Friday, October 27, 2006

Muscle toy to muscle boy...

A little more reminiscence… Mardi Gras time and all the boys are back in town! A guy Ive been chatting to on and off in America emails me to say he’s making the trip for the week of frivolity.

This guy is cool for two reasons. One, he’s a wrestler. He wrestles for fun, for the male charged pleasure of it and for the masculine man on man sweaty fuk that it can become. And that’s hot.
Secondly, this guy is a big boy. A true bodybuilder. Massive. Oh My God big…. I would have missed mardi gras itself to have to opportunity to be in the same room as this guy, in speedos flexing for me.
It was towards the end of the weekend and we decided to meet up and head down to the city steam rooms which also had a themed wrestling room.

I organise to meet up with him in front of the Gloria Jeans on Oxford St and head my way to meet him there. Ive only seen pictures of this guy on the internet. This always worries me because at this size, guys can change their look so damn quickly and with not always good results. (A heavy steroid course will produce great muscles but hold tons of water and pack on the fat…. I didn’t want to play with a fatty)
So anyway, Im waiting for this guy to turn up. Of course I see him first, I mean this guy does nothing but stand out of the crowed with his wide shoulders and rolling chest parting the crowds of people as he moves amongst the gatherings on the street. I make eye contact with him as he continues to walk past, he gets a few feet past where Im casually leaning against a wall when he turns back to come by for another pass at me. I smile again and he decides to make his way over to where I am.
“Gee, I hope your who Im looking for….” Was what he said. “I hope you’re the muscle fuk Ive lined up for this afternoon too.” At that he smiled and stook his hand out to shake. We introduced ourselves. I was horny and didn’t hear a word he said in his intro as I drank in his all man, all muscle body. But then I realised he was talking kinda funny. Like if you closed your eyes you could sweat there was a 16 year old American teen standing in front of you, and not even necessarily a boy either. But this guy is HUGE and Im HORNY, so I let it slide. But then he pulls me to one side, away from the crowds on the street path and lowers his voice.
“Im not sure if I’ve told you this yet, I usually do by this stage but I can’t remember telling you… I have AIDS.”
Well, knock me down with a feather. Not what I was expecting, but what was I meant to say? How could I really say at this point…oh well thanks for coming but Im just not comfortable with that risk. (Especially since we had planned on wrestling which more often then not ends with someone bleeding from somewhere…)

He asked if I was going to be okay with that. I told the truth, I didn’t know. This was my first encounter in this situation and it hit me for six. So he suggested that we continue to walk down to the spa and just see what happens. I agreed, I said I was still interested in mucking around like his flexing and muscle worship and all those non-penetrative activities.

So we got to the spa and stripped. He was steroid ripped, steroid vascular and had a steroid belly. And that’s all fuking sexy to me.
We played around. I ran my tongue over every vein and inch of muscle. The whole time he didn’t even get hard, and he had a cock ring on…. Turns out he was so fuked up on steroids and three days worth of party drugs that even if we wanted to go hardcore there is no way he could have done anything anyway.

This was a real disappointing session for me. I mean a big muscle guy like this would be my ultimate fantasy but that effeminate voice and actions coupled with the risks…. He just didn’t do it for me.

But damn if only I could play with a true muscle god like that!!

Reflection of a 'fond' family fairwell...

So there I was flying my way to the bright United States of America. Dad dropped me off at the airport and was going to hang around to have lunch together before I flew out and he headed back home. At checking they said I would have to go straight through security. So I said to Dad he should just leave and have lunch somewhere else and that I would see him when I get back.
He reached out his hand and we just shook my hand. Like he would a business associate, that a handshake was all we needed.

My relationship with my father has changed forever. Now I wait to see if it’s all for the better?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Narcissus learns how to Gaydar....

It funny the things you think of when your at 33000 feet and staring at a carpeted wall (decorated in a rather hideous shade of 90’s grey).
I never told you guys about my first time hooking up off Gaydar. I really think I should cause it was a hot as hell session with my usual set of daring quarks and twists.

Basically this guy was fairly standard Sydney gay; smooth and athletically muscular, trendy, friendly and horny.
We messaged for a while to build a real relationship where we became really emotionally involved with each other….so after those 10 minutes I was on my way to my Emerald City.

It was at the time when the Gay Games were being held so the gays were really in town! It also meant that the sun was shinning and the city had opened itself like a wonderful flower stretching its petals in full glory of the sun.

Getting into the city revitalises and recharges me. On a day like this it makes me feel the invincibility of my youth and the open adventure of my life. I park my car and walk to the apartment building where I was meeting my guy. Nice building, very nice. He greats me with a broad smile and a firm handshake. Not queeny at all so that all checks out.

He nods in the direction of the apartment tower and says we should go and have some fun…he approved too.
He asks if I wore my speedos like he said I should and saying yet he grabs my arm and leads me to the complex’s spa (Jacuzzi for the American amongst us).
“Might as well have a bit of a chillax, what do you think?” Takes me 0.3 seconds to think, “Hell yeah!”.
He turns away from me and pulls off his tshirst. A nice tight back, smooth and deeply tanned. He pulls his jeans down to reveal his the ‘speedo’ logo tightly stretched across his tight bubble butt. The material sheened in the light as it pulled across his ass as he bent over to unhook his pant from around his ankles. YUM!
No way was I going to miss out on this, I walk up behind him whilst he struggles with his jeans. I place my hands on his juicy globes and run my hands over his ass and around his waist pulling him in close so my growing bulge rubs roughly against the thin material shrouding his ass crack.
I pull him in close so he can feel my hardon pressing deep into the groove of his ass. He stands up and leans his back against my chest and leans his head back giving me access to kiss him from the side.
He pulls away from the embrace and slowly hides himself below the surface of the water submerging himself in the bubbles.
I stand back and with him studying each move of my body I strip my tshirt and jeans down to the thin nylon Aussiebum bathers tied tight at the waist. They hand loose but show the weight of my balls and the ample and growing bulge of my cock as it snakes its way towards my hip.
His eyes don’t blink and don’t move, he is already thinking about what happens next and his eyes betray the lust that he is feeling right now. I can’t see below the water level but I know this guy is rock hard and ready to have some fun.

