Monday, September 10, 2007

Muscle, lycra and bondage...oh my! Part Deux

We sink into each other on the deep coach. Stripping clothes and exploring our bodies. Im still at my beefy stage, so my arms are thick and my pecs sit firm and heavy on my broad chest. His body is tight and lean, smooth all over and perfectly tanned from the sun.
I have my hair pulled back, he comments as he reaches around and pulls the elastic out of my hair "I love a guy with long hair" and with that my hair falls forward and over my face. He brushes my hair to one side like a silk curtain and kisses me gently on the lips. The gentleness of his touch surprises me in comparison to the aggressiveness we had just attacked each other with. It was nice, I smiled.
"Your such a sweat boy" he smiled back.

I hate being called 'boy'. Im not 12.
I tell him that. He blushes.

I stand in front of the couch and pull at his legs, dragging his hips to the front of the seat and slumping him down into the depths of the cushions. I get down on my knees and suck his half hard cock into my mouth. I run my tongue around the head of his cock in my mouth, wetting it all over. I start to suck and twist, pulling down on his balls and thrusting up and down on his now rock hard cock. I can feel the detail of his veins on my tongue as they gorge with blood. His head rolls back to rest on the back of the couch. He stars up at the ceiling with his eyes somewhere in the back of his head. "Oh GOD" was all he groaned over and over as his hips made slight, almost undetectable undulations under the weight of my torso heavily pressed on his pelvis, locking him to the couch.

I start to run my hands up and down his smooth, muscle bulging thighs gently caressing his baby smooth skin. The tips of my fingers gently stroke at the sensitive skin of his inner thigh. The electricity of my gentle touch on such a sensitive area is not lost on his body as his cock jerks inside my mouth as I continue to suck in and out, around and around on his throbbing member. No words come from his mouth anymore, just groaning/gurgling sounds. Getting a guy this turned on makes me so damn hot. I love it when a guy is enjoying himself so much he just releases control and takes what Im giving to him.

I reach up and gently run my fingers around his nipples, feeling the pulses in his cock. I flick at them playfully and then grab them, pinching down on each one with an aggressive twist. His hips jerk up off the couch and thrust his cock to the hilt in my mouth. (Funny how I lost my gag reflex ages ago, when I first started with this whole gay sex malarky that move would of left me gagging back the chunder! But now? Nothing...) Anyway, the painful assault on his nipples and the resulting tightening of his balls brings him back to the moment and he stands up in front of me.
"So thats how you like to play it?" He said with a glint. "You have no idea" I replied while standing to meet his gaze man to man. He reaches out and squeezes at my balls. Not a gentle squeeze but a steadily increasing pressure to test my limits. My eyebrow goes up in the way it only does when something is really getting me going.
"Oh really?" he says, suddenly realising that Im not all goodness and light and pretty muscle boy.
"You might be surprised" he adds bending down to strip the shoelace from his boot. He takes the string and nooses it around my balls, figure eights it and loops it around my thickly muscled thigh. He pulls it all tight and starts to pull up on the string, pulling my balls down and down stretch them to the limit.

And as any long term reader of this Blog will know, my balls are the keys to the castle.


At 8:23 AM, Blogger Sue said...

Hmmm. So hot so far. Hmmm. This is quality hotness here. So, your balls are the key to castle? Hmmm??? Tell me more...


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