Sunday, December 31, 2006

French lessons for Narcissus (Concluded)....

We're lying next to each other, his body heaves from the convulsions raping through his body after my assault on his cock. He pulls me close, moving his body atop mine grinding our cocks together slicked by our sweat and his precum. Our bodies glide together, our cocks trapped tightly pressing between muscles and bones. Bumping over the undulating surfaces and stimulating the sexual urges like a faux fuck can.
Then he falls to his side, stretching out and reclining with his legs and arms intwining within mine. Like a loose embrace, a casual hug. And then he did it.

Get ready for it.

Here it comes. And it ain't sexy.....

He reaches out and pinches at my stomach. "Awwww, your tubby!" What. The. Fuck.
"What?" I try to stay calm.
"Oh, I say it affectionately!" You see apparently to the French calling a guy your in bed with fat is some kind of verbal foreplay.
"Your so big everywhere....Look at these legs, they are bigger then my waist!" Its a nice try, but the dude had dug himself a deep hole. Revenge Fuck anyone? I wanted to tear him open. But I kept my calm.

I explained that I was in prep for my bodybuilding. I threw out a few poses as he cooed. Then he proclaimed that I should try cutting out carbs and sugar.
"I think you could loose....3, maybe, kilos per week" the french accent I found so attractive was starting to buzz in my ears like a mosquito flying around my head at night.
Remember, this is all happening lying naked together on the bed in this loose embrace.
I explained to him that I knew how to loose weight and that I had quite successfully done it before... still he continued about the times he had gone no carb....
At this stage Im thinking about my dick and balls. My poor balls. All I wanted was a fuk, dump my load. Thats why I was here, not for some conversation that had now veered somewhere in the direction of how Yoga could help me realign my life so I was happy... Who said I wasn't happy? Im ecstatic, obviously not right at that moment. But other then that I'm very content.
I keep playing with his cock trying to get him back onto topic, ie fucking.

"This is nice." He smiles warmly hugging me closer to his body.
"Just chatting, all this skin contact....Its nice" He gives me a squeeze. I must have missed the part where this sex house became a hold hands and chat house.
For fucks sake lets cum and lets go! I was becoming impatient, especially as every topic we cover becomes a lecture on how I should be doing things, living life or something else. Apparently this guy knows everything. And is all too eager to share that with me.
I keep my cool, I keep my humility. This guy just needs someone to talk to, and tonight thats me. So I listen. and listen and listen.

Fast Forward.

He notices my dick starting to get soft. And realises he's gotten lost in his own conversation. Quickly he devours my cock and sucks it back to life. Which really only takes a couple of sucks and he's back to gagging on it.
He brings me to the edge and then comes up to kiss me. He runs his hand around my crotch, gripping my dick and pressing his fingers against my ass and massaging my perineum. I grab my dick and start to pump. He massages more while kissing me deeply. I pull away and tell him to grab my balls.
He grabs then gently and rolls them softly in his hands. "Harder!" He grabs on them, pulling them away from my body. "Harder!" I hiss as he gets the picture and jerks down on my balls roughly. That does it.
I lay flat on my back, body jerky and rolling as wave after wave of orgasm washes over my body and through my spine down to my balls and out of my cock in jet after jet of hot cum.
The sensation passes and I look over to the french man, he moves in to kiss me again and I realise half of his face is covered in my cum. And I mean COVERED, it drips from his lips. One eye is pasted closed my the heavy fluid slowly oozing its way down from his brow across his cheek.
Oooops. Sorry. I make my apologies. I should have warned him about that. Im used to ducking from my own loads... this guy got covered.
I grabbed his cock and started to pump at him... The whole scene had put him on edge so his cock was running with clear precum, almost as if he had already cum.
He asked me to suck him, but I refused. I didn't want to suck down a mouthful of his precum. (Plus Im not sure if thats a safe-sex no no? Can I get sick from sucking pre-cum?)
So instead I grab his cock with one hand and press on his perineum with the other....working my way towards his ass. As I pump and massage he gets closer to the edge and starts squirming around. Finally I get two sweat and precum lubed fingers and shove them up his ass. His back lifts off the bed as he arches his body, every one of his muscle flexing as he racks and ravages with the pleasure of orgasm. He bucks and moans as his cock leaks over my hand and his ass contracts tightly around my fingers.
Covered in cum we lie together breathing heavily.
I wipe his face, toweling the cum from his chin.
He heads upstairs to smoke the joint he's been craving for. I head for the showers then the door.