I walk up to the spa and slowly feel my way into the warm water. I find a seat and settle in across the bubbling waters from Mr Gaydar…. His foot quickly finds its way across the tub and settles between my legs. His toes fondle with my floating balls and plays around with my semi erect cock. He smiles at me, he’s being coy. I don’t do coy. I swim over to him and float in front of him while he waits for me to make my next move.
I wait there, running my hands up and down his smooth and tan thighs below the surface of the water. Occasionally my hands would reach up and tickle under the tight stretchy spandex of his perfectly fitted Speedo.
I could feel the muscles of his body, his flawless skin and his aching bulge. I take a deep breath and disappear below the bubbles of the water. I pull his cock out from his speedo and swallow it into my mouth. While holding my breath and with mouthfuls of spa water and cock I work his cock with my tongue, with some suction and with the swishing of the water created by blowing the water around his cock. His hands move from the top of my head to brace down on my hands which grip onto his thighs. I’m actually very good at holding my breath and this guy is spasoming and slipping all over the tub as his body is taken over by the warm pleasure sensations wracking from his cock up through his body.
I come up for air to find his head leaning back against the side of the spa rolling from side to side in a daze. His mouth agape he simply groans as he sucks in big lung fulls of air struggling to hold onto the edge of wherever he went. I smile appears on his face as he deeply sighs.
“Fuck!” “That was awesome, I didn’t think you’d ever come up for air”
He pushes off from the side of the spa to meet me in the middle of the bubbly turmoil. He grabs my shoulders to pull me closer and kisses me deeply holding my shoulders to keep me close as the water pushed us around.
“We gotta go upstairs right now….” Was all he said as his ass appeared teasinly in my face as he climbed the stairs to exit the tub. The wet material clings tightly to his ass as each cheek flexes and bobs around as he takes each step. The soggy material hugs down his crack showing perfectly the contours of this most fabulous ass.

He wraps a towel around his waist as I get out of the tub. We collect our things and head for the elevator. The doors open and he pushes the floor button probably 76 times before pulling away and waiting ‘patiently’ for the doors to open. He takes off down the long cream on cream hall and jabs his key into the heavy apartment door. He throws the door open and stands to one side to let me in. The apartment wall opposite the door is wall to wall, floor to ceiling glass. From one side of the apartment to the other all you can see is opera house, harbour bridge and water. Fuking Nice! The huge plasma screen on the wall is muted on some music video channel of payTV. What a dream apartment. Fine art and hot, sexy furniture.
I grab him and kiss him where he stands. He pulls away and asks if Id like a drink, all hospitable and shit. “Bedroom or right here?” is all I say. To his credit he takes a moment to think about it and looks around the main living area…. “bedroom…” and with that he grabs my hand and leads me down a halogen lit hall way toward the sun drenched bedroom with massive open windows billowing through the cool harbour air.
I grab his shoulders and soon he is on his back on the bed. I straddle him with one knee either side of his tight waist. He puts his hands behind his head letting his biceps ball up and flex. I bend down and start to suck on his deep brown nipples. Underneath me his tight body jerks and resists against my weight sitting ontop of him. Not a chance. He wasn’t moving anywhere, these nipples were mine for the working. And I worked them good, I worked them until he started making that grunting sound a guy makes when he is slipping into pure animal in search of the stimulation to achieve orgasm. I sit up and reach behind me to where his cock is leaking pre-cum and pulsing in time with his heartbeat.
The strong grip on his cock, tight around his throbbing cockhead is enough to get his hips bucking like a man possessed as his ass flexes and his body squirms in reaction to the stimulation on his almost purple cock.
It does’t take long, Ive had him on the edge so long his cum spurts down my fist and rolls down his thighs as his head thrashes around with each rocking of the earth wave of pleasure rolls over his body.

I let go of his cock and reach for my own. Watching this guy cum was enough for me and in a few pumps of my veiny cock covers this guys chest, face and the wall behind his bed with my own special protein supplement.
The sweat rolls down my chest and drips off my abs onto his prone torso.
We both smile at each other as our breath returns to normal.
“That was hot….” Was all he said.

Yes, yes it was. Welcome to the world of Gaydar.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Accosted at the airport...

I totally got checked out in the airport on my way through! Not by some uber hot excecutive type who happens to be an underwear model and amateur bodybuilder in his spare time but by two of the security team at the airport.
Because Im flying direct into America the security on the flight is impressively strict. Once we had gotten through all the standard security stuff we had to do it all again for individual baggage checks carried out by hand and a pat down by a member of the security team. Nice and safe.

Anyway, as I walk up to the security check point I see the ear to ear grin on the first security guard controlling the front of the que. He points to the security station at the end of the counter. Two female security team members where standing there with totally mischievous grins on their faces. I quickly worked out that they had seen me coming and asked a favour of the guy out front…. It was so funny As I started to walk off in their direction the male security guard leans in and says “They both got their eye on you!” plus a sneaky grin.
It was all in good humour. It was quite flattering and I liked the opportunity to feel like a little bit of a hunk.
When it came to the pat down a male guard walked up and asked me to hold my hands away from my body as he proceeded to search me for any hidden copies of the Koran. As the guy felt around my ankles under my baggy cargos the female guard not going through my bag giggles then says to the male officer…. “I can do his back if you like?!?” to which he replied “You can stay right there you hornbag” It was fun.

