Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Muscle, lycra and bondage...oh my! Part three

The game began, a tug of war. Mano a mano, him staring eye to eye him waiting for me to flinch. I just stared back, my eyebrow raised in a 'is that all you have?' kinda look.
He pulled harder, and I just looked back at him. His smile ever increasing. "This is fuking amazing" he said as he dug down low and really stretch my sack to the limits. Finally my knees gave and I started to yelp. Aw Aw Aw Aw!! Ah, I can take it like a man...but broken I whine like a injured dog...
He quickly strips the strapping off my package and sucks my hard cock into his mouth. I'm standing in the middle of the living room watching this muscle man, on his knees, sucking my cock down until his chin pushed back on my balls in the wall of mirrors which panel the far wall of the room. (Don't worry, aesthetically it actually worked really well and wasn't as tacky as it sounds in description)
So anyway, Im watching this guy's huge, broad, flaring back swoop up and down onto my pulsing rock hard cock. I grab his head and work his mouth over my cock, fucking his face in and out. Spit starts to overflow his mouth and run down his chin. I stoop down and grab his nipples, using the leverage to pull him to his feet. We kiss again, his heavily moistened mouth tasted both of him and me as our hands ran over and over our pecs, arms and capped delts. Two dudes messing around like dudes. It was fuking hot.
We sit down next to each other and just disappear into each other as we caress bodies and suck each other's tongues. He starts to get a bit distracted, I could feel him pulling away from me like something was wrong.... He looks at me and then his watch.
"We have to finish by 6. I have dinner plans." I roll my eyes, makes sense. At least I would get to eat soon. That's me, always looking for the silver lining. "I didn't think this would be so hot. I didn't even think you would turn up!!" which is true, Internet hook ups very rarely work out. I gave him kudos for the way he handled it. I could have been offended, but really, Why?
"Thats cool" I said. That's when I went off to the toilet... by the time I got back he had his jeans on and was sipping from his glass of water.
"What are you doing?" I asked in a very direct way.
"God man, I hope we can finish this off sometime, but I have plans." He said in a pained voice. It all matched in with what I'd seen so far. This guy was a total babe but couldn't see it, a hot muscle dude who doesn't think he's buff. He didn't think that I would turn up, and yet again he would be stood up. He also couldn't believe that a guy my age would want to play with a guy his age. Pretty standard low self esteem stuff. I guess he'd already thought that I wouldn't be interested enough to get pass whatever 'base' we had made it to on the couch.
"Nah uh mate." I replied. "Not after all this, my balls will be so blue and sore...."
"Okay, Well get you off then..." he said putting his drink down.
"Fuck that. Get your pants off, we're both getting off right now."
The grin on his face was priceless. Like a kid at Christmas.
I grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and pushed him onto his bed which was down the hall. In a second I had his jeans off and was going to town on his cock which was quickly reacting to the new plan.
He was on his back and I was on all fours over him attacking his cock with great delight. His hands made their way down my arched back as they wrapped around my torso. He grabbed at my dick and balls working them together to create a rocket wave of pleasure ridding up my spine.
He got faster and so did I. I could feel him quivering and his body get tighter. His muscles swelled and flexed as his body took over and started to jerk and spasm. I pull off his cock and chomp down on his nipples while pulling at his cock with my fist. He let out a god almighty moan as one last spasm tensed his whole body and warm milky cum pumped vigorously out his cock and over my pumping fist.
The slight sheen of sweat now covering his body made his smooth skin slick as he rolled around and climbed atop of my now prone body. We had swapped places as he went to work on my cock balls and thighs. Gently and hard, fast and slow all over the place. He knew what he was doing. On the edge and held there I look at him as he again sucked just the very head of my massively bulging and throbbing cock into his mouth to yet again slide his tongue over my blood engorged glans.
"Dude, Im going to cum. And if you don't back away your going to drown" I warned him. With his mouth so close to my cock, and my cock so close to exploding I wanted him to know what he was in for.
One last pull of my balls and away I went. The first shot sailed up and splashed against his lips. He pulled back as volley after volley pulsed out of my cock and landed on my chest, on the bed and ultimately over my head onto the wall and bed head. "oh shit" was all he could say through the laughing as he watched my cum fly. "Holy shit!"

As the waves passed I rolled my head back to see my cum rolling down his plush bed head. "oh shit, sorry!" apologizing for the mess I had made. "I warned you. I shoot big! Its always messy...."
"Fucking don't worry about that, that was amazing. I've never seen anything like it"
"but then again, you are young"
Argh.... Next he'll be calling me boy again!

Clean up, clothes and out of there.... Just the way I like to leave it.


At 12:39 AM, Blogger Sue said...

Holy shit! That was so fucking hot! Gee, am I the only one commenting on this? Christ, I hope not. You really busted a nut that time Narcissus! It must have felt really great after all that time alone.

At 12:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Argh. It's so annoying when guys do that. You expect a gruff older muscle guy to be really in charge... it sucks when they won't even accept a compliment.

At 2:34 AM, Blogger Trevor said...

Very sexy post!
Good to see you took charge of the situation when it started going off the rails...
Though looking at the date this was eons ago.
I hope more posts are to come.


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