Friday, December 29, 2006

French lessons for Narcissus (Cont)....

He goes in one direction I head in another. He had gone into the area of the cruising floor with all the heaters making quite a warm room. I headed toward the cooler rooms on the other side of the building. At my current weight I tend to sweat easily, and I didn't want to drown the poor guy. (At this weight my thighs are also rubbing together which is cool. That means Ill deff have the biggest legs in my division again)

So we enter a room together and he smiles. I reach over and turn the light dimmer up. The gentle light comes up to a warm glow as I see the very european man in front of me. He removes his towel and places it on the padded bench. His (very) thick and (very) long cock hangs between his smooth lean legs. (Thank God, a decent dick!)
I gently rub my hands across his shoulders as he grabs the towel around my waist. He slowly and gently removes it and places it on the bench next to his. I slowly move in to get some skin to skin happening when he grabs my shoulders and pushes against my weight to push me onto my back atop the padded bench next to us. It was a fast and aggressive move of sexual dominance and that certainly got my attention.
However, outweighing him considerably I didn't really move that far. I realised in a split second what he was trying to achieve and went with the motion throwing myself to the bench as he jumped ontop of me and attacked my mouth with his tongue as he aggressively took the lead. Gosh, I didn't see this coming.

I push him back. "A guy who knows what he wants? I like it!" was all I said. He just smiled and again we started to kiss.
I rolled over and onto him. I sat back putting some distance between our bodies and started to twist on his nipples. He squirmed under me, I could feel his cock bouncing off my lower back as I sat on his stomach and played with his chest.
Again we rolled, he quickly pulled off me and headed straight for my dick. Devouring it with great dedication and suction. His mouth watering over my man meat, he slathered my dick with his spit as his head bounced up and down and round and round on my hard and now throbbing cock.
My back lifts off the bench as my body rocks under the pleasure of such a dedicatedly delivered head job. This guy is good...fuck it, he's great. I lie back and let the fucker face fuck himself with my hard cock. Pleasure, raptures of pleasure.
Having my dick sucked so well puts me in the mood for one thing, and one thing only....sucking cock. And knowing the monster veined and heavy piece of meat waiting for me it's not long before I 'guide' this guy onto his back and get to work on his member. First I lick up and down, wetting the skin with my spit and making the surface glint and shine in the dull light. The veins pump and pulse in the low light as I work my tongue over the sensitive head of his cock and watch as his balls pull up tight in anticipation.

In one foul swoop I suck his cock into my mouth stretching my lips out wide. I continue to run my tongue over his cock head as he rolls side to side as I work my lips up and down his cock shaft. I only get 3/4 of the way down before his cock hits the back of my throat and stops the progress, so I grab the rest of his shaft with my fist and jack the base of his cock tightly with my hand while working on the rest of his dick with my lips and tongue. I grab his balls with my other hand and start to roll them around and pull them away from his body.
He continues to roll back and forth as I work on his cock. Soon he gets too close to the edge and eagerly pulls me off his cock and pulls my face to his kissing my deeply. I know he can taste his own precum off my tongue, a little taste of his own masculinity.

I love it when I get them so close so soon. To me its like a pat on the back, pressing the right buttons and making the right moves. Makes me feel like a stud. So I want to see how much fun I can have.
I grab his spit lubed cock and jerk him with my fist. His body jerks and he pulls away, quickly grabbing my hand and stopping its assault on his cock. Okay, so I got him that close.... cool.

