Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Excalibur chooses his victor....

A momentary pause in my story from Palm Springs to bring you some pictures from my stay in California. While bumming around Venice I decided to go to a NPC compitition held in Culver City.
I needed a dose of muscle and this was the opportunity to do it.
This event was a pre-qualifier for the NPC finals where these guys have the opportunity to gain their pro card and compete in the IFBB (Thats where the likes of Ronnie and Jay compete).

So these guys mean business. Espessially the big guys.
Of course like all bodybuilding shows, the best views are not always of the stage....

These guys were walking around all day and distracting the hell out of me. They walked in tandem which just doubled the effect of their pressence and I totally got caught out a couple of times staring at these guys as they walked past.

This second guy was slightly older but damn if he didn't have to most amazing body. A real rugged and masculine affair. The way he walked was a sexy combination of confident, cocky and steady. His ass in those pants were like two bowling balls (just excuse the drool and step over my tongue).

Now this next set of pictures still makes me sick. I'd advise those with weak dispositions or those who are sensitive to graphic scenes to divert your eyes....


This guy....is....21 years old.

(Get that fuking chick out of the damn way!!)

Ummm yeah? 21. Damn. (Does anyone else feel slightly inadiquate? Im going to the gym.....)

But before I do, here is a scene from the final posedown.... competing for the Overall Champion of the Night.

BTW, the big guy at the back won. He deserved the overall, he was HUGE. His legs went for miles, if only I got the chance to oil those....<*faint*>


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