But still it would have been nice to replace the two female guards with two Hot House models…. Then we could of have a strip search….

“Im sorry sir, Ill have to check that bulge in your pants for security reasons….” Damn man! I should be writing this shit for real….this is gold!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

First stop San Fran...

San Francisco, what a place! I haven’t arrived at my first accommodation location in Florida yet so technically I’m still in transit (30 hours of moving with no sleep and still counting). But I still managed to have an amazing day in San Fran, soaking in the sun and walking around the civic of the city.
You see, to get anywhere in America you have to go through either Los Angeles or San Fran. So you get the choice, a 3 hour stop over or 12 hours…. I choose 12. That meant I could leave the terminal go and have a workout and get back on a plane ready for a new trip rather then flying the full 23 hours in one hit.
As it worked out I got into the city within 20 mins of getting off the plane. Only problem was that I hadn’t really researched San Fran that well yet…. I mean that’s weeks away on the itinerary so I hadn’t gotten round to it yet. So when I got off the ‘Bart’ (San Frans answer to the metro) I was just guessing at a station. Downtown Civic sounds good I thought….. Can anyone say “Da Hood”? Because when I resurfaced from the rail ride, that’s exactly where I was. And that was intense. Drunkenness, drug abuse and lots of grills…. And that was just at the burger joint I stumbled into in searching for sustenance (I quickly stumbled back out).

I was walking along the blocks a little scared pensive trying to workout what to do, other then not making eye-contact… Then in the distance I see some large towers, aha! So that’s where the true CBD was. It was only a few blocks and soon the pawn shops, pay day finance and dental jewelry stores made way for names that made a little bit more sense: Luise Vutton, Channel, Abercrombie + Fitch….and wait for it …Westfields!
Yes that’s right 14 hours on a plane and the first big American mall I hit is a Westfields, I could have just gone to Miranda! Well actually not. This centre was fantastic and had a Macies, a Abercrombie and a Hermes… Not your average Westfields.
So anyway, I had a bit of a wonder around and then decided to find a gym. My goal is to hit the Gold’s Gym in each of the cities I visit on this holiday so Im starting in San Francisco. But seriously, it was an unreal experience. Doing cable flys and during rest breaks looking out the window at the rolling city vista with its undulating landscape traversed by rattling trams rolling along the city streets. It was a surreal combination of something which is so familiar to me with something so absolutely abstract. It blew my mind and I had a smile from ear to ear the whole time. Of course I went to the Golds in The Castro on Market St…. And the guy who helped me on the front desk was so damn cute! Not hot, not that testosterone fuelled drop me here and mess me up kinda spunky hot but the take me out wine and dine me, party all night with me then finish me off cute. Blond/blue, my height, my age…lean and athletic…you know, cute.
Now really this workout was just about getting a workout in. By this stage Id been up for more then 24 hours and I wasn’t really in the mood to hunt but I tell ya what? Those guys were checking me out all over the place… And I can tell you that felt GOOD! I felt really good about the way I look, which is nice because its been a while. I can tell that when I come back here in a couple of weeks and have a place and all the time in the world Im going to have a TON of fun in this end of town. The stores are so cool, and the people are nice. Its going to be a fun part of the city to explore….

Next Ill be in sunny Florida chilling out for a few days, Im still undecided on the whole Disney land question….but we will see how I go.

Friday, October 20, 2006

And away I go!!

Well, as you read this Im in the air on my way to the big United States of America. So Ill be spending the next 25 hours traveling and in transit somewhere.

Thank god I upgraded to the other side of that magical curtain on all my flights.... I can't wait to recline back and chill out without mobile phone reception for such a long time. It will be the first time Ive been uncontactable like that, for that long since they invented mobile phones.


See ya guys, blurry eyed, on the other side....of the planet!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Narc seeks the beat...

And Im not talking about my DJing... I was chatting with a dude online a couple of weeks ago and he mentioned something about a beach where a whole bunch of guys go when they are seeking to connect with thier animal instincts.
Its a beat. I'd heard the term before but really not had it connected to a specific location. Now I have.

It happened a little while ago, and it was a strike out so I didn't share it with you at the time. But scott's suggestion of a beat in a university in USofA reminded me of how fun these things were.

I headed over to this beach which is protected by a thick line of shrubs which seperates the road from the beach. On the road side a long line of cars park up on the nature strip. This must be it!
I head down the path to the beach. Milling around the middle of the path near a beaten track leading into the bushes were a couple of dudes just chatting about. Both were 20s (around my age) and one was standing there in just his boardies, his t-shirt tucked into his waist band. Slightly hair in that 20s but naturally smooth kind of way, smooth flat stomach and the beginings of a chest like he'd lifted weights with his footy team but not much else... It was hot. I liked. But this is were I made the mistake. I saw this guy and thought "Geez, if this is the first guy I see..hell this place is gonna be far more packed with hot dudes then I thought!!"
Okay, I know. Stupid.

But in the end I had a great time lurking around checking out the different guys and chatting with a few of them. (Talking is apparently not kosher) but hey....when have I followed the rules.

So anyway, Im hoping I might get back there one more time before I leave for the states....I want to get my beating technique down before I hit USofA.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Letter to Mr. One-fiddy...

(Note: So this makes sense Ill explain that my friends and I don't know this guys name even though I chat to this guy at the gym a couple of times a week. So like all the other people we talk about we have given him a nickname. Like Mr Arms, The Scorpion King (Looks like The Rock and has a scorpion tatoo), Air Lats (walks around with his arms hanging out from his body like a bodybuilder, only there arn't any lats there to push his arms out) and Mr One Fiddy. Mr One Fiddy got his name from the fact that he got into the top 150 of the Australian version of American Idol. So he started as Mr 150....but then it changed to Mr One Fiddy, cause it sounds much more street...and we are so down with the street!)


