Thursday, August 31, 2006

Karate Kid Kicks my Ass (the finishing move)....

I’m lying on Karate Kid and working his nipples, kissing him deeply. Im working my bulging cock into his veiny throbbing member. This is sexy and sweaty and truly aggressive.
I love sexy aggressive fucking. Where masculinity and testosterone meets raw animal need and urge. And this guy gets it. He throws me off him and flips me over to my back, mounting me in one smooth move. He starts slamming his fists into my ribs and abs. Instinctivly I tense my torso and try to curl up to protect myself from the blows. His position on my body means I can only get as far as a half crunch which just tenses my abs up and he goes to town punching and slapping my chest and abs. His fists just bounce off my stomach for a while, then he leans forward and concentrates all those years of martial arts training on my torso, soon enough the dull thudding of fist against muscle breaks down to a sluggish thumping as his fits go deeper and deeper into my body.

This just won’t do, Im not the ‘lying-on-my-back-and-get beaten-by-a-guy’ kinda guy. So I grab both his wrists to stop the onslaught of fists, pulling him down towards me we again kiss and explore each others mouths aggressively with tongues and spit. Now that I’ve lowered his centre of gravity on my chest I’m able to roll over to on top of him, sitting on his chest pinning his arms under my legs. Trapped under my weight his torso is open to my retaliation. I start to lay into his ripped up abs which flex and bulge with each attack of my fist. I pause from his abs and start working his nipples hard, twisting and biting my way across his chest. He bucks and squirms under me as his nipples go bright red and his dick pulses beneath me.
I work him over while he tries to resist me attack. The harder I work him the more worked up and sexually charged he gets, it damn sexy to watch a guy flood with testosterone and loose control.
I stop at his abs and shimmy up his torso, opening his crotch up behind me. His cock bends towards the sky, held back by the thin and straining material wrapped around it. I grab it and start pumping furiously on his cock. He bucks and twists and starts to grunt and moan.
“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck…” his head rolls from side to side as a new sheen of sweat appears on his tight tan skin. Suddenly I feel all of the muscles Im sitting on tense and flex as his whole body joins in on the orgasm. His body leaps and jumps in time with the spurts of cum which ooze slowly from within the black spandex.
His breathing is still slow and deep, all the sensations still running through his body. I dismount and run my hands over his now sensitive skin, smoothing the sweat on his firm legs across his abs and over his chest, down his arms and over his shoulders… just circling my hands around his body as the hyper sensitivity of his body start to return to normal.
Suddenly he is on his knees and launched in my direction. Before I react Im on the mats with his legs around my head in a figure 4 headlock, he is facing my crotch. Totally immobilised by the head lock I can do nothing but flail my arms as he roughly pulls down on my Speedo releasing my cock from its cloister. He tucks the Speedo down under my balls and slicks his hand with the sweat dripping off his chest. He grips it around my cock and starts pounding, with the other hand he grabs my balls and pulls them way down. Ding, Ding! Game over, that’s winning move right there. My body tenses and I resist against the grip that holds my body immobilised as my cum spurts out of my throbbing cock and starts dripping off his chest, down his abs and across his face. He wanted to wear my juice, but I don’t think he was expecting that much. It drips off his chin and his hand is covered in white cum as he smears it across my chest and down my abs. I lie there glistening in my own cum. Satisfied, exhausted and truly ass whipped.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Thats So Gay (and its me!!)...

So its really exciting. I’ve booked my flights, and I’m about to book my accommodation. My big adventure through the United States of America is about to begin!!

But today I’m the focus of today’s That’s So Gay (again)… So I’m in the process of booking the accommodation by first checking various online gay travel sites to ensure Im close to the action in each city.

But wait, it gets even gayer… Now that I know when and which cities Ill be visiting, Ive been jumping online and checking out the Manhunt profiles for dudes in each location starting to work the connections for a little action when I get to each city. I don’t yet know what tourist attractions Ill be going to or what Ill be doing, but I know who Ill be doing.
And you know, that’s just so gay!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Karate Kid Kicks my Ass (continued)....

