Saturday, September 15, 2007

Quit and at home...

So here I am, its a Saturday night and I'm sitting here in my apartment just relaxing. And I love it.
Just being by myself and doing nothing. Such an amazing thing, such an amazing feeling. For a long time all I've had is things to do and places to go.... right now Im looking at tomorrow thinking that beyond the gym, there is nothing I have to do...
Im thinking I might go to the city, maybe go to the contemporary museum... Something different and interesting and very Sydney.

Because I can.

And I know thats not very sexy, and perhaps a bit boring compared to the more graphic stories that I tell here...but its what I feel like doing.
Alternatively I could just stay on my couch and watch DVDs all day. And I haven't don't that in over a year!!
(Doing nothing is something I have to work at... not something that I can just do)


At 1:40 AM, Blogger Sue said...

Doing nothing is an art! It takes lot of time to do it right. You may not get it down until you retire. I did not understand this until I became disabled. Now, I know how to really do nothing. I consider myself very accomplished at it. You cannot set a timetable for doing nothing. So just get a DVD and watch it. Don't aspire to doing nothing just yet. LOL

At 1:39 AM, Blogger about a boy said...

i love doing nothing.


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