But seriously guys this is as far as I have written. I kinda got distracted by my own horniness and ended up Youtubing myself. But can ya blame me?? This is what I ended up jacking off to... When the big guy in green jumps on the guys back and wraps his thick arm around his neck for the choking submission? Thats where I got to before blowing my load..... just as a FYI to you guys.

Ill try be less horny tomorrow and finish this story. It gets a bit crazy in the middle. Not sexy crazy just 'what the fuck?' crazy....but Ill let you'all in on that tomoz....

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Catch up time....

So during my little US adventure I've been a bad blogger. (*spank*)Naughty blogger...Bad boy(*spank*)
Not only did I stop posting blog entries but I didn't quite have the time to keep up with the reading of my favorite blogs.

So as I come back up to speed on what's happening around here with my business interests, my consult work, where all my friends are and who's fucking who and who's dumped/engaged/talking/not talking/pregnant/bankrupt or dating not to mention the ever changing night life (apparently a gay nightclub opened in my town!!) I thought that rather then going back over the 2 months of posts I missed I would just read back a couple and just keep going from now.... I know, lazy (*spank*)Naughty blogger...Bad boy(*spank*).
I thought it was a great plan. *BUZZ* wrong! I mean seriously....

1) King Kong's a Dick?

2)Not So Single Guy is wearing a Ring on that finger?

3)All HOOKED up gone for good?

4)Tom In Paris, Hijacked and renamed to a different blog?

5) Bill in Exile has moved to its own Domain and sharpened up its image, what hasn't changed is Scott's ever sharp tongue. (Of which I would like to suck on...but thats a different post)

6) Roids N Rants ..... well okay I was always going to go back a view every single one of this guys posts....

I think you guys can see my problem. Im going to have some late nights catching up on all you guys.... I can't wait to see what you guys have been up to....

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

French lessons for Narcissus....

Back on the Prowl

Boxing day. I realise now where that name comes from. If I had to spend another day at home with nothing to do I was going to put a cardboard box on my head and set it on fire.
Im not the kind of guy who can sit and do nothing.
Lucky for me there is a gym in my Emerald City which is open all day Boxing day. So into the car I hop and head up the mountain into the bright lights of the city.
I haven't been to the city since my return from America so it was great to soak back into the summer atmosphere of what I still consider one of the most amazing cities of the world. (And now that I've been to most of the major cities in America, England, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and New Zealand I can say that with a little more certainty, even tho there is still a ton of cities out there)

Anyway, hot summer night with a long twilight and a supper heavy and fantastically satisfactory chest workout. It makes my eyes go watery with the perfectness of it all. Life as a collection of these perfections would create a man a happy soul.
So perfectly happy I head towards my usual mens only spa to hang out and perhaps get some action.

I get my towel and ditch the clothes. I check myself in the mirrors of the change room. 'Bulky' is how I like to describe it. Not supper fat, there is more muscle then fat but I am far from lean or athletic. Doesn't matter tho, Ill start to diet in the next couple of weeks for my compitiion and Im going to look great come May 07. (And thats what I try to keep telling myself so I don't start crying at my reflection)

Anyway, I have a luxurious shower and enjoy the cool water washing the hard earned sweat of my workout off my muscles. The shower is out in the open but I face the wall as the water streams over my face, through my hair and down my back. I turn around, away from the water, to soap up my chest and stomach and notice that I had gained the attention of pretty much everyone in the wet room. So of course I made sure that I started to put on a bit of a show. I may not be lean but I got muscle, and you can certainly see when I flex.... so I flexed.
That was fun. A little boost of the ego for when Im at the peak of my bulking and majorly self conscious about my conditioning.

I finish up and head for the second floor. I like to just cruise around and check out the guys listen to the music and watch the pornos. You know, just chill out and enjoy the scene.
A short guy, not my type totally takes a liking to me and proceeded to constantly come back to me several times over the night and proceed to feel my chest, my arms and my stomach. I try to be a good sport about it so I let him have his fun. I let him know that he's not my type but don't stop him. He plays with my muscles as I flex and play a little bit. He's under no illusion that this is any more then a bit of fun so its kinda amusing to stand there towering over this dude my arms looking massive against his small hands.
Finally he goes a little too far and I let him know that he's had enough. He moves on for now but he visits again several times that night.

