Wednesday, October 04, 2006

a weekend in review (continues)....

From up in the stands we watch the lights play off the walls, the ceiling and the mass of bodies playing on the dancefloor.
The music was hot as hell, a real sexy deep house sound with just enough techiness to keep the dancing easy and the rhythm strong. Mr Timothy is burning the decks and making the crowd sweat. His ability to read the crowd is absolute, and just as the crowd starts to fatigue with the heavier sounds he lightens the moment with a vocally strong uplifting track which allows everyone a moment to breath and throw their hands in the air.
I grab Gemma by the wrist and lead her down the stairs and run into the mass of people. We find a uncrowded part of the floor and set to burning our own mark on grooves.
I missed this place. Its been so long since Ive been to a big dance party like this and the feeling of unity and elation and uplifted spirits floods back to me as I tilt my head back and let the sheer unbounded happiness wafts from the rafters of this massive structure to settle on my soul. I smile broadly into the air above me, I close my eyes and dance to the music feeling everyone around me moving to the same beats.
I look down and find Gemma breaking down in her own now expanded world of wonder. A massive smile plastered across her face her eyes sweep the room taking in the sights of this absolutely unique thing.
She looks at me and in the bright flashing of the strobes I can see the tears welling in her eyes suddenly drip down her cheeks. She leans into my ear and screams over the bass; “Its so beautiful! Its beautiful. I can’t believe it. Its so beautiful!!” I remember back when I had this first experience too, I still get the feeling now. For me there is something truly spiritual about such a sense charged shared moment like this. A now Gemma has seen it too.

We spend the next few hours dancing in this massive auditorium then I take Gemma around to the Dome where a different selection of music is playing. As we walk along the path towards the Dome we pass the many faces and sights of a big dance party. The truly massive roid rages and their utterly smooth torsos, the bears with their leather and beards, the lipstick lesbians wearing French lingerie and the straight guys with their sexy girlfriends in tow. The whole spectrum of this parties rainbow.
Everyone is in a great mood and we nod and smile as we pass by people, we stop and chat when we recognise people effectively mingling as we head towards the Dome.

We enter the Dome and receive the onslaught of the DJ as the heavy industrial beats bring on a bout of heavy dancing as we enter this space.
This is the heavy stuff. Industrial, tribal style beats that strip music back to the absolute primal elements which connect straight to your bones and make you dance. This is the hardcore stuff that you only get to hear in special places.
Feisty Mel and Mandy Rollins were playing with each other (on the decks people, please!) their hard sounds made for grooving transport the dance floor to a euphoria of bass. People are dancing and grinding and cruising around the dome as the deep sounds are matched by an impressively dark yet expressive lighting design. The patterns projected on the high internal dome transported this tight dance floor to the middle of space and back through the stratosphere to float in bright blue skies with fluffy white clouds. Wonderfully supporting each other the sounds and visual cues were enough to keep Gemma and me in this space for many hours of grinding, bumping and grungy dancing. The sweat poured off us and the smiles on our faces glowed with the flashing of the strobes.
When we went back into the Horden the place was going OFF! We set to the dance floor and started to get into the groove. Paul Goodyear was playing on the decks and he was doing an amazing job. The sound in here had gotten very deep and the lighting reflected this as the low lights and dramatic pulses and sweeps across the crowd set the mood perfectly. Goodyear fused the heavy tech sounds of harder trance with the occasional current hit and housy remixes of some fantastic tunes. Something for everyone while still be cohesive and playful. Hot sounds and a great attitude descend onto the revellers.

By this stage Gemma had started getting used to the idea that I was checking out the guys just as much as she was and now was starting to really get into the fun, flirty feeling of the Sleaze Ball. She would point out the hot guys behind me and we would throw naughty smiles at each other as we shared reactions to outfits and bodies as they flashed past on the dance floor.
We were having fun as the glow of morning started to draw a line on the horizon…

**BTW, can you guys leave me a comment to say whether it detracts from these reports by not having pictures in them?? I didn't take any pictures that night so they would all be lifted from the internet anyway...but Id like to know if you guys are just as interested in the text by itself or if I should spend some time trying to find some pics which match the story??**


At 2:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

love the blog - having no pics means i can sneak a peek at what you wrote at work or the coffee shop with no one catching on... (wink)

At 9:26 PM, Anonymous steve paris said...

I'm never going to knock pictures, but you don't need 'em.

keeping them safe for work would be nice.


not when you tell your wrestling or "romantic" tales

At 9:58 AM, Blogger Sue said...

Your writing is incredible so you don't need any pictures. I feel as if I am there just from your descriptions. I am so glad that you and Gemma had a great time!


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