Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dear Hot Dude,

Dear Hot Dude @ my Gym,

After I spoke with you today I wanted to say a few words:

- Yes, your abs are very ripped. I’m glad my advice helped, those things could cut paper. But if you keep lifting your shirt and asking me to feel how hard they are I will have to resort to using my tongue.

- Yes, I am jealous of your tan. Your Mediterranean skin and seven day a week tanning certainly brings out the definition and makes your skin look impossibly smooth. This does not mean you can make fun of my pasty whiteness.

- No, I don’t want to meet your girlfriend. I don’t care how appreciative she is over her man’s new cuts. I don’t like her, she gets to sleep with you and I don’t therefore I don’t like her, and would probably push her down stairs given the opportunity.

- Yes, I’m serious. You should have pictures taken while you are in such top condition. You may never get to this point again. If your girlfriend wont do it, I will. My way includes a lot of oil (applied by me) and skimpy speedos to set off your tight thighs and ample ass, hers will be in your kitchen using a phone camera in your gym gear…. Its your choice.

- Please do not set me up with your girlfriend’s best friend. Yes, double dating can be fun but trust me she isn’t my type. She is lacking certain attributes that I require in a date, balls and a cock being top of the list. And the only time I want my date to have “big tits” is if they are gained through bench pressing cars. Although they should never refer to them as ‘tits’.

- Sure, anytime you need more advice I am happy to give it to you. I like to help. I also like the way you stand 2 feet in front of me and flex the body part you want to work on…. That’s a nice bonus.

- No, I can’t stand up from my bench to show you cable curls. Your repeated flexing and shirt lifting has left me unable to stand, my pants aren’t baggy enough to provide for that kind of movement.

- Oh god, please don’t ask me to spot you for squats. Seriously, NO.

- Yes, I will see you at the same time tomorrow. I’m here everyday, at the same time, the fact that coincides with your workout is just coincidence, really.



Saturday, February 18, 2006

First Speedo THING

A couple of my friends are planning a holiday to Fiji. We were all taking about it and it got me reminiscing about the last time I was there.... It was the early 90's (important to understand for the context of fashion) and I was 13 or 14. My family was staying in a small luxury resort where every afternoon they would have a 'cultural demonstration'.

On this day they were making Cava which is a traditional dish. The local Fijians were sitting on the floor cutting and mixing and doing all sorts which was very interesting. More interesting to me was the guy sitting across the circle of chairs that had been formed around the demonstration.
He was sitting there, very interested in the demonstration, wearing a simple/traditional royal blue speedo and a t-shirt that left a gap of stomach exposed. He was maybe 25-ish and good looking.
The best bit of course was the fact that the guy was HUGE. This big round package all pushed out and in your face. At the time I was just fascinated, enthralled. Some years later I would come to truly realize just how 'enthralled' I was with that kind of view.

Have you ever wished you could relive a moment of your life with the confidence and knowledge you have now?

Friday, February 17, 2006

My first Heavy Bondage Session (Part 2)

BigPec’s big pecs were covered with sweat as beads formed on his forehead and rolled down his legs. Id been playing with my toy for two hours and he had taken every bit of pain and punishment I dealt to him. Now was the finale. I leaned into his ear again and whispered “Get ready for the pain, are you gonna be a good boy? U going to make me proud? Take the pain like a man, take it like a good boy” then I released the nipple clap on his left tit. He moaned and whined and grunted and thrust around. I just laid beside him kissing him deeply and working that nipple harder. In case you might not be aware, having a clamp tightly connected to your nipple hurts. After some time there, having it removed and having the little never endings reactivate hurts like a bitch beyond anything else. It was a big jolt of pain for anyone to take and BigPecs took it like the man he is. I just growled my appreciation and approval as I held him closer and kissed him deeper between his wails and grunts.

