Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ah, the old days.....

Notice I didn't say 'good' old days?  I don't know why, but this morning I had a recollection. 
It probably had something todo with the retro music I had playing on my Ipod this morning (Remember those "Shiny Disco Balls"?).
I just remember being soooo stressed about work, back in the days I was saving the family company from the brink, that dancing on that Shift dance floor I would suddenly get a rush of memories about everything that was going on. Lawyers, accountants, debt collectors, ATO tax auditors, psychopath ex-directors who would stalk me.  A paranoid, what happens if....the world collapsing was always a possibility.

I would dance there, in the disco lights surrounded by great guys.  Shoulder to shoulder, sharing sweat but the thoughts of the people and issues of my company would swirl in my head so hard, so fast and so vividly it was always like I was dancing on that floor with a buffer surrounding me.  Like everyone was dancing on the other side of the room, and only I was dancing over here.
I remember being that stressed.  I'm not anymore, and I thank the universe everyday.


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