Dear Mr One Fiddy,

Why are you so nice? Why do you take such a genuine interest in me and my training and my progress? Why are you in a long term relationship with a wonderful woman?
When you asked how my training was going, that was nice. But when you followed it up by saying how great I was looking (not good nor Okay but great) you rocked my world. Because your so damn genuine. And I want to touch your face.

It makes me feel bad that I don't ever say how good your looking in return. I can't! I mean, your amazingly thick chest hanging deliciously over your cut and tightly smooth abs makes me gaga when your talking to me. Its all I can do to maintain eye contact and not stare at your pecs. I don't feel like I can compliment you without sounding like a giddy school girl trying to tottally flirt with you. Thats something I'm going to work on.

Its not like you make it easy tho, just because you have a shirt on doesn't mean I cant see whats distracting me. I mean, your abs are so thick and sexy that when you get a little sweaty your tshirt sticks to your stomach and I can see every cut, groove and outline of your hot as fuk abs! Your wide rounded shoulders can be seen from space let alone across the gym, so how exactly am I meant to concentrait on not drooling on you when we talk?

And lets just not talk about when you lift your shirt up to wipe the sweat off your face and Im just stuck watching every movement of your ripped up body.

I say it to your face, and Ill say it again now...Your body is better then mine. It doesn't matter how much you say it, or think it your wide square chest, tight waist and pert/perky ass which magically holds your shorts up to gently round your ass as show it off so I want to cup it with my hands and pull you in to me... yes my arms are bigger and more ripped but I have to have something!

If when your gasping (literally gasping) at the veins popping out of my arms and forearms from my workout and Im flexing and showing off to you, if you reach out and run your fingers down the veins in my arms again I will grap you by the waist and draw your hips against mine so you can feel my growing cock as I lean into press my lips against your pert, juicy lips. I would run my hands through your natural floppy curly hair leading your head around as my mouth explores your neck and nibble on your ears. My hands would roam your smooth torso under your tshirt and play on your chest and tweak at your nipples.... So really, best if you stop with the touching.
I know you mean no harm, but really I do!


Sunday, October 15, 2006

No go...

So anyway, I didn't end up going out last night. It was cool, because that meant I could get up on time today and spend a whole bunch of time searching out places to visit in various USofA cities.

But here is the big shout out to you guys in Internet land..... If anyone has a "Must Visit" place for Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Las Vagas, San Fran or New York holla out in the comments section.

Id be very interested in any of your recommendations for places to go during the day, and deffinently where to party at night. Plus all the Gyms where the meat lift weights...That would be good to know ;-) (And you know that info is just gonna lead to more stories for you guys to read ;-D)

So I hope you guys take some time out of your days to let me know, Id be really grateful...Experience is the best educator.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Oggy Boogie Boogie.....

Wahooo....Okay just to let you guys know that Im thinking of ya and I want to post some stuff for you but this afternoon before I hit the gym I accidentally took a double dose of my thermo supplements.
I got distracted after taking them the first time and didn't remember until after an intense feeling of De Ja Vu that I had just taken them again. So right now Im a little ADHD and can't really concentrate on what Im doing, so Im going for some cardio and a big night out!!

This will be my last weekend out in Australia for quite a while so my best friend and I are going out "for a quite Coffee" which will ultimately become a terrorising exercise that will see the entire city touched one last time.... Ill let you know how the night goes, but since Ill be on my best 'straight' behavior I can pretty much assure you that this night out wont lead to any of the stories that I know you guys love...

I hope everyone in Australia is enjoying this warm weather, and everyone else in the world is enjoying their super fantastic weekends...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Bling, Bling heres the thing!

Ive been going through the videos and photos from my party that went off this last weekend. I thought you guys might like these video capture of the pimp on the door at this party (AKA Me...)
As one of my guests rocked up to the front door to the club she was carrying a video camera and the inevitable happened..."Flex! Flex you sexy Biyatch!!"

Who am I to deny??

What the hell? (Update...)

Well, remember back last week I was sharing the fact that my lifting partner and one of my best friends sent me a surprising email.

Well, like I was saying I was in Canberra on a consulting job this weekend. My mate actually lives in Canberra and after having dinner with him and his wife here in my home town we actually spend a few afternoons together in the gym while I was in the ACT. (We always workout together whenever we get the chance)
And in true Aussie bloke style nothing was said about it. Not a word. It just went unsaid like there was nothing that needed to be said.
It was less like an elephant in the room and more like a nothingness that didn't warrant mentioning.

It was great to spend some time with his again, he is one of the few dudes I know who actually gets me and my motivations.... he is equally dedicated to getting HUGE, and thats not something alot of people understand.

It was good to be able to get over this and now we move on...

BTW, thanks to all the guys who commented on this issue. It kinda warmed me that from everything Ive said and shared with you guys since this blog started this true dilemma was the one thing that really got a lot of responses from you guys. Thanks for caring and sharing. It was real nice.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Strong Recolections (Cont)

This guys rock hard cock stats to pulse and quiver in my mouth as I suck and slurp his length into my mouth. I run my tounge along the veins that run up its sides and swirl around his sensitive head. His body and breathing start to jerk and stutter in time with the pulsing of his cock as he quickly pulls out of my mouth.