We're on the floor of the padded wrestling room, Im sitting on Karate Kid and things are getting interesting.
My finger barely reach around the mass of this thing stuffed in the front of his shorts. Up to this point I hadn’t really noticed just how damn huge it was, feeling its intense heaviness in my hand just turned me on even more. I started to rub my equally bulging crotch into his face, smashing my dick against his face and mouth. I pump and pull at his cock twisting his meaty manliness around and watching his body bump and grind in pleasurable reaction.
I reach under the elastic waist band of his shorts and am quickly met with resistance in the form of his hands grabbing my wrists and skilfully stopping their progress to the goodies that lay below. I look down at his and he smiles and shakes his head…”nuh uh ah ha” he means No (but trying to say it in a really coy cute kinda way).
Im thinking that he doesn’t want to cum yet, so doesn’t want me to pull my finishing move on his throbbing sensitive cock. What I find out is that he means no, never, you ain’t going there tonight mister!
After a couple more attempts at trying to get under his underwear I kinda work this out for myself. Nothing below the belt. Despite what his body is saying, his head wants to keep this purely wrestling. And whilst its not what I came here for, and Ive got a big massive throbbing ready to explode cock I respect his boundaries. We continue to exchange moves and submissions. Ultimately he kicks my ass by some ridiculous amount. We finish the wrestling exhausted sweaty and fuking HORNY!!!! Argh!!! We shower down and go eat. Im sitting in Subway eating and chatting with this guy with the bluest balls in the history of mankind.

I figure I’ve pushed this guy as far as he is willing to go at this stage. I forget about him for a while until I receive a new message from his. He wants to know when we are going to wrestle again. Being the glutton for punishment that I am, plus wanting to improve my wrestling skills I respond back and we set up another Saturday afternoon.

Same routine, we meet and head to the mats. This time he is wearing a skimpy speedo as opposed to the full size squarecuts he sported last time he kicked my ass. His bulge pushing forward suggestively. We grapple down, move exchanged with quick move. He grabs my wrist to try a takedown, I reverse it so Im standing behind him. I go for a sleeper wrapping my arm around his throat, his adam’s apple in the crook of my elbow. I reach around with my other arm and grab my wrist to pull on the full torsion against the sides of his neck blocking the veins that run around the outside supplying blood to the head. Darkness soon descends on him and just as the stars start to form in his vision he taps out. I release the grip and he lies there on my chest recovering from the close encounter.
He squirms a little, wiggling his back. The quick moment wakes my dick up to full flight and he starts to slowly move back and forth across my cock ridging over it with his spine massaging my cock head. It feel so nice I wrap my arms around his chest and pull him closer pumping and thrusting my hips into his back as my dick works harder and harder.
He pulls away and we begin to wrestle again. This time he gets me in an arm lock that has me completely immobilised face down on the mat he kneels beside me tweaking my arm for maximum pain and control. I refuse to tap, he won’t get me on this… I lie there trying to not show how much its hurting rolling from side to side grinding my chest into the mats in an effort to switch direction and break out of the hold. As I dig my chest into the mats my ass lifts into the air. Having the situation taken care of with one hand he takes the opportunity to run his hand gently across my speedo clad ass. He discovers the curves and crevices of my ass slowly running his open palm around my bobbing ass. Finally the pain is too much and I tap out rolling away from him. I look back at him and his cock is at full mast and being pressed by his speedo over his hip. He reaches down and with an open hand rubs along the length of his cock. I sit back against the wall, sweat dripping down my chest and running in little rivulets down the curves of my abs…I stare at him with my cockiest “come hither” look… If this was going to happen it had to happen in his own time under his own undertaking. This was pushing his boundaries and I wanted him to be comfortable with what was going on.
I was right, the horniness took over and he came over to meet me leaning on the wall…. He came in real close face to face. Then he kissed me. Deep and strong, like we hadn’t finished wrestling yet….we’d just changed the rules. I push over him as he rolls back. I mount his prone body and start working his nipples as I push my tongue further into his mouth.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

New tattoo.....

Ive been thinking about getting a tattoo... Something significant to me but really discrete. Like on my ass. I kind like the idea that only the guys who I've slept with will know I have a tattoo there.
Kinda like a little club of guys with something in common... Like right of passage thing, knowing whats tattooed on my ass.
I've slept with a guy who had something tattooed on his ass... We were having lunch in a group the other week and I coyly said something which kinda eluded to it and you could straight away tell who in that group had seen this guys ass....Whilst the rest of the crew around the lunch table were left clueless....

I kind like that, its funny and irreverent.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Karate Kid Kicks my Ass....

I can't remember how I met this guy, we've known each other through the internet for quite a few years. We share quite a few similarities in that we both enjoy wrestling and muscle. Always a good start.
He's muscular and lean, supper ripped and hot as hell... bleached blonde hair and a wicked grin. Smooth rounded chest atop thick set abs of absolute rock. Shortened version: Hot!

First time meeting I catch up with him in the Starbucks on Oxford. He's sitting there with a very loose hockey jersey and bandana. He was cute around the face, but the baggy clothes made him look really small, kinda disappointing really. Not a problem though because he's a nice guy, and I don't mind throwing around a smaller guy.

Small talk precedes the quick walk down to the spa to do a little wrestling.