I cruise on.

Finally a figure takes my attention. My height, smooth skin with tan as deep as they come. Long blonde hair and a heavy chest sitting atop his smooth stomach. We catch eyes and he walks off, I follow and the fun begins.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Fun in the Desert Sun...(Concluded)

So the flexing muscle monster kneels on the bed before me. Okay, attention gained. I swoop onto BFM1's nipples and work across his chest towards his deep masculine sweaty pits licking and sucking at the man juice. I nuzzle in the short hair of his pit and drench the him in spit as I lick and lap at his tight skin and ripped bulges. I move over and across to his flexing bicept. I run my hand across the pulsing muscle and pumping veins running down the inside of his arm. I quickly follow after with my mouth. Touching my lips to the warm skin and wetting the surface delicately with my tongue. I lick and lap, sucking on that monster bulge getting more and more pent up with sexual empowerment. I reach down and roughly grab at his cock and balls.
I freeze.
There I am head against his chest on the way down to join my hand in its work below the belt when my hand touches something I wasn't expecting. I wasn't expecting hard. (Well I was expecting hard, but no hard as steel. Well I was expecting hard as steel but not real steal....oh fuck it you get what I mean)
While I was working BFM2, BFM1 had dashed off and sheathed his cock in a cock ring that now encircled his cock and bulged the veins all along his pole. Having worked out that everything is as it should be I went back to work on his cock. I pushed on his chest forcing him to my side and down to the bed. I Lent forward and attached my mouth to his cock using all the suction I could muster.

We were both lying on the bed, my head bobbing up and down over his slick pole. His body arching and lifting off the bed, grunts and groans and moans fill the air as he grinds his jaw and rolls his head on the bed.
As I continue to work his cock up and down I reach out and grab his nipple in one hand and press up against his sack with the other. This new level of stimulation wracks through his body eliciting a load and deep groan. Each pump and twist of his nipples and cock bring a loader moan and a deeper groan. Sweat now wets BFM1's skin and runs down in droplets across his chest and the flanks of his abs. Thats so sexy. Everything starts to slick up as I lie on the bed next to BFM1 working his whole body.
Closer and closer he comes to the edge. With each change of action and new sensation the groans of pleasure get louder and deeper.
I move up and while pumping his cock with my hand I kiss him deeply. My mouth and tongue muffles his moans. We kiss sloppily as we swap spit.
I move back to his cock as the groans get louder and loader He's yelling now, head rolled back and ground into the mattress. I speed up and speed up working his nipples, his nuts and his cock. Louder and louder he get closer to the edge. Quickly he grabs his own cock violently as his back lifts off the bed arching as stream after stream of cum pumps from his cock and splashes across his chest and through the hair on his tight abs.
A calm quite descends on the room as I rest my head on the sweaty, wet skin of his heaving chest. He rolls onto his side and kisses me again.
Soon he's off to the bathroom to shower off the sticky mess that clings to his stomach and chest.
I roll over and lay on my back and start to play with my cock as it strains and twitches for relief. BFM2 moves across from his perch at the top of the bed, hard cock in hand. He runs his hand over my chest and abs down my quad smoothing the sweat on my skin as his goes. He moves closer and closer before straddling my prone body sitting back on his haunches. Looking up at his massive form above me my cock twitches harder and my body twitches and aches as the view of this massive muscle form above me flexes and strokes at his cock. He reaches behind him and grabs onto my cock behind him as I roll my hips and start to pump up and down. I fuck his hand from below and really get into the pleasure of motion.
I grab his cock which bobs and sways in front of me. I pump his cock and work his balls with my fists as my head rolls as BFM2 works my cock hard and rougher. Next he moves off to the side. He is perched on his knees next to me working his own cock while I roughly grab mine. Pumping harder and harder we get closer to orgasm. I look over at him and ask him to play with my balls. He scoots closer on the bed and reaches out with one hand while still pumping his own cock with the other. He gingerly starts to rolls my balls in his hand. "Harder" I ask, he starts to tug and pull on my sack. "Harder" I say again pumping harder and faster on my cock. He clamps down hard and really rips into my sack. Thats enough to send me over the edge. The cum pumps from my balls and out my cock. The first shoot lands on my chest and across my face then the next couple all shoot out over my head and onto the bed over my shoulder. Shoot after of shoot of cum splat over the bed and onto the floor behind me.
BFM2 who has a major cum and shooting fetish just wasn't ready for that. If you like a big shooter, if thats what turns you on, then I totally the guy for you. And that night I was really this guys trigger. "Oh Man!" was all he said as his head rolled back and the cum flowed from his cock.
Soon we were glistening with sweat and cum heaving with breath. Wow, that was soooo hot.