He falls back on the bed as the light plays on the sweaty sheen covering his smooth and hairless torso. His cock points directly to the ceiling held up in place by the speedo tightly wrapped around the base of his cock pushing his balls out and presenting his package. Suddenly he looks up from his reclined position, the slight crunch as he lifts his shoulders off the bed make his abs pop out and his torso flex. My cock jumps at this unexpected sight, the movement gets his attention and quickly he is accross the bed and attached to my still entombed cock. Sucking, slurping and lapping at my hard cock tightly encased in its spandex cloister.
He works the head of my cock through the speedos with his teeth the blunted pressure drives me wild and I arch my back and put my hands behind my head. He looks up and I watch as his eyes travel along my stomach to my heavy chest thickly hanging above his head.

He uses both hands to grab and squeeze at my cock as he moves up my torso to latch his teeth onto my nipple. His tounge swirls around my nipple and his saliva starts to drip down my chest. His spit mixes with the sweat on my body as things start to get a little messy.

I grab his neck and pull his face up to mine, I kiss him again and his tounge roams my mouth as my tounge massages his. Our hands explore each others bodies, feeling the muscles and veins pumping under our smooth skin. We run our hands to the others throbbing cock.
I start to pump his cock roughly, he pulls away from our kissing as rests his head against my shoulder leaning his weight against my body as the waves of warm pleasure take away his ability to stand. His arms wrap around my body, I can feel his bicepts squeezing into my torso. I pump faster and with my other hand I pull his balls down and out. He bucks and his weight falls completly against my body as I stumble to keep my balance. He moans and his body tenses and flexes as his cock starts to dump his warm cum on my quad.
As his body jerks and thrashes, his tight grip on my cock jerks and pumps randomly. After watching this guy dump his load on me and the subsequent abuse of my cock was enough to set me over the edge and release my load all over his abs and chest. We stand there leaning against each other until our breathing returns.
He stands up as my cum drips off his chest and runs down his sweaty abs.
We clean up and pack up the gear thrown around the room.
We thank each other and walk our different ways.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Strike out but strong recollections...

Well here I am, sitting on the balcony of my hotel room sipping OJ from a Champaign flute and snacking on Danish pastries having struck out last on the internet. I had a little bit of interest but really, things just got a bit too late for it to go forward. So I just took things into my own hands.
But I did talk to one guy who did actually remind me of one guy I met once....

It was online again, gaydar to be precise. He was actually younger then me, which was a first for me. He's very into his training and getting muscular. He was also big time into his spandex, it was his major fetish. Bingo, we have a winner!
It was a friday night and I couldn't make it to the city. But we had been messaging on and off from our desks at work all day long and were obviously both quite worked up.
So in another first, he offered to drive down to my town for the night to have some fun. One call to a local hotel and things were set.

I rush home to pack a duffel bag full of all my spandex and speedos. I get over to the hotel and dump my bag out on the double bed. The pile covers the surface of the bed.
I get the call that he has made it to town and I head down to street level to great him and bring him up to our little play pen.
I catch a glimpse of the guy I think is my man, he is confidently striding down the street with a bag slung over his shoulder. He smiled as we caught eyes and I knew he was the guy. His smile radiated through the crowd on the street and his confidence rolled in front of him. Oh yes, this will be fun.
He strolls up to me and we shake hands with a "gday", I turn and lead towards the hotel.
We get up to the room and his eyes bulge at the massive pile of gear I have on the bed. "Cool!", was all he said before diving into the pile with his hands picking up various outfits and materials. He has a spandex fetish but not much of the gear, whereas I have a spandex fetish and ALL of the gear.
I look him up and down, while he stands there sorting through the gear. Hot guy, very hot. Wide rounded shoulders, protruding solid chest and his sleeves stretch t-i-g-h-t around his arms. His arms aren't huge, but his t-shirt is well fitted. Its all a great look, and I can't wait to see more.
Finally he picks up a pair of light blue Nike speedos which are a couple of sizes too small and made of a very sheer material. He shows them to me and comments "these must be hot", and theres my opening!
"You should try them on!" I said my eyes drawing up and down his tall frame another time for emphasis.
He grins and grabs for his shirt tails, he draws his tshirt up his torso and over his head. He throws his tshirt to the side and stands there giving me a little show knowing that he had my complete attention. His smooth chest hangs heavy over a sexy flat stomach, the faintest outlines of his abs show through as he breathes in and out. Fuck thats sexy. He is at that age where some parts of his body show how much of a man he is while others still reflect how close to being a boy he is. His stomach is still soft from the puppy fat that guys this age have (I had it too at this stage, its before my competition) but his shoulders bulge with ripped masculine power.

He drops the jeans and turns to face the wall (awwww, he's shy!) and takes off his briefs. He pulls the Nike speedos on in a single movement. His legs are smooth and obviously recently shaved, like alot of guys his age his legs are lacking in development in comparison to his body. Thats okay tho, smooth and framed by these aqua blue speedos they look just fine... He stands in front of the large wall mirror and checks out his form in these speedos. He turns sideways to check out his profile and the way his ass bubbles out, oh so tight and pert with the spandex tightly stretched across the hard globes. I quickly strip out of my gear down to my speedos and move in behind him. My growing bulge pressing into the spandex sheathed crack of his ass. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and pull his body tight against mine. I smell at his neck and run my tongue across his trap up behind his ear finally swirling my tongue around his lobe. He shivers slightly as I move my hands down the surface of his tight, smooth skin making my way down to his straining crotch to finally wrap my hands around his rock hard cock griping it tightly and squeezing it in my hands.
His knees buckle slightly and more of his weight is transferred onto my arms as he leans harder against my chest to keep standing.
He rolls his head back to prop it on my shoulder. He looks back at me as I lean my head over and kiss him deeply still pulsing my grip on his cock and balls.
I push him away and spin him around dropping to my knees I pull the front of his speedos down under his balls allowing his veiny plump cock to bounce out. I quickly devour it wholly into my mouth as his back arched back and a deep grumbling comes from his throat. He grabs my head and thrusts his cock deep into my mouth, saliva drips from the corner of my mouth.