We get into the locker rooms and head in separate directions to find our allocated lockers. I strip to my speedos and wrap a towel around my waist and wait for the karate kid to come by.... He rounds the corner, towel wrapped low slung on his waist his tight abs leading beneath the snug towel. Muscular arms with bulging bicepts and rounded shoulders were quite a package. Disappointment completely gone, me thinks he was trying to shark me!! (You know, throw me off how impressive a fighter he was going to be)

To this point I know he likes to wrestle, but has only done it a couple of times before so our experience levels were kinda similar. But now I also knew he was hot all over.

We headed to the wrestling room and lock the door behind us. Smiles all round as we check out each other standing there in just our towels. I grab my towel and rip it off, leaving me standing there in my tight speedos (my standard attire for wrestling). I start to warm up my shoulders and chest and back, stretching and doing pushups to warm up. He strips down to his square cut lycra shorts and starts stretching and shadow boxing to warm up and start to sweat.
Finally we get to our knees and grip each others shoulders and get ready to rumble.
We pull in close together as our bodies clash together grinding and resisting as we struggle for dominance. I love wrestling... its the masculine struggle as our bodies flex and resist. The sweat starting to bead on our skin and drip from one body to another. Our torsos begin to get slick and the sheen in the low light of the wrestling room show off this guys body and the sinews of muscle as we battle each other.
Very quickly Im on my back with him straddling across my waist pinning my arms next to my body. This guy wasn't an amateur, he was quick - very quick- had amazing moves and the balance of an agile cat. While I caught my breath with this guy sitting on my heaving chest I decide to ask him....
me. "what training have you had exactly?"...
him. "none."....
me. "doesn't seem it, your fuking move really well"
him. "well I have kinda had a bit of experience with Karate"
me. "Oh really? What kind?"
him. He named the style but I have totally forgotten it....
me. "Oh cool, how long you been doing that?"
him. "9 years"
And there you go, this guy was kicking my ass.....And that's why. Its okay tho, because when you square up with a guy who's got so much style going on you know your going to learn something. Okay your going to learn something whilst upside down, flying through the air or in amazing pain. But learning is learning....

As we got hot and sweater the sexual tension goes up. The tight spandex clad across our loins started to strain as both of our packages grow in girth and other dimensions. Various moves on the padded floor finds our crotches grinding together sending those eyerolling waves of sensation through each of our bodies as our heart rates peak and he gets a look in his eyes... I know that look. Its a sexy combination of pure masculine aggression and sexual animal lust. The perfect combination. We throw each other around, sweating and moving from hold to hold. Submitting and resisting, playing the game and wrestling the crap out of each other.
Finally I have his head gripped between my thighs, his face FIRMLY planted in my crotch as he struggles to release himself. Like I've said before here (and here's that narcissum again) but my legs are huge meatiness that no man could pry his head from, especially when you add a little twist to the neck to just give that kick of pain in the spine. So he is stuck. Which gives me the perfect opportunity to reach behind me and take his massive, veiny, throbbing, spandex clad cock in my fist and pump it through sheer from sweat spandex material. His whole body bucks and twists and resists. This just became a first to cum looses battle and he was close and on the edge.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Spring has sprung...

Spring is here, the trees awake

The sun shines down and warms my skin.

Soon life renews, begins again

Life is good, the sun warms me through.

This is a picture I took a couple of days ago, I really dig it when your connected to your life to notice these kinds of things. Like the fresh spring growth on this tree just starting to spring through. Somedays, I wouldn't even notice the tree...lately Im noticing the leaves.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mr Funky update....

Well, previously on SyntheticEgo I mention Mr Funky the Eurostud who I had some fun with a couple of weeks ago. Well I thought Id give you an update on what happened there. Nothing.
And not on my part either, this is my first experience with that thing they call rejection.
After the big weekend we had together I messaged him a couple of days later saying thanks for the great time and that I hoped to meet up with him some other time and show him some of the amazing beaches and other amazing sights in our area of this world. Nothing.
Okay, thats okay....I know he's busy, he's getting close to the launch date for the work he's in Australia for. So its Okay. Then the night of the big launch I messaged him wishing him good luck, he messages back saying thanks but "who's there?"...I message back saying who it was, then nothing.

Hmmmm, this rejection malarky is weird. But I beleive its something Ill have to get very used to in gay scene.

Monday, August 21, 2006

That's so Gay....

I was thinking about gay clichés the other day. In photos on gay hookup sites as well as in everyday gay life.
Suddenly I realised, that without even knowing it I had infact partaken in may be the biggest newbie Sydney gay cliché there is…and that’s the first kiss.