I wouldn't have ever thought I was going to get the chance to mess around with two of the biggest guys I've ever laid my hands on. True muscle. Competitive muscle.
Yum. Time for a shower.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Canberra voyage...

I know, I know. I kept you guys hanging there... but I've been doing some analysis work for my old employer as well as being courted by a company in Canberra to do some consult work. So Im off to Canberra this morning. The company is sending a car and driver for me any time now so Ill be able to set myself up in the back of the car and finish my Palm Springs post.

I just hope today's driver isn't chatty or inquisitive.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Fun in the Desert Sun...(Cont)

Everyones there, we've all finished eating yet another meal. And the attention soon turns to things of the more sexy side. Next time and see BFM1 is when he walks back into the room wearing nothing but bright red speedos. With a massive, huge massive package jutting from beneath the straining material. Not only is this guy a bodybuilder but he is massive ALL OVER.... In my head, I start to purr. His tan body, smooth skin and heavy muscles invite me to my feet and soon I've wrapped my arms around His torso and grabbed the small of his back to pull his ensconced cock to grind against my own growing member. All my clothes still in place, including my heavy gym shoes I was careful moving around his big body

We'd pulled in close together and I was nuzzling his neck and sucking slightly on his ear lobe when BFM2 comes strutting into the dinning room stretching the hell out of a pair of speedos. How-ly C-o-w! I mean picture it. Ive got my arms wrapped around a big muscle guy when another walks in. His massive chest and back plunge in a giant 'V' into his speedos and his legs sweep out and dance as he takes each step. He stands there, a perfection of masculine design. He walks over and the three of us embrace in a three way hug. All three bulges grinding in the middle of our hands free circle jerk. Soon the attention turns to me. They grab and paw at my half hard cock in my cargos. Im the only one still wearing clothes and it was my turn to show them what I had. I went and got changed into some square cut Aussiebums.... you know, I gotta represent my people! I love these square cuts because they hug your ass but sit really low on them, just on the ass crack where you gluts form into those dimples above your ass.... They also hug my quads and my legs look like they just flair out from them making my legs look even bigger and more split.

I find the duo in the bedroom and show em what I brought for them. They don't last long before they are looking closely at my shorts....with their hands. As one of the guys starts to jerk my cock through my shorts, I grab BFM2's shoulders feeling the massive boulders of muscle in my hand and nuzzling at his neck as BFM1 starts to suck and play with my cock through the material tightly stretched across my now throbbing member. BFM2 says to look in the mirror, when I look up at the mirrors lining one of the walls I see the exquisite ass round and firm and the massive bulk and deep cuts of BFM1s back as his head bobs back and forth his tongue darting in and out of his mouth as he expertly wets my cock through the material and starts to work the sensations as they roll through my body.

