Thursday, June 21, 2007


Sitting at my desk this morning my private mobile phone rings.  My phone practically never rings, its often non-stop with SMS messages but never rings.
I spent a moment staring at it with a "Why are you ringing?" look on my face before picking it up and answering.
The guy on the other end had a thick accent but what I did pick up were the terms "Gaydar Message" and "fisting". 
He said it must have been a wrong number.  But what are the chances of a wrong number resulting in some gay guy, who also uses gaydar calling me?
It started to freak me out!  Who was giving out my mobile?  Was it a joke or something more vexatious?  What if my number had gotten out and people were going to keep calling me!?! What if people found out!?! What if.... oh, that's right.  I don't give a shit anymore. 
I don't have to protect my big, bad secret anymore.... so it doesn't actually matter.
I wonder if that guy was hot?


At 1:42 AM, Blogger Sue said...

Any hot plans for the weekend?


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