He was broad, friendly and masculine. Italian good looks and soft positive outlook on life…and he wore the smallest footy shorts to the gym when he trained there on a Sunday afternoon. Yum!

Ultimately this story leads up to my first intimate encounter with another man, but that story will come later. For now this guy is being friendly and supportive of what is turning out to be my first open interactions (and first flirting) with another gay man. Through our conversation that afternoon (over coffee post workout) he realises that I haven’t been to a Mardi Gras, nor was I planning to go to the party next weekend. That, he said firmly, was not going to happen. So the weekend comes and off we trot to the biggest dance party in the southern hemisphere, which just happens to be filled with 10,000 of the gayest guys and gals this side of San Francisco.

Walking in my mind is blown, BLOWN! Drag queens directing the steady flow of human traffic, the biggest guys Id ever seen roid soaked muscles punishing thinly stretched lycra and low slung jeans… Air kisses and high fives as ‘the scene’ gathered once again for the party of the year and a celebration of all things queer.

And here I was, a 19 year old, very overdressed and under prepared kid soaking it all in realising that there was infact somewhere to belong….somewhere where people were like me. (No that isn’t the Cliché bit, although it could be…)

We stumble around the crowd and head towards the thumpa thumpa of the Royal Hall of Industries (one of two giant buildings which house the dance spaces of the Mardi Gras party) as we bear closer the thumpa thumpa turns from a faint sound to a distinct feeling right in the chest across my lungs. We round the corner and the scene hits me in the face. Slapping me across the face like a well practiced drama queen. BAM! The lighting rigs stand 3 stories tall, lasers dance across the heads of the masses pulsing on the dance floor in time with the hypnotic memorising beats coming from speakers the size of cars.
I’ve stopped dead in my tracks. People push past and around me. Still I stay, fixed while I soak in this sight.
An anonymous guy approaches me from behind and yells into my ear “Enjoy it all, welcome to the family” he looks at my chaperone and mouths the question “Newbie?” whilst jerking his head in my direction to indicate he was enquiring about me. My friend smiles and nods. Welcome to the family.
Suddenly I am very aware as the sounds in this place morph into a song. A song that continues to effect me, to this day. “Take this light, hold it high, feel it shine.
I know now that here inside ... this is mine.
.... this is yours.
This is your sanctuary....” [Sanctuary by Origene. ]
It was moment I realised a lot of things about myself. And a lot of things about my world. And it blew me away.

The next few hours are a blur. A blur of music and people and sight, smells and sounds. Friendly drag queens and butch dykes, guys wearing high heels with wife beater singlets and other guys wearing nothing but a Speedo. My head was spinning and swimming and intoxicated.

Cut to the Horden Pavilion. The second of the large buildings converted that night into paradises of hedonism and music. This one is far darker and much steamier as the music gets low and gritty pleasuring the back of your skull and down your spine. I’m grinding and dancing and pumping away to the music with my chaperone as a dirty remix of Shakira’s Whereever, Whenever [] we move closer together he grabs my hips as we sway side to side together enjoying the beat of the music pouring over us from the giant speakers hanging above us.
He pulls my hips closer my body follows as we get closer and closer. The funny bit is, it didn’t even dawn on me what was about to happen until he leans in and presses his lips against mine. Sucking gently on my lips he presses his tongue into my mouth as we stand there momentarily disconnected from the scene having my own moment of Wow. I start to kiss him back and the passion, connection and power of this kiss, this moment stir through my body as I relax and enjoy. We pull apart he gives me a sly and naughty smile, like a little boy who knows he’s just been mischievous but thinks its worth it.

I just smile. I soak it all in, my first kiss. Its wonderful, I look around and take in the room, kissed by this man surrounded by all these people publicly sexualised and in the moment. Shakira continues her tirade as I run from the dance floor…. I make it to the sidelines just in time to throw up in a bin…. That was one fuking huge step, which perhaps hit me all at once, just a little hard.
Surfice to say, the throwing up is no longer a problem.
So my first gay kiss was in the middle of the dance floor at the Mardi Gras, that’s so Cliché gay!!

But I’m still Dancing.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Why I Love Australia 101....

Its August. (Everyone is following me so far...) Its Winter. (The Americans here will just have to beleive me on this one...) Winter is rainy, windy, cold, dark and depressing. (Im sure we all have differing views on this but for the mainstream lets keep this simple...)

Its a simple equation thats kinda hard to discount....but today I took this picture...

(*Thats 81 degrees Fahrenheit)

And THATS why I love Australia...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

At the gym....

