Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A weekend in review....

Wow. Im sitting here now at my laptop, its Tuesday but it doesn’t feel like it. Im not sure what day it feels like but its definitely not feeling like a Tuesday, I think I missed a few days in there somewhere.
What a weekend! What an amazing, exciting, fulfilling, exhausting, enlightening, enjoyable, fun, energising and mesmerising weekend.
If I had sat down and planned my the ultimate weekend to start my new life it wouldn’t have even come close to how great this weekend has been.
Im going to start at the beginning and in subsequent posts tell you all about my amazing weekend. But be warned, there wasn’t any sex so some of you might find it a little boring. (But I did happen to fun into an old play buddy who reminded me of a particularly fetish filled session I had last year…so I’ll probably add that in here somewhere too)

So Friday was my last day at work. What mixed emotions. The board has decided that they aren’t going to tell the majority of workers that Im not coming back from my holiday yet so there was no farewell or any fan fair. I just left at the end of the day, with the boxes of my office crammed into my car. In the end it was just Dad and myself sitting in my office sharing a slice of cake from the café down the road. It was interesting to see the change in him already, he was now accepting that I was gone. I could see him already taking on his old self, the big boss was coming back in him. As is usual for a Friday I was the last to leave the building and drive off into the sunset. I had decided to have a quite Friday, no big thing to celebrate my last day. Just me and a Pizza and some ice-cream (fuck the diet, this only happens once in 6 years. For the first time in my life I’m unemployed).

Lucky I went with the quite night because the weekend that followed was an amazing and long series of events.

Saturday started amazingly sunny and a truly warm spring day. I couldn’t help but bounce out of bed before throwing on my gear to head down the beach todo my morning cardio. People were out and about and the summer feel wafted across the foreshore of the beach and around the city harbour. I had a big smile on my face the whole time, this was the new beginning I was after.

The day passed with the usual odds and sods including a mega work out involving three body parts and a gruelling 2 ½ hours. I loved every second of it, ever rep and every drop of sweat.
I picked up my mate to head for my emerald city and the big Sleaze Ball. We were giddy with excitement in the car the whole way up, we talked non-stop and were like little kids as we approach the city, the horizon glowing with the lights of the city. Sunroof open and music blaring we announce our arrival to the locals with the wafting solid beats of one of my latest DJ mixes.
We find a park and head over to Wagamama where Dammen, one of my gay friends, is meeting us.
I didn’t think I’d get nervious, but a had a little flutter in my stomach as we waited as the traffic lights to cross the road about to introduce Gemma, my straight mate to my gay mate for the first time. For the first time my two worlds together in the one place. It felt good. It made me happy.
Dinner was fantastic, the conversation had an easy flow and we all smiled and chatted. Dammen had some great and deliciously fagtastic anecdotes and stories from our various adventures in the emerald city, Gemma could start to get a sense of what this other part of my life must be like.
We finished dinner and headed to get some coffee. We ended up at Starbucks and were served by the CAMPEST Asian dude ever. Im not sure how to describe this guy but seriously when he opened his mouth not only did a handbag fall out but the entire Louis Vuitton Spring collection. I was in stiches as this guy played up and just had fun as we all ordered our drinks and had a laugh with this guy. (Notice how I said “with”? That’s always important)
This was Gemma’s first experience with a massive flamer like this guy, the closest she had been to seeing anything like this was Jack off Will and Grace, but even then Jack would seem like a high school jock in comparison.
We sat down on the couches sipping our coffee and planning the night and some of the tips and tricks to making the night enjoyable and fun.
Finally the time came to head over to Fox Studios and the ball. We jump in the car and drive over to the party.
We get a park and I get changed into my Blingerific outfit. The theme for the ball was Ghetto Fabulous. I donned the fake bling and a mesh hockey jersey which I had cut the sleaves off to make into a kinda revealing singlet. We got in line for the usual security checks and hit the courtyard in front of the big Horden auditorium which was the main dance venue for the night (plus two other smaller venues for a variety of music options). Finally after the usual meet and greets as we circulated in the collecting crowd catching up with old mates and old flames. I was happy to meet so many of my friends in these moments. Because Gemma was there I wanted her to see how big deeply I was embedded in this community, I moved from group to group of people hugging and chatting and catching up on the latest and greatest. I introduced Gemma around the crew and they made a huge fuss of her and how exciting her first big party must be. It was great, cause they all made just the exact fuss I was hoping they would. Making her feel welcome and to get a sense of how exciting this moment is meant to be.

Then it was time. Time to head into the fray, into the Horden to the main dance arena. The thump thump of the bass fills the air and the reverberation starts to shake the air and vibrate through our chest as we pass through the big external doors to the foyer of the building. We pass through the big heavy doors into the main area and in the darkness the pulsing mass of bodies gyrate and move like the rolling ocean, the huge lighting rigs pulse light into the darkness as a net of laser lights fall over the crowd momentarily lighting the room to reveal the football field sized dance floor packed to the rafters with revellers going off to the bass of the DJ stationed high above the masses.
I drag Gemma to the top of the auditorium tiered seating at the back of the building to show her a view from above. The darkness of the room is replaced by an amazing colour spectrum of lights and lasers as the vocals of the music soar to the sky. As the lights recreate a psychodelic brightness stronger then daylight all I can hear is Gemma standing next to me arms in the air screaming her head off just like every other person on that dance floor. This was the moment, this was her arrival, she knew it and I knew it but this was just the beginning…


At 2:33 PM, Blogger Not so Single Guy said...

wow..sounds like an exciting weekend. Any pics of your ghetto outfit?

At 10:42 PM, Blogger Darien Markess said...

Wow indeed!

From reading your blog I hadn't actually realized that you did know so may peeps.

Good for you!

I look forward to reading the rest.

D xox

At 1:04 AM, Blogger Sue said...

I wish I was Gemma! Sounds like she had so much fun. Can't wait to hear the rest!!!


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