Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I nearly fell off...

Holy cow.  Oh my god.  Agghhhhhh!!!
Today I was at the gym (great workout, fantastic pump awesome and friendly vibe the whole time) I was on the cross trainer for my post workout cardio and just chopping along as I do.

Earlier that night I had watched a crowd gather around the spin studio (full of stationary bikes) then file into the room to start their group exercise.  The reason it had caught my attention was the two personal trainers who were also milling around waiting to also participate in the class.  The reason I noticed them was because they were a) male and b) wearing full body spandex.
Bike shorts and tight sleeveless tops.  Serious biking gear, not the stuff you get out of a Californian Muscle catalogue.  Yum I thought but moved on...

Back to me on the cross trainer.... The studio was emptying and I knew the class was over.  Then out of the corner of my eye one of the trainers came into view walking up the 4 steps upto the cardio floor.... He had stripped off the sleeveless top and was not wearing the bicycle shorts I first thought, but cycling singlet! Oh my God.  Tight spandex stretching from around his massively bulging thighs smoothly running up and stretching out around his massively pert and delicious bubble butt that just wouldn't quit, pulling in tight around his narrow waist and contouring his tight pelvic 'v' and hugging his bulging and amply pushed forward package.  Up the spandex continued to stretch pulled tight around his torso hugging his abs and straining around the wide sweep of his back, showing every valley and mound of muscle in his rapturous back.  It was a singlet so the straps held tightly to his shoulders cutting in slightly to his oversized rounded shoulders and thick traps.  The cut out at the front of the singlet went all the way down past his second row of abs.  His pendulous pecs pushed out the straps and left a gap between the stretched thin material and the first rows of abs...

He has a light middle eastern look to him, like Egyptian or Peruvian.  Handsome, young and confident.  I nearly fell off my cross trainer.


I gripped the handles tighter and took a deep breath, this guy had kick started my libido... I was all of a sudden HOT.  My machine beeped: "Slow Down!  High Heart rate..... Slow Down!  High Heart Rate..." streamed across the display.... If only it knew!


He walked over to the stretching area.  Okay this is where is gets hard.  Yep, I was hard, his muscles were hard but the things he did when stretching are even harder to explain.  Lets just say he put his leg up on a bar the height of his shoulder leant in and hugged his leg in front of him... His delicious ass bulging and stretching the spandex.  He proceeded to twist and hang and stretch all of his body on display muscles tight, taught and covered in sweat.


Ha ha ha, Im stuck on a train and fuking need to jerk off real bad, right now.


At 5:34 PM, Blogger franck said...

Dude, at the risk of sounding pedantic, Peruvians are from Peru... which is in South America :-))
Otherwise, great post... kinda feel like you did on that train back home!


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