Isn't it funny how when there is a hot guy at the gym you can work out for ever? I mean, I love my workouts but really when you get down to those last sets and reps...getting close to that 2 hour mark...your hungry and exhusted. But then a really hot guy changes all that, when you all of a sudden get that second wind.
Soon enough, just from one masculine, muscular or otherwise hot as fuck dude walking around your all of a sudden doing abs and extra calves and shrugs for your traps... Just from a dude who you want to deal with.

What a way to get motivated.

(BTW, how wrong is it that when I saw this video I went "wow! that guys got great form on those squats..." before even registering the fact that he was drop dead, sweat it out right hear, bend you over that bench and do it animal style hot as hell?!? I think perhaps thats very wrong....)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mr Funky Continues...

So we get to his apartment and listen to some of his tunes. He’s a mixer, which means he takes samples from other songs and puts them together to make some new sounds. He is really good and some of the tracks he’s playing me are really hot. Some old classic dance hits taken and lifted off the chart by building up the base and sending them over the top….in short they were hot. Which was cool, because he was hot too…. His favourite song kicks in and he smiles because Ive started to groove and react to his sound. He leans in with a big grin on his face and kisses me fair on the lips, softly sucking my lips. I slightly open my mouth and his tongue glides against mine as I reach my hands around his waist under his tshirt and feel my way up his torso, pulling his t-shirt up as I go. I reveal his smooth skin and amply flowing abs. Yum….

He pushes me so Im lying on the couch and he follows quickly after me straddling my prone body. His hands are exploring my chest and shoulders from under my tshirt as he slowing pulls the material up and over my head. My t-shirt gets caught on my shoulders and bunched up around my biceps trapping my arms behind me. He uses the opportunity and starts lapping at my nipples while my heaving chest is exposed and open for the onslaught.
I work the shirt off and throw it behind me, moving to start on his ‘t’. I whip it up and off in one movement and leave him slightly taken aback by the suddenness of the move and the quick effectiveness of the stripping. I start to explore his body and feel my way across his firm, smooth chest and down his lean, tight arms. I go back to his full lips and we loose ourselves in the pleasure of just kissing and holding each other. He stands up and walks off to the bedroom, I follow behind.

In the bedroom, he kneels on the bed and signals for me to come stand in front of him. I walk up to him and stand there arms folded in my most arrogant pose….If it had words it would of said “and what did you have in mind now??”…. He reaches forward and starts to undo my belt and split my fly. He pulls my jeans down, but like all my pants they stop after 4 inches as they bunch up on my quads and get stuck. Now that sounds really hot, you know…my big meaty muscle bound thighs so big my jeans won’t pull over them….but it’s a terribly unsexy moment when I have to sit down and pull them off myself…kinda ruins the mood. But anyway, after I finish rolling around on the floor I stand back to try regain some composure and regain the mood of the scene.
He’s smiling broadly, which is cool…cause that means he saw the humour in what was going on… because it is funny. And there isn’t anything as unsexy as a dude who can’t have fun while fuking. I mean common, it aint rocket science. Its not that serious.
So anyway, he gets up and cups my ass with his hands and runs his hands down my legs. Feeling as I jump my quads around and flex my legs so the muscles split and jolt. I may have lost a lot of my competition shape, but my legs are as good as they were on stage…and well, I wouldn’t be Narcissus if I didn’t enjoy giving a bit of a show. (;-D)

By now he is standing in front of me, so its my turn to attack his belt and quickly shuck his jeans so his standing there in his boxer briefs. I like his briefs, they are kinda shiny like lycra or spandex. Almost swimwear but not quite. Very sexy. (And it turns out later that he actually designed them and is now looking to launch them at the Milan fashion show- So anyone out there who wants to be a financial backer for a hot new underwear company get in touch!!)
Anyway, we step sideways and both kneel on the bed. We start kissing and caressing. I reach down his unders and grab his cock. Grabbing it hard I pump it a couple of times at Mr Funky’s head tips back and his mouth opens. That felt good. Next he moves in and reaches up through the leg opening of my unders and starts pumping with my rock hard cock, damn there isn’t anything hotter then the first time a guy grabs your cock. Its such a sexy and warming feeling that travels through your body as you get ready to really make a mess…

