Sunday, December 10, 2006

Fun in the Desert Sun...

Wow, what an amazing time. What an amazing city.
It was never my plan to head to Palm Springs, I had heard of it as a holiday destination of the rich and famous and had read about its extravagant architecture and luxurious ways of life but never really felt the need to head out that way into the middle of the baking desert.
That was until Him.
He and I had been chatting and camming a long time, over a year. We held in common lots of interests and a similar outlook on life. A positive and pro-active approach to getting where we want to go.
I had also messages with his man over a period of time online through BigM so I knew them and their interests. It was only a couple of days ago that I was online and just cruising around waiting between meals or for the time to come to hit the gym (yeah I know, the bodybuilding lifestyles hard aint it?). He hits me up with a Yahoo message like we usually do when we see each other online...
Well few moments had passed before he had worked out that a simple Amtrak ride would bring me straight from LA to Palm Springs so I could come and visit and finally meet Him and his Man, Big Fuking Muscle 1 and Big Fuking Muscle 2. It was too simple. It was simple in a way that it was a message that this was the only option. I was meant to head to Palm Springs, and the fact the BFM1 and BFM2 are BOTH competitive bodybuilders and I was horny as hell certainly helped in making the decision. So it was a team decision, my head and my cock both wanted to go.
So we went.

Two hours on a bus: $1.25 and a headache
One hour delayed while they fixed the train at the station: $9 worth of Jerky and a bad mood
Three hours on an Amtrak train: $14 and a bad back
Seeing BFM1 through the window of the train at the station wearing a tank top and a mile of muscle: Priceless.

We meet and shake hands, warm smiles and easy conversations follow. Of course the first place two bodybuilders go..the gym.
And what a fuking gym. How-ly Sh-i-t! Whilst I had been less then impressed with some of the allegedly gay gyms through other parts of the country with their lack of gayness I had taken three steps into the gym when all of the main requirements of a gay gym had been met.
1) Hot hot HOT muscle guys, lean guys, sexy masculine, handsome big guys and edgy young punks.
2) Revealing clothing (including the new thing in America being spandex UnderArmour shirts, YUM)
3) Fantastic music and hot muscle videos playing on the screens.
And lastly, the most important part:
4) All the jacked hot guys were checking me out.
Friendly smiles and tons of eye contact, excellent.

The gym itself is great, running track around the outside, new and well kept quality equipment intelligently organised. Oh and a DJ up in the DJ booth spinning some hot tunes and otherwise making this place a hotter scene then most of the nightclubs I visited in America.

You guys don't want to hear the ins and outs of our workout but I have to tell you about the half hardon I got watching this guy workout. In a tank top and just out of comp condition each repetition and strain of muscle sent blood pumping through his veins pushing them through his skin snaking their way across his shoulders and down his rock hard and smooth arms threading their path over his bulging biceps and across his twitching forearm muscles.
Yum. Not to mention the times Id reach across and place my hands on his smooth and sweaty skin feeling the flexing, rockhard warmth of his muscles. He is taller then me but are almost matched for proportion. His arms are bigger, monsters with amazing cuts and valleys in his shoulders which he playfully shows for me as I drink in his form. A tight midsection lead down from his pecs which are topped with the most attention getting nipples in the world. Now, all you guys know how I love to swing on a guys nipples so this guy just makes me want to stop what Im doing and go to work. But instead we focus on the workout. A damn fuking fine workout. Delicious, I could smell the Testosterone in the air.

Back at the house of BFM1 and BFM2 I met BFM2. Slightly shorter then BFM1 but so impressively bulging at every seam of his tight shirt. His arms hand slightly away from his sides, forced out by the width and thickness of his monstrous back. Broad bolderous shoulders give proportion to his thick chest which hangs heavily over his tight stomach. Gee, I think Im gonna like staying in this house!

Now for dinner. I won't regale you'all with the details, cause I know you guys are waiting for eating of a different kind. But I will let you in on one thing, joining BFM 1&2 and myself at dinner was a young european thing. Interested in competing for the first time he was joining us for dinner to discuss the sport and what he might like to achieve and when he can do it. He was only a year older then me, 25 and tall. 6'3" I think it was, (Oh yeah, and for you guys keeping score I totally had a birthday while over hear in America, so now Im all old and 24 you guys might want to find a new young buck's blog to read)
Anyway, this guy is classic nordic. Tall, blond and blue. Not huge, a natty boy obviously but wide enough to land jets across his shoulders. Big.
So sitting between two bodybuilders and across from an aspiring devote to the sport was certainly a worthwhile dinner.

Later back at the house BFM1 and I sat at the dining table while I ate another meal (I am bulking) and got caught up on all the stuff that we had missed from our recently fragmented conversations. His competition, my trip through the US so far and all the extra bits and histories from our lives that we hadn't yet gotten around to online. The conversation was so free and easy, we talked and talked. Soon it was 3am and I realised that I had met someone who was not only a special person but someone who was going to be a very special person to me.
We finally dragged ourselves apart with plans of a big day at the gym, the best kinda Saturday in the world.

I wake up late, and head out for cardio on the streets of Palm Springs. This place is simply breathtaking. Its amazing in so many ways and true pleasure to just walk around, amazing. The backdrop of the mountains the gently bend around the side of the town jut out of the barren and flat geography to amazing effect and heightened drama.

But I know what you guys are thinking. Three bodybuilders in the same house? When do we get to the fucking?!? Am I right? Aren't you guys just scrolling past his crap looking for the start of the the hot, sweaty, sexy, steamy muscle fucking? If you are, then Im flashing forward to that night at home.


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