After that was finished and he’d settled back down and his cock stopped pulsing and bobbing around I started to grind his other nipple clamp in and around twisting the flesh and contorting BigPecs face in pain. Then I unclamped it. He yelled out and thrust around the bed. I grabbed his lubed up cock and jacked him furiously. The sensations of the pain and pleasure mixing in his head to completely overwhelm him. His cock was dripping pre-cum and slicking up the veiny shaft.I moved to the top of the bed and undid the binding on his right hand, immediately it shot down to start furiously wanking his fat cock.

He had spent so long on the edge, with so many stimuli his basal instinct was to just get off…. So I laid next to him on the bed and we kissed deeply and juicly as he pumped his hard and tortured cock to climax. He pulled away from my mouth as his eyes rolled in his head and his body tensed and flexed. His balls pulled up and then he started to shoot. He came everywhere and soon slicked up his abs and chest with stringy cum. It was so hot. I got out my cock and started jacking. Being tied down he couldn’t reach across to me and he begged my to let him join me. I got up and undid his restraints.

The second he was free his lush lips were gripped around my hard cock and had devoured its entire length. And lent back and let him work his suction over my tool. I was so worked up after watching BigPecs display and having worked on him for a couple of hours I was hot and pumped up. He moved from my cock to my balls and took them into his mouth where he sucked and pulled on them. I fuking love it when a guy pulls on my balls and that just sent spasms through my body. After the session Id given him I guess he was thankful, Id never had someone work me over in such a dedicated and determined fashion. He sucked the inside of my thighs and then around my cock and balls up my stomach and back down to my cock. His hands were everywhere, I just sat back and let him pleasure me.

My head was back and I just moaned each time he hit a new hot spot. Then he grabbed my cock firmly and jerked it like he wanted to detach it and keep it as a souvenier. That ruffness just finished it for me. I growled as I felt the waves of orgasim across my stomach and through my balls. I shot straight over my head and hit the wall, then again and again all over the bed head. Then more onto my chest and abs. I rubbed the cream across my chest. I love the smell of cum. It smells like sex. I like that smell.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

My first Heavy Bondage Session

So there I was knocking on the door of Big Pec’s apartment. We had met online some 1 hour earlier so the relationship was fairly advanced. The important things had been established: I was horny, so was he, he likes it ruff, so do I, Im an Alpha, he’s a follower, he’s muscled lean and hot, I’m acceptable looking (Godamnit, Im not fat Im bulking.)
He opens the door, he looks younger then his online pics which makes him much hotter. He’s only wearing cargo shorts, which gives me a full view of his bountiful pecs which jut from his muscular but smaller frame. On each bulging pec is a tight pointy nipple which I started to salivate over as I realised how much fun this guy was going to be.
Boring chit chat, setting boundries, safe words, blah, blah, blah…. Big Pecs takes a hit from a bong and we head to the bedroom.

This guy is hooked up. He has plastic storage containers lined up against the wall stuffed with leather, chains, ropes and toys… Im hard. You know the kind of hard where you feel the slight throbbing of your cock from your pulse? That hard.
Big Pecs: “Where do you want to start?”

Me: “Get on the bed, face up….In your speedos”
He’s already wearing them (Good boy!) and a big ass cock ring underneath…..His cock is HUGE my thumb and finger don’t touch when I wrap my hand around it at its base…. BigPecs does jerk and moan tho, which is good.
I look in his box, pull out wrist and ankle cuffs. I get him to put them on so I don’t have to worry about getting the roping around his wrists and ankles right. I retrieve some neck ties out of his box. I like ties, they are soft and can be used in lots of different ways. They were also the tools I used the first time a tied a guy up (good times, happy memories)
I tie each of his hands to the top corners of the bed, and his feet to the bottom corners. I stretch him out nice and tight, which isn’t a problem because my 225lbs to his 160lbs means I can just throw him around. And I do.

