Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Preperations begin...

Im 8 weeks out from my first Bodybuilding comp. And I am excited!! It has seriously amazed me about how much one person can truly OBSESS about one thing. But its a ligitimate form of all my natural Narcissistic tendencies.

I have been really surprised by all my friends and their imediate support and excitment for me. And so many of them at the first instance have booked the day in to come and cheer me on. Im so proud of the support Im getting from my friends. I just hope my Parents are as overjoyed and supportive....I havn't told them I competing yet. Im trying to choose when I will do it, it will prob be some time around when I remove all of the body hair below my neck. I think they might notice that. (then again....)

The hardest part of this training is the mind tricks all this plays on you. I mean the three hours of training, and all the cardio are the easy bit...I love that bit, that bit makes me HORNY!! (Come on a heavy weights workout surrounded by masses of muscle and smelling of testosterone??)
The hard part comes with the mind games. Im dieting to get rid to basically cut my bodyfat to nothing. So Im shrinking. And after being obsessed with getting bigger and bigger for 3 or so years this is quite a change. Ever now and then I have a little 'moment' where I hate the world and realise that Im too fat, too small and never going to compete. It messes with your head, everyone is bigger then me and I hate it. But I try not to let it out because hearing me talk about my comp in 8 weeks permantently, non stop would force my friends to resort to levels and styles of violence that Quentin Tarantino would be proud of.
So its going all here. Every bitch and moan. Just skip these bits on the read, they wont be fun. But damn it I need to get it off my chest cause my head is going insane.

I need to talk to a bodybuilder who knows what Im going through for the first time....hell I need to do more then TALK to a bodybuilder. Hehehehe

Monday, March 06, 2006

Muscled Wrestler Contact

Man, I am hot and so horny!!
I just got a BigM message from a guy that I wrestle with. Usually I’m the one who cases him and I always thought that I was young meat that he wasn’t going to turn down but wouldn’t really go after. But I was wrong!! Out of blue he messages my to find out how my competition diet is going and how long he would have to wait before he could grapple with me. That made my day.

I mean this guy is twice my age, he is OLD, like 40-something, but he is a true bodybuilder…. Huge arms with thick veins running down the length of the bicept, a big chest which he flexes and pumps when we play (he has sensitive nipples too, so its great fun to get his head locked in a head scissor twist his neck and start chowing down on those pink nubs as he thrashes around and pumps and flexes his chest), he is always ripped so his abs are fuking insane. He has the full set, a rigid and deeply cut six pack and bulging obliques. A number of times of sat on top of him and fucked his abs with my cock while he crunches down on his abs, fuk that’s hot. He has massive bodybuilder quads cut in half my the massive sweep and perfect tear drops above his knees…His ass is amazing, true bodybuilder butt, it pokes out for miles. So amble and pert, so rock hard solid and round. AMAZING in a pair of tight, TIGHT speedos.

Which is the next best thing, he has a gear fetish like me. So when we aren’t wrestling in our sweat soaked speedos, we are trying on a showing off in all the gear that we have combined (which is a lot).
I just get rock hard thinking of all the fun we get into with the sweat and the smell of testosterone while we punch each others chest and try knock the wind out of each other by slamming each others guts, grabbing nipples and twisting then moving from submission hold to the next. Sometimes Im trying to get him to submit but most of the time Im just holding him captive so I can play with his body and make him suffer by toying with his cock while he cant move, or is in massive pain… Damn I love to hear him submit or tap out.

Whenever he taps out or cries out to stop I get a charge through my balls and grab him licking the sweat of his neck and chest, kissing him deeply and hugging him tight feeling his tight muscles against mine my cock straining speedo bound cock against his sweat soaked speedo clad ass…. Man I wanna play NOW!!

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