Monday, October 09, 2006

My amazing weekend continues

So after staying out till 11am Sunday morning I have a well earned rest until the early afternoon. I awaken refreshed and feeling damn fine. I head out for my "Morning" cardio and then eat a great breakfast/dinner.... All the while I can't help but think about the big night my friends have planned up in the Emerald city. I feel good, I feel refreshed from the few hours sleep Ive had....damn it, Im going back up!

So after dinner I get changed into my disco clothes and jump in my car on the way to another big party.

Tonight is a special once off Sydney performance by Manny Lehman direct from the big New York city. What did I know about this guy? Nothing. Did I care? Nope.
Hell, I was going to be in New York city in a couple of weeks so I wanted to know what kind of music Id be boogying down to whilst I was there... Sounded like a good excuse to me!!

So while it was till light outside I headed off and caught up with my mates in Potts Point, we all recounted our nights activities and the vastly different experiences in the crazy hours since the major dance party. One of my mates had organised to catch up with someone of interest for pizza in the early afternoon ready for another big night. Sounded like a good idea and these guys were hot for each other... but the guy didn't show. Heart broken my friend calls and messages wanting an explanation! Turns out this guy had taken one too many sleeping tablets and was out to the world till the late afternoon/early evening... In hindsight it was funny.... In our slightly exhausted, and excited states it was hilarious and it was a few blocks before our childish giggling and outright booming laughter subsided. My mate had turned significantly red but we were all in such a great mood nobody really felt anything but happy walking towards this early starting event.

We got into The Shift only to realise that our group had suddenly become the entire crowd of this nightclub. The place was ours, and the advertised starting time was an hour ago.... we started to get unsteady. Just how many people were going to come to this?
We headed to the bar and got our first round of drinks. I liked this time. It got a bit quite some of the time as we fell into a quite reflection of the night before, but other then that I had the rare opportunity to spend some quality time talking with these guys and girls. Usually I just rock up to the club after they have been there for a few hours and join in on the debuatched fun.... but tonight I was there from the begining and I got to know some of my mates far better then ever before. I liked that.
Suddenly we realise around us that where empty space and music once played there were now people and the thumping bass of a party getting started.

And boy did it get started. The warm up DJ was stating to get swinging and things were kicking along. During the course of the evening the question had gone around about who this Manny Lehman was and what kind of music he played. No one really knew. Except my Candian buddy who had grown up on with this guy on the Toronto scene... and he had nothing but raves for this guy. So it sounded good.

By this point all the usual faces had turned up and some new guys who had missed out on the frivolity of the previous night. Then we headed to the dance floor.

This is when the night went to a semi hardon of music induced deliriousness. Manny Lehman is good, he is great, he is my new god.
His trance escalates from the poppy mixes of Justin and Christina to the heights of vocal uplifting sounds that just made us throw our hands in the air and scream.

It even got to the point where as the magical Manny dropped a certain bass for a hot as hell track the whole crowd just screamed "Wahaoooo!!" It was an amazing experience to be on that crowded dance floor at that moment in time. The energy lift as every single person on that floor connected with that song and that moment. Ill forever remember that moment.

What a night. I thought I was going on the hunt for some sweaty conclusion to the weekend... Instead it was all about the music. I was still on that floor at 9am when the lights came on.... Another all nighter and what a spectacular night.

Remember me?

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that I am still alive.
Ive got lots to tell you, but first I need to sleep so Ill just let you know what you'll be reading about shortly. Obviously there is the Manny Lehrmann performance (a 7 hour set which went OFF) then there is my birthday party which was a huge hit and my debut on the Decks burning up the dance floor.

But right now Im sitting here in a hotel room in Canberra, since it got out that I was no longer working full time for the company I was Ive been inundated by companies wanting me to do some consultation work for them. It appears as though Im quite in demand at the moment and despite the fact that Im meant to be on holiday and getting ready for my big trip overseas I couldn't help but accept some of the ridiculous offers been thrown at me to secure my services and expertise. So here I am in Canberra with a laptop, a wireless internet connection and a Gaydar profile.... Hmmmm maybe this will work out for you guys too.

Finally I might have something more juicy to share with you.... ;->

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A weekend in review (goes on)....

The night was an absolute success. The music pumped and the crowd pulsed in good will and frolicking fun. As the sun started to rise and the darkness of the night outside started to fade to become the dull glowing warmth of the morning sunrise. This has always been my favorite part of a night like this. This fresh new day was dawning and we were feeling good. The night is like a marathon and the light meant the whole dream and adventure was coming to a close.

We were saying goodbye to some friends of mine outside in the foyer as the crowd starts to disperse across the morning. Just at that moment Gemma made a fatal mistake. She sat down. Now anyone out there will know that at the end of a big rave like this the morning is the danger time if you want to watch the last disk being spun. The big rule is: Don't sit down. Its the best feeling in the world when after 10 hours of dancing you do finally sit down, but basically you'll never stand up again. Once your down you stay down.
And that's what happened to Gemma.
Once she'd been on the floor for a few minutes she started to shake in that total body exhaustion kind of way.

I looked at her and just said to her: "Come on, lets go".
"No" was her simple response.
"Im don't want to ruin your night" she looked up at me, her bottom lip quivering.
"Nah, lets go. It just gets really messy from here on in. Everyone will just start trying to hook up and Im not doing that today." I grabbed Gemma's outstretched hand and dragged her to her feet. "Plus Im starving!!"