I straddle his chest and start kissing him deep, really deep. He is a great kisser and we exchange copious amounts of spit as our tongues last at each other. He looks up at me and asks for a blind fold. (Instant thought: “Oh my God, Am I really that ugly??!?!, then I remembered the whole bondage thing….Duh!) I jump off the bed and find leather blind fold (lined with lambs wool, how gay is that??) I place it over his eyes and check to make sure its secure.
Now for the fun. I stand back and take in his prone and exposed body. Being the oral kind of guy that I am, I pull down his speedos so they tuck under his balls and start to lick the underside of his cock. His hips rise to try catch my mouth and stimulate his head more…No deal, I pull away. Next I suck just the head of his cock into my mouth and lick my tongue hard across his piss slit, his hips start convulsing up and down as the feeling drives him crazy. I swallow as much of his cock as I can and start sucking/swallowing and licking every inch of it…. His body jerks up and down as if trying to fuck my face from below. I place my palms on the insides of this thighs and press down. My weight locks his legs in and he is pinned against the bed unable to move…. I go back to the gentle flicking/licking of his piss slit and all he can do is moan and thrash his head around.

As suddenly as I can I leave him and the bed. I just stand there watching him. He twists and turns his head trying to sense where I am in the room and what Im going to do next. Then I leave the room. I head for the kitchen and raid his freezer. I grab some ice cubes and head back to the bedroom.

By this time he’s calling out for me, trying to workout if Id just run off with his wallet and widescreen TV. The first sensation he feels is the melting ice dripping from above onto his cock head. He jumps a mile off the bed and the restraints hold him back down he grunts and breathes deep as I continue to trickles the ice cold water off the cube onto his purple engorged cock head. I rub the ice against the veins on his cock then around the underside of his mushroom head. He bucks his hips while he tries in vein to fuk the ice cube. I move up to his chest and start to suck and nibble on his right nipple. I work it harder and harder and harder until he starts whining with the pain and struggling to pull away. Then I rub the ice cube over his red raw nipple and let the water roll down his chest. After working his nipple, the freezing ice feels burning hot to begin with until the skin settles and starts to sooth… The transition from burning to soothing is a joy to watch on his face as he licks his lips in approval.
I put the ice cube in my mouth and move back down to his cock sucking deeply on his swollen mass. Rubbing my tongue and the ice over the surface of his throbbing cock. I move back to his mouth and kiss him, passing the ice from my mouth to his. Allowing him to suck and chew on the ice to refresh him for further torment.

I move back over to his toy boxes and see a pair of silver nipple clamps attached to each other by a chain. (Hell yeah!) I move back over to BigPecs and pinch up the flesh around his nipple,

he thinks that’s it and moans and growls until I attach the tight clamp to the tip of his nipple and he whines and bucks and snorts through his nose trying not to make too much noise. I lean into his ear while pinching up his other nipple. I start whispering “Take is like a man, R U going to be a big boy, you gonna take this like a man?” then I clamp onto the second nipple then yank the connecting chain out from his body, twisting and pulling his raw nipples. His arches his back and grunts against the pain while his cock dances around pumping and expanding under the pressure of his stronger arousal. Its fuking sexy to watch as his chest covers in a slight sheen of sweat and he rolls around groaning and moaning with the pain I inflict with the twitch of my hand.

He asks me to gag him.

I go back to the box and grab a gag. It’s a plug gag that goes inside the mouth mounted on a flat leather mount to cover the lips and mouth. I press the bit into his mouth and he clamps down on it. I tie it around his head and make sure that its secure. Then I terrorise his nipples making him scream into the gag….It works nicely.
I lube up his cock and start jerking it in time with the yanks and twists of his nipples, then I move out of time his cock pleasuring him then his nipples, disjointed and out of time it drives him crazy as he thrashes his hips and pumps his cock in my hand. The sensations overwhelm him and he goes berserk trying to stimulate himself enough to cum. Thrashing his hips, flexing his gluts and thighs, twisting and turning against the restrainsts.
He pulls against his arms restraints, all he wants to do is grab his own cock and furiously pump out a hot load…. But I sit there patiently slowly, very s l o w l y stimulating his glands and shaft and nipples and the insides of his thighs… teasing him and bringing him closer to the edge.


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