We move into the 69 position. He devours my cock and swirls his tounge against the head and around the shaft. Its soft and nice and my body shivers with the world worth of content he’s passing through my loin. I start sucking and licking at his cock head and his attention at my cock stops and the waves of pleasure pass through his body. We both get into the action and its truly enjoyable as we each work our specific way with the others cock. We’re lying side by side and I start running my hands across his thighs and up his back. He reaches around and starts to gently twinge and pinch at my nipples. That’s just rapturous in my books and I eagerly start thrusting my cock in and out of his mouth, face fucking him while I work quicker and quicker on his cock. We move around and take turns sucking each other while the other lays back and enjoys. I love looking up at his body reclining under me as his abs stretch tight and gently ripple as he rolls in pleasure.
Finally, we move so he’s kneeling next to me with his cock sitting on my hip while I lay on the bed. I bend my leg at the knee so I trap his cock between my quad and my stomach. He starts frotaging my hip as he throws his head back and gets into the pleasure of he cock enveloped in mounds of flexed muscle. His tempo speeds up and sweat starts to appear on his brow and drip down his flushed red, heaving chest. His stokes suddenly turn short and quick as he gasps a few short times. In a moment he is pulling very slowly all the way out to the tip of his cock then all the way to the base as he pumps string after string of his creamy masculinity over my lower abs and legs. His body, once tense, now fully relaxes as he slumps back to bath in the pleasureable after glow a man feels once he has spent his load.

After a moment he reaches across and starts to pump hard at my cock which is positively jumping and twitching for release after that little display. His fist blurs as he runs up and down my shaft. I lift my head and whisper “Play with my balls, pull on them…” he doesn’t need a second invitation and he goes for broke on my sack. The combination of the rough pumping on my shaft and the tight pulling on my balls puts me over. I cum over and over as I roll my head back and feel the orgasm pool across my body. My cum drips down my sides and leaves giant wet spots on his sheets as he reaches for the strategically placed Kleenex to try mop up the juice dripping all over the place. Hands fulls of wads of Kleenex passed around and soaked in sweat and cum.

“Come for a shower…”
We jump in the shower and he starts soaping up my body and working the soap suds across my chest and abs. He gently cups my balls and gives them a careful soaping. My cock is still hard, so he uses the soap to gently stroke the shaft from balls to tip enticing a jump from my member.
I grab the soap and run it across his chest. I turn him around so my cock is seated in the crack of his ass. I grab his shoulders hard and start giving him a firm massage. I can feel the tight muscles in his neck relax as I play my gift across the width of his shoulders, down his arms and across his back. He leans back pressing his weight against my chest. I hold him up as I continue to massage his torso while the hot water cascades over his skin…
Eventually we finish, I get dressed and leave. He wanted me to stay and sleep, but I can’t…. I have a training session first thing in the morning (and nothing gets in the way of my training ;-D)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

So Here I Am...

So here I am, blogging from the Starbucks on Oxford St. I really do love this city and everything in it.
It took me 35 minutes to find somewhere to park my car, I didn’t mind one bit. I just love being in the city. And this time round its all the more exciting as I rolled past all the big office buildings down town Id look up through the moon roof and imagine working in one of the offices partially lit in the towering monoliths.
I was looking at possible jobs online this week and there are a bevy of jobs which are perfectly suited to my exact qualifications and experience. Which is amazing because my experience is in finance and my degrees are in marketing and business systems.
Anyway, Im sipping on my Caramel Iced coffee frappe chiller thing (can you tell we don’t have a starbucks where Im from??) and Im clapping away on my laptop as the world passes by. It’s a fantastic feeling of inclusion and a total feeling of this being where I truly belong. Its nice. I like it.
I can’t wait to move here, probably in the summer. Probably May. Im excited.

Dear Porn Shop Attendent...

Dear Porn Shop Attendant,

Firstly, let me thank you for your attempt at helping me. But unfortunately I wasn’t looking for the straight section. I mean common, your on Oxford St, exactly how many guys actually go to the straight porn shelf??

I can understand how that may not have started our transaction on the right foot, but is the attitude really needed? Really, I may be some guy crawling through the porn DVDs looking for my “Saturday night lover” but no attitude is needed thanks, after all I’m only shopping there…you work there.

And whilst I thought it was a thoughtful touch, your running commentary on the titles I picked up was less then amusing to me. When I’m in a porn shop the last thing I want to hear is some person asking me: “wow, are you really into stuff like that?”. Like it was somehow incredulous that someone who looks like me, would be into something like that.
Furthermore, I don’t think you have my kind of guy identified as well as you think you have. Your warning that: “the guys in that video will make your dick go soft…” was perhaps premature at best. And really if I was after an opinion, I would actually ask a guy….a gay guy. Not a woman, no matter how creatively pierced she is. And really, if my estimation is correct…you’d have as much experience with the different kinds of guys as I do with the different kinds of women. But again, thanks for trying.

And Im sure that working in a porn shop on a Saturday evening is probably not the best place to be, and you need as much to entertain yourself as possible….I did see that eyebrow raise and that slight smirk…. Don’t judge my porn.
I admit that the title Sex Battles of the Latex Covered Muscle Warriors of Planet Masculon may seem a little amusing….but really, if it does the job….. actually, you were probably right there. You have every right to smile at that one, in fact your ability to stifle outright laughter should have been commended at the time. On reflection, that truly is a ridiculous DVD.