As we walk out of the building the sunlight hits our pallid skin. The warmth of what will be a beautiful, sunny spring day in My Emerald City warms the still chilly air and the sun glares in our eyes.

We get in my car, point it home and spend the next 2 hours in silence as Gemma falls in and out of sleep and I stuff my face with Krispy Kreme doughnuts.... Damn those Krispy Kremes.

I drop Gemma off at her apartment and she thanks me as profusely as her exhausted state allows.

To finish Ill quote Gemma when I met up with her at the gym a few days later: "Im still recovering, but Im ready to do it again! I'll never forget that night, ever. My mind still can't get all around it. Im want to do it again"

So that was the Sleaze Ball, but that wasn't my weekend. After a couple of hours sleep and a feed, I was heading back to My Emerald City to the Shift for DJ Manny Lehman another all night party but thats for another post. ;-)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What the hell?

I just got an email from my Gym buddy/lifting partner. Through his work he met someone who is very gay. During the course of their conversations they talked about Aussiebum clothing (who I have modeled for) and this gay guy has said that as far as he knows the clothing company is for gays and the models are predominantly gay. They also talked about my US trip (I don't know why?) and this gay guy has said that all the areas Im going to are gay "hot spots". They talked about other things and now my mate has emailed me to say that he has had suspicions before but this just got in his head. He wants to know if I gay.

What the hell? I only just told my first friend that I was gay last week, I wasn't planning on telling anymore people just yet. But now I get asked this question.

Wow, I guess Sagittarius must be entering the moon of Scorpio in transition with Fagarious....

All of the things that this guy has targeted as being "obviously gay" can all be argued easily as not having any meaning... Instead Ive sent him an email saying we will need to have a chat. (Which will basically tell him yes I am gay) Will be interesting to see what happens next, I must admit this has sent me through a loop. I really wasn't ready for this at all. But I think its all come too far to deny it any more.

a weekend in review (continues)....

From up in the stands we watch the lights play off the walls, the ceiling and the mass of bodies playing on the dancefloor.
The music was hot as hell, a real sexy deep house sound with just enough techiness to keep the dancing easy and the rhythm strong. Mr Timothy is burning the decks and making the crowd sweat. His ability to read the crowd is absolute, and just as the crowd starts to fatigue with the heavier sounds he lightens the moment with a vocally strong uplifting track which allows everyone a moment to breath and throw their hands in the air.
I grab Gemma by the wrist and lead her down the stairs and run into the mass of people. We find a uncrowded part of the floor and set to burning our own mark on grooves.
I missed this place. Its been so long since Ive been to a big dance party like this and the feeling of unity and elation and uplifted spirits floods back to me as I tilt my head back and let the sheer unbounded happiness wafts from the rafters of this massive structure to settle on my soul. I smile broadly into the air above me, I close my eyes and dance to the music feeling everyone around me moving to the same beats.
I look down and find Gemma breaking down in her own now expanded world of wonder. A massive smile plastered across her face her eyes sweep the room taking in the sights of this absolutely unique thing.
She looks at me and in the bright flashing of the strobes I can see the tears welling in her eyes suddenly drip down her cheeks. She leans into my ear and screams over the bass; “Its so beautiful! Its beautiful. I can’t believe it. Its so beautiful!!” I remember back when I had this first experience too, I still get the feeling now. For me there is something truly spiritual about such a sense charged shared moment like this. A now Gemma has seen it too.

We spend the next few hours dancing in this massive auditorium then I take Gemma around to the Dome where a different selection of music is playing. As we walk along the path towards the Dome we pass the many faces and sights of a big dance party. The truly massive roid rages and their utterly smooth torsos, the bears with their leather and beards, the lipstick lesbians wearing French lingerie and the straight guys with their sexy girlfriends in tow. The whole spectrum of this parties rainbow.
Everyone is in a great mood and we nod and smile as we pass by people, we stop and chat when we recognise people effectively mingling as we head towards the Dome.

We enter the Dome and receive the onslaught of the DJ as the heavy industrial beats bring on a bout of heavy dancing as we enter this space.
This is the heavy stuff. Industrial, tribal style beats that strip music back to the absolute primal elements which connect straight to your bones and make you dance. This is the hardcore stuff that you only get to hear in special places.
Feisty Mel and Mandy Rollins were playing with each other (on the decks people, please!) their hard sounds made for grooving transport the dance floor to a euphoria of bass. People are dancing and grinding and cruising around the dome as the deep sounds are matched by an impressively dark yet expressive lighting design. The patterns projected on the high internal dome transported this tight dance floor to the middle of space and back through the stratosphere to float in bright blue skies with fluffy white clouds. Wonderfully supporting each other the sounds and visual cues were enough to keep Gemma and me in this space for many hours of grinding, bumping and grungy dancing. The sweat poured off us and the smiles on our faces glowed with the flashing of the strobes.
When we went back into the Horden the place was going OFF! We set to the dance floor and started to get into the groove. Paul Goodyear was playing on the decks and he was doing an amazing job. The sound in here had gotten very deep and the lighting reflected this as the low lights and dramatic pulses and sweeps across the crowd set the mood perfectly. Goodyear fused the heavy tech sounds of harder trance with the occasional current hit and housy remixes of some fantastic tunes. Something for everyone while still be cohesive and playful. Hot sounds and a great attitude descend onto the revellers.

By this stage Gemma had started getting used to the idea that I was checking out the guys just as much as she was and now was starting to really get into the fun, flirty feeling of the Sleaze Ball. She would point out the hot guys behind me and we would throw naughty smiles at each other as we shared reactions to outfits and bodies as they flashed past on the dance floor.
We were having fun as the glow of morning started to draw a line on the horizon…

**BTW, can you guys leave me a comment to say whether it detracts from these reports by not having pictures in them?? I didn't take any pictures that night so they would all be lifted from the internet anyway...but Id like to know if you guys are just as interested in the text by itself or if I should spend some time trying to find some pics which match the story??**

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A weekend in review....

