Monday, December 18, 2006

Fun in the Desert Sun...(Cont)

Everyones there, we've all finished eating yet another meal. And the attention soon turns to things of the more sexy side. Next time and see BFM1 is when he walks back into the room wearing nothing but bright red speedos. With a massive, huge massive package jutting from beneath the straining material. Not only is this guy a bodybuilder but he is massive ALL OVER.... In my head, I start to purr. His tan body, smooth skin and heavy muscles invite me to my feet and soon I've wrapped my arms around His torso and grabbed the small of his back to pull his ensconced cock to grind against my own growing member. All my clothes still in place, including my heavy gym shoes I was careful moving around his big body

We'd pulled in close together and I was nuzzling his neck and sucking slightly on his ear lobe when BFM2 comes strutting into the dinning room stretching the hell out of a pair of speedos. How-ly C-o-w! I mean picture it. Ive got my arms wrapped around a big muscle guy when another walks in. His massive chest and back plunge in a giant 'V' into his speedos and his legs sweep out and dance as he takes each step. He stands there, a perfection of masculine design. He walks over and the three of us embrace in a three way hug. All three bulges grinding in the middle of our hands free circle jerk. Soon the attention turns to me. They grab and paw at my half hard cock in my cargos. Im the only one still wearing clothes and it was my turn to show them what I had. I went and got changed into some square cut Aussiebums.... you know, I gotta represent my people! I love these square cuts because they hug your ass but sit really low on them, just on the ass crack where you gluts form into those dimples above your ass.... They also hug my quads and my legs look like they just flair out from them making my legs look even bigger and more split.

I find the duo in the bedroom and show em what I brought for them. They don't last long before they are looking closely at my shorts....with their hands. As one of the guys starts to jerk my cock through my shorts, I grab BFM2's shoulders feeling the massive boulders of muscle in my hand and nuzzling at his neck as BFM1 starts to suck and play with my cock through the material tightly stretched across my now throbbing member. BFM2 says to look in the mirror, when I look up at the mirrors lining one of the walls I see the exquisite ass round and firm and the massive bulk and deep cuts of BFM1s back as his head bobs back and forth his tongue darting in and out of his mouth as he expertly wets my cock through the material and starts to work the sensations as they roll through my body.

I run my hands through BFM1s hair. Watching the muscles of his back play and bulge in the mirrors on the wall. BFM1 gets off his knees and sits on the edge of the bed. He has a cock sure smirk and that just drives me wild. He reaches out and grabs both of us by the hips and pulls us close. Our spandex sheathed cocks rubbing together. He leans forward and sucks both of our cocks into his mouth and starts to massage and play with the meat in his mouth with his very talented tongue. Standing there, both of our heads roll backwards as the pleasure of the moment takes control.

Soon I roll BFM1 onto his back wanting to jump atop his mass to attack his nipples and return the favor of pleasure he had vested on us. I grab his wrist and push it back over his head as I lick and nibble at his pert and erect nipples. He resists my move and we start to get a little more physical and a little more aggressive.
I hold one arm behind his head the other to his side as I nipple, suck and work on his nipple. My cock throbs as I feel his massive body writhe and twist from having his nipples worked. However, BFM1 outweighs me and he's a little stronger so I end up on my back. Hand in hand, test of strength style BFM1 tried to pin my arms to the bed out to my sides as he gets close enough to deep fuck my face with his tongue. He gets close enough for me to feel his breath against my lips when I push back against his weight. I press his body away from me, lifting him back. My pecs twitch and flood with blood swelling the muscle and pumping the veins. We continue to wrestle as he tries to get in close and get me to submit and I keep pushing him away. He leans in with all his weight and I keep pushing him back.
But seriously this isn't going to last. I mean, come on who wouldn't want to kiss this guy?? So I let him closer and we kiss deep and hard. It feels kinda weird kissing him, his (loving and wonderful) partner on the bed watching on. Kissing him so deeply and passionately seems so intently intimate I couldn't help but wonder where the lines lay?

(By the Way, My answer came the next day. Watching these two men kiss each other goodbye for the day. So lovingly, so intimate and true. I realised that while they had that, nothing else would come close. Not even a wet, deep and sexually aggressive from a dude like me.)

So anyway, the sweat is flowing and I watch it stream down the sinews of muscle surrounding me on this bed. I am so goddamn happy.
Its not until later that I realise that although Im at the top of my bulking cycle (meaning Im quite fat around the mid-section) I didn't once feel self conscious about what I looked like. I was just so comfortable with these guys, surrounded by all this muscle. I can't resist any longer. I pounce on BFM1 and suck his cock down my throat. Working his head and shaft with my tongue and the back of my throat. Sucking and licking loading his hard cock with spit dripping down his shaft and wetting his balls. I rub my tongue over and under his cock head. He leans back and sits on the bed head, crotch as perfect cock sucking height.
My head bobs up and down along his thick and long shaft. I marvel at how much my gag reflex has been overcome since I started sucking cock all those years ago. (A triumph of human spirit perhaps?)
While I work on BFM1 on the bed head BFM2 rolls in under my body and sucks my cock into his mouth. Gasp. He moves so quick I almost loose it as the pleasure spikes up my spine and the cock falls out of my mouth, smacking me in the face and leaving a smear of spit across my cheek. I lean my forehead against BFM1s thigh as I start to loose it with the waves of pleasure chasing around my body.
As the heat builds in my body I suck BFM1s cock back down and I match the stroke of the talented mouth working my cock. Soon Ive had too much from BFM2 and have to give some back. I pull the cock out of my mouth and spin around atop BFM2. He leans his head back against the bed head and I suck his cock into my mouth. I run my tongue around the head of his cock and feel as his body jerks slightly and then relaxes into the thick and luxurious sheeting on the bed. His head rolls back and then snaps back upright as I change direction and a new wave of pleasure traverses his spine. He looks over to BFM1 and just says "Whoah?" Kind like he was asking "was it this good for you?" After BFM2 muttered quite simply "whoah?" BFM1 simply answers "Yeah..."
I change direction again and BFM2's head snaps back to straight ahead and then again he slides back into the covers of the bed as I start to tug and pull on his balls. They are high and tight and I start working his nuts so they loosen enough so I can suck them into my mouth, one at a time carefully bobbing it inside my mouth working my tongue around his sack while I pump at his cock with my calloused fist. (I don't wear gloves when lifting at the gym, I like my hands to show the scars of hard-work, you don't get hands like mine without working for them.)
I squeeze a little too hard on one of his balls and get a jerking reaction from him. Time to move on. I move back up his body and kiss him. BFM1 returns to the scene and gains my attention by kneeling on the bed next to me and pulling his arms up in a massive double biceps flex showing off the massive peaks of his arms as well as the sweeping barn door lats which hang off his back and sweep tightly to his waist.


At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wouldn't mind getting into a scene like that myself. Damn!

At 12:28 PM, Blogger Sue said...

Sir, may I please have more?


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