Well done on that, good work…Ignor the rest, you work in a porn shop….You deserve a little fun.



Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mr Funky comes to town...

So this guy messages me on Big Muscle (always a good sign), new to Sydney and looking for a party. I look at his pictures and he is a stunner… Not the usual bulky muscle stuff I usually like from BigM, but instead he is lean, tight and funky. His pictures show a personality and a irreverence that really connects through the pictures on his profile….So I message him back welcoming him to the country and offering a time and place to meet up for drink.
Saturday comes and I wait for Mr Funky outside the pumping noise of The Columbian.
He rocks up, he is cute. Great smile and a real energy. We head inside and grab a drink. We sit and chat, he has a sexy French accent and spark in his eye. The conversation rolls easily, which is surprising since English is his second language. We talk about work and boys and music. It all rolls really nice, its super comfortable and I was having a really great time.
Turns out he is in Australia for a year, and Sydney for 3 months. And he surfs.

He’s been all over Bondi and loved the beach lifestyle…He loves the atmosphere of the beach and the place at night. But he’s only been to Bondi, and there are so many more fantastic beaches on offer in our beautiful city.
So a lull in the conversation sees Mr Funky asking if I want to go for a walk or for some coffee. Sure, lets go for a meander.
We walk up to a coffee shop, he’s drinking cappuccino and I’m on latte. I suggest we jump in my car and head over the bridge to Manly Beach which is a much different place to the Bondi veriety. He’s ‘easy’ and ready for whatever happens so we head back to my car and we burn off to cross the bridge to the other side of the harbour and up the road with the moon roof open and some easy trance blaring through the 10-speaker system.
As is usual in my car, the tunes are flowing and so is the conversation…I just love cruising around and this guy gets the whole carefree effect of just driving wherever. We head to Manly. As we get closer, he gets more excited kind squirming in his seat as I point between the building and with a clenched fist yell: “How the fuk do I get on THAT side of the buildings??!?”- that happened to be the side with the beach. Finally I got to the end of the block and found a road that wasn’t one way (in the wrong way) and soon we were cruising at low speeds down the road that hugs the curves of the beach.
I park up and we get out to take a walk down the board walk along the beach. We wonder around talking about the difference between Bondi and Manly and other things as you do…. Its such a nice night and we have a nice lap of the Manly beach.
We head back to the car but pass bye the North Manly surf club, so I go and use the public convenience. He follows me in so we can both relieve the effects of the caffeine on our bladders. As I come out of the stall and finish washing my hands Mr Funky moves in real close and we kiss…. A sexy soft kiss. A “I couldn’t wait any longer” kiss… I liked it. But I had to drag him off real quick, they don’t like this kind of thing around here. If you get caught it means big trouble. I didn’t really want to deal with that so I drag him off to the car and we head back into the city.

Mr Funky is a music producer in his spare time and he invites me back to his apartment to show me some of his tracks. Not only do I want to go to his apartment, but I do actually want to listen to this guys music. We have such similar tastes and I want to check out his tunes…plus other things….

Friday, August 04, 2006

First experiences are the adictive ones....

Like I said in a previous post. I completely stuck out at the nightclub I was at. I don’t know why but despite the before know level of horniness I just couldn’t find anyone that made my loins jump. Pity, cause I was ready for a ruckus.
So at the end of the night I was thinking about heading over to my favourite sex spa for a nightcap of the sweaty veriety.
I didn’t end up going because it was too late (or early in the morning, depending on your point of view) to go cruising for the muscle studs I needed to play with. But it reminded me of the first time I went there and the fantastic guy I got to play with there.

So anyway, Im a little nervous walking around. Im getting lost in the dark, finding out about the whole etiquette of the place and generally just loving the whole experience. Then out of the darkness he arrived. You couldn’t miss him, 6’2 and 95kgs a monster, massive and dripping in testosterone charm. And I knew him. Kinda. Well if you count sending messages through gaydar “knowing”. So we kinda know each other and have expressed our interest in playing together before.
He saw me, I saw him….it was on. He leaned against the wall and threw me a “go on, if you dare” kinda glance. I walked straight over to him staring him straight in the eye. I got up real close, right in his face. Close enough to feel his breath, real face off kinda stuff. We lock eye to eye like we are either gonna fuck or fight right there and then. I say “I know all about you…” smile and clamp my teeth right around his right nipple and start to suck. His knees buckle with just the wall holding his massive weight aloft. He grumbles and responds by grabbing my shoulders and pulling me back up so we’re face to face. “I think we better find a room” then he sticks his tongue roughly down my throat. I grab his nipple and drag him to the nearest open door (hoping for all hope that there was a room behind it and not something I didn’t want to see)
We’re in, I close the door and its on!