Wow. Im sitting here now at my laptop, its Tuesday but it doesn’t feel like it. Im not sure what day it feels like but its definitely not feeling like a Tuesday, I think I missed a few days in there somewhere.
What a weekend! What an amazing, exciting, fulfilling, exhausting, enlightening, enjoyable, fun, energising and mesmerising weekend.
If I had sat down and planned my the ultimate weekend to start my new life it wouldn’t have even come close to how great this weekend has been.
Im going to start at the beginning and in subsequent posts tell you all about my amazing weekend. But be warned, there wasn’t any sex so some of you might find it a little boring. (But I did happen to fun into an old play buddy who reminded me of a particularly fetish filled session I had last year…so I’ll probably add that in here somewhere too)

So Friday was my last day at work. What mixed emotions. The board has decided that they aren’t going to tell the majority of workers that Im not coming back from my holiday yet so there was no farewell or any fan fair. I just left at the end of the day, with the boxes of my office crammed into my car. In the end it was just Dad and myself sitting in my office sharing a slice of cake from the café down the road. It was interesting to see the change in him already, he was now accepting that I was gone. I could see him already taking on his old self, the big boss was coming back in him. As is usual for a Friday I was the last to leave the building and drive off into the sunset. I had decided to have a quite Friday, no big thing to celebrate my last day. Just me and a Pizza and some ice-cream (fuck the diet, this only happens once in 6 years. For the first time in my life I’m unemployed).

Lucky I went with the quite night because the weekend that followed was an amazing and long series of events.

Saturday started amazingly sunny and a truly warm spring day. I couldn’t help but bounce out of bed before throwing on my gear to head down the beach todo my morning cardio. People were out and about and the summer feel wafted across the foreshore of the beach and around the city harbour. I had a big smile on my face the whole time, this was the new beginning I was after.

The day passed with the usual odds and sods including a mega work out involving three body parts and a gruelling 2 ½ hours. I loved every second of it, ever rep and every drop of sweat.
I picked up my mate to head for my emerald city and the big Sleaze Ball. We were giddy with excitement in the car the whole way up, we talked non-stop and were like little kids as we approach the city, the horizon glowing with the lights of the city. Sunroof open and music blaring we announce our arrival to the locals with the wafting solid beats of one of my latest DJ mixes.
We find a park and head over to Wagamama where Dammen, one of my gay friends, is meeting us.
I didn’t think I’d get nervious, but a had a little flutter in my stomach as we waited as the traffic lights to cross the road about to introduce Gemma, my straight mate to my gay mate for the first time. For the first time my two worlds together in the one place. It felt good. It made me happy.
Dinner was fantastic, the conversation had an easy flow and we all smiled and chatted. Dammen had some great and deliciously fagtastic anecdotes and stories from our various adventures in the emerald city, Gemma could start to get a sense of what this other part of my life must be like.
We finished dinner and headed to get some coffee. We ended up at Starbucks and were served by the CAMPEST Asian dude ever. Im not sure how to describe this guy but seriously when he opened his mouth not only did a handbag fall out but the entire Louis Vuitton Spring collection. I was in stiches as this guy played up and just had fun as we all ordered our drinks and had a laugh with this guy. (Notice how I said “with”? That’s always important)
This was Gemma’s first experience with a massive flamer like this guy, the closest she had been to seeing anything like this was Jack off Will and Grace, but even then Jack would seem like a high school jock in comparison.
We sat down on the couches sipping our coffee and planning the night and some of the tips and tricks to making the night enjoyable and fun.
Finally the time came to head over to Fox Studios and the ball. We jump in the car and drive over to the party.
We get a park and I get changed into my Blingerific outfit. The theme for the ball was Ghetto Fabulous. I donned the fake bling and a mesh hockey jersey which I had cut the sleaves off to make into a kinda revealing singlet. We got in line for the usual security checks and hit the courtyard in front of the big Horden auditorium which was the main dance venue for the night (plus two other smaller venues for a variety of music options). Finally after the usual meet and greets as we circulated in the collecting crowd catching up with old mates and old flames. I was happy to meet so many of my friends in these moments. Because Gemma was there I wanted her to see how big deeply I was embedded in this community, I moved from group to group of people hugging and chatting and catching up on the latest and greatest. I introduced Gemma around the crew and they made a huge fuss of her and how exciting her first big party must be. It was great, cause they all made just the exact fuss I was hoping they would. Making her feel welcome and to get a sense of how exciting this moment is meant to be.

Then it was time. Time to head into the fray, into the Horden to the main dance arena. The thump thump of the bass fills the air and the reverberation starts to shake the air and vibrate through our chest as we pass through the big external doors to the foyer of the building. We pass through the big heavy doors into the main area and in the darkness the pulsing mass of bodies gyrate and move like the rolling ocean, the huge lighting rigs pulse light into the darkness as a net of laser lights fall over the crowd momentarily lighting the room to reveal the football field sized dance floor packed to the rafters with revellers going off to the bass of the DJ stationed high above the masses.
I drag Gemma to the top of the auditorium tiered seating at the back of the building to show her a view from above. The darkness of the room is replaced by an amazing colour spectrum of lights and lasers as the vocals of the music soar to the sky. As the lights recreate a psychodelic brightness stronger then daylight all I can hear is Gemma standing next to me arms in the air screaming her head off just like every other person on that dance floor. This was the moment, this was her arrival, she knew it and I knew it but this was just the beginning…

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