it. The tip of his cock was just out of view of the camera, but as his body shuddered and his head rolled back in ecstasy his cum shoot up across his chest, up his abs and dripped down his shoulder. This spooge appeared from off screen and just pasted his torso.

Well that was it, I came there and then....Making a big mess of myself.

His camera went black.

"Sorry..." was all he said.

We only chatted a couple of times after that. I always wonder what has or will happen to him, and if he'll ever be happy with himself. From the things we discussed I hope, at least in a small way, I helped him deal with himself.

I always wonder.


At 7:26 AM, Blogger Tom Gaylord said...

is that him?

At 9:26 AM, Blogger NarcissusAU said...

Nah mate, I wouldn't out him like that. That would just be cruel.

At 3:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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