We drop the towels and he grabs my shoulders firmly with both hands and pushes me/lifts me onto the padded bench, pushing me back against the wall and dives down on my already throbbing cock. He devours the whole thing embedding his nose in my trimmed pubes. I can feel my cock bend slightly at the end as he forces it down his throat, as he starts to swallow and rub the underside of my cock with his adam’s apple I roll my head back and start to growl…A guttural, animal groan. He looks up at me with a glint in his eye he loves it. And so do I. Im getting so into this action that Im getting a little too close a little too fast and this has to be a long a sweaty affair. I push his head back and drag him up to deeply kiss him and feel the spit in his mouth that had built up from the servicing of my cock.
I flip it around and he ends up on his ass with his back leaning against the wall. I move from his mouth and wrap my teeth around his nipples yet again… Like I said, I’ve chatted a little to this guy so I know he likes his nipples played with. A lot. So like the caring, sharing kinda guy I am I get to work on his nipples to play with his nipple/cock connection. I tweak his nipples and you can watch his cock jump in time. I love that. I work over his nipples hard, this big guy can take it ruff and I like that. His nipples are connected directly to his cock and I love to watch him lather in the pleasure that’s being created in this little room. He is getting so into the pleasure and the physical connection that he starts to get rougher and rougher, and I love it… He starts to punch my pecs and abs with a real fiery look in his eyes, a real connection of masculinity. Fuking turning me on big time!
Then he spat at me, covering my chest and face with his spit.
That’s it.
That does it.
He’s fuking asked for it now!
I grab him under his armpits and throw him across the room so he’s lying on his back with a real dazed look from the fact that a guy my size had just dumped this guy on his ass…. Before he recovers his senses I move onto his cock, sucking at his throbbing vascular cock as his head thrashes and his body quivers. Its not long before every muscle packed onto his bulging, ridiculously buff torso starts flexing and shaking as he approaches climax. I slow down. Like the underside of his purple mushroom head. I pull his balls beyond whats comfortable. Twist his nipples in time with the bobbing on his cock. I go fast then slow and change it up bringing him to the edge and back and to the edge and then back till he is kinda groaning and moaning that he wants to cum.
Who am I to say no?? (well I do, but that’s a different scene altogether) I pick it up and bring it to the edge and push him over with a strong combination of nipple play, ball tugging and cock manipulation. He groans and cums and cums and cums spurting creame all over his broad thick chest and flat abs. I fuking love it when a guy makes a mess….I rub the cum into his chest hair and kiss his full lips deeply. He pulls back and gets a wicked smile across his face and a naughty spark flashes in his eyes. “Your turn”.

He flips me and holds me down devouring my cock in one movement. He sucks and licks and is rocking my world. He plays with my balls and presses under my balls and massages my perineum as he continues to suck like a hoover…. This guys is good, better then a Dyson!!
He moves quickly hitting every part of my sweaty body that makes my balls tingle and my head spin. I move closer and closer, my balls pull up tight against the pressure and tugging he is exhorting on them. I shake and sweat, shudder and shudder then cum all over him. Shot after shot after shot of cum stream across his chest and legs and across the ropey veins standing in major relief on his forearms. That’s so damn sexy. I roll over and move towards him as he sits back on his haunches with a real look of satisfaction. I lick at his forearms and across his thighs tasting my saltiness on his soft skin.
In the afterglow we cuddle a little, talk about weight lifting and other things. Then we’re done and walk off to get showered.
My first experience at a sex spa…anyone still wondering why I keep going back there?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fate has blessed me....

Okay, so Im a little phyched right now...a little wired...kinda edgy with excitment....
I was wasting some time today checking out the view from my window and a banner ad appeared for Sleaze Ball.
Always interested in one of the biggest parties of the year I clicked to get more info and to check out the theme.

The date! Oh god the date!! Its PERFECT!!! Its September 30...that the day after my last day at work. (Or so its planned at the moment) I was thinking I had to do something special to signify the ending of such an bleak/stressful part of my life on that weekend. U know the changing of direction and release from entrapment....and its SLEAZE WEEKEND!!

(For those not in the know, Sleaze Ball is a fund raiser for the Mardi Gras festival, it signifies the begining of the party season and summer at large. Its a massive party with some 10,000+ fags in attendence)

What a way to begin a) my one month holiday, b)my new life and c)my self-proclaimed summer of enjoyment!!

Im so phyched...and the theme is just so fun...Im gonna have a ball!!

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