Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So to my weekend....

Oh yes.  My big, sexy weekend..... Dud.
I was planning to his the city on Saturday. Workout at City, eat, bodyline...easy.
Bad.  It rained.  Now don't be thinking that I'm some pussy dude, afraid of getting his hair wet.  It RAINED!!  Like "I'm sure there used to be a road where that RIVER is..." or "The rain broke my umbrella..." kind of rain.
And you have to realise that the drive to my emerald city is long and fast, neither work well in the heavy heavy rain....So I postponed... Until Sunday.
Sunday I had an awesome workout at Citygym.  I ran into two of my mates, one of whom I have known for as long as I've been playing it gay, the other is a newer acquaintance who I had fun with once (the American I wrote about on here a couple of months ago) but I really want to get better acquainted with (he is so damn sexy!).
*Spaced out, drooling slightly at thought of the American...*
Okay, Im back..... it was a great workout.  Bis and Tris so it was a long one, 2 and a bit hours in total.  I'm exhausted covered in sweat and totally ready for bodyline.
I head up, check in and strip down.
I walk around and instantly there are 4 guys who look good to me, and I look good to them.... (I love it when that happens- there is a reason I'm call Narcissus!!). 
Anyway, its time to choose....its a bit early but the meats on offer and Im ready to play.  So naturally I choose the biggest one.  And this guy was big, European big.  Like 6' 5 and chunky, not defined but very middle block I worked on a farm so I grew big and strong kinda big....
Wham, this guy is in a room and I start kissing him.  Oh no, please no..... this guy can't kiss.  Turns out this guy can do very little.  
I wanted a guy with muscles, what I got was a guy who's muscles cut off the blood flow to his brain.  Damn.  We played and romped as best we could, he enjoyed himself....And I was getting off on working this guy over and watching his eyes roll in his head....
Then I made him cum as he shivered and shook.... that was delicious, and he cam a bucket load which I totally GET.  That's hot.
In his broken english he tries to understand why I don't want to cum....I told him I would later.  Because really, I was early and I wasn't going to do this for the first time in months so soon, over some guy who really - just didn't do it for me.
So back into the darkness I went, and that's where I stayed....until it was time to leave.  Grrrrr
And then yesterday, with that guy, in the spandex, at the gym....oh damn.
But if there is one thing I am good at, it is getting what I want.  No matter how long I have to wait for it.


At 10:43 PM, Blogger Sue said...

Oh gee wiz. Hope that spandex guy cums back for you soon! I don't know how long you can wait; maybe longer than I can. Too bad that big muscle boy couldn't do what you wanted. What a shame. :(

At 12:38 PM, Blogger Not so Single Guy said...

Finally some sex stories! LOL


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