I run my hands through BFM1s hair. Watching the muscles of his back play and bulge in the mirrors on the wall. BFM1 gets off his knees and sits on the edge of the bed. He has a cock sure smirk and that just drives me wild. He reaches out and grabs both of us by the hips and pulls us close. Our spandex sheathed cocks rubbing together. He leans forward and sucks both of our cocks into his mouth and starts to massage and play with the meat in his mouth with his very talented tongue. Standing there, both of our heads roll backwards as the pleasure of the moment takes control.

Soon I roll BFM1 onto his back wanting to jump atop his mass to attack his nipples and return the favor of pleasure he had vested on us. I grab his wrist and push it back over his head as I lick and nibble at his pert and erect nipples. He resists my move and we start to get a little more physical and a little more aggressive.
I hold one arm behind his head the other to his side as I nipple, suck and work on his nipple. My cock throbs as I feel his massive body writhe and twist from having his nipples worked. However, BFM1 outweighs me and he's a little stronger so I end up on my back. Hand in hand, test of strength style BFM1 tried to pin my arms to the bed out to my sides as he gets close enough to deep fuck my face with his tongue. He gets close enough for me to feel his breath against my lips when I push back against his weight. I press his body away from me, lifting him back. My pecs twitch and flood with blood swelling the muscle and pumping the veins. We continue to wrestle as he tries to get in close and get me to submit and I keep pushing him away. He leans in with all his weight and I keep pushing him back.
But seriously this isn't going to last. I mean, come on who wouldn't want to kiss this guy?? So I let him closer and we kiss deep and hard. It feels kinda weird kissing him, his (loving and wonderful) partner on the bed watching on. Kissing him so deeply and passionately seems so intently intimate I couldn't help but wonder where the lines lay?

(By the Way, My answer came the next day. Watching these two men kiss each other goodbye for the day. So lovingly, so intimate and true. I realised that while they had that, nothing else would come close. Not even a wet, deep and sexually aggressive from a dude like me.)

So anyway, the sweat is flowing and I watch it stream down the sinews of muscle surrounding me on this bed. I am so goddamn happy.
Its not until later that I realise that although Im at the top of my bulking cycle (meaning Im quite fat around the mid-section) I didn't once feel self conscious about what I looked like. I was just so comfortable with these guys, surrounded by all this muscle. I can't resist any longer. I pounce on BFM1 and suck his cock down my throat. Working his head and shaft with my tongue and the back of my throat. Sucking and licking loading his hard cock with spit dripping down his shaft and wetting his balls. I rub my tongue over and under his cock head. He leans back and sits on the bed head, crotch as perfect cock sucking height.
My head bobs up and down along his thick and long shaft. I marvel at how much my gag reflex has been overcome since I started sucking cock all those years ago. (A triumph of human spirit perhaps?)
While I work on BFM1 on the bed head BFM2 rolls in under my body and sucks my cock into his mouth. Gasp. He moves so quick I almost loose it as the pleasure spikes up my spine and the cock falls out of my mouth, smacking me in the face and leaving a smear of spit across my cheek. I lean my forehead against BFM1s thigh as I start to loose it with the waves of pleasure chasing around my body.
As the heat builds in my body I suck BFM1s cock back down and I match the stroke of the talented mouth working my cock. Soon Ive had too much from BFM2 and have to give some back. I pull the cock out of my mouth and spin around atop BFM2. He leans his head back against the bed head and I suck his cock into my mouth. I run my tongue around the head of his cock and feel as his body jerks slightly and then relaxes into the thick and luxurious sheeting on the bed. His head rolls back and then snaps back upright as I change direction and a new wave of pleasure traverses his spine. He looks over to BFM1 and just says "Whoah?" Kind like he was asking "was it this good for you?" After BFM2 muttered quite simply "whoah?" BFM1 simply answers "Yeah..."
I change direction again and BFM2's head snaps back to straight ahead and then again he slides back into the covers of the bed as I start to tug and pull on his balls. They are high and tight and I start working his nuts so they loosen enough so I can suck them into my mouth, one at a time carefully bobbing it inside my mouth working my tongue around his sack while I pump at his cock with my calloused fist. (I don't wear gloves when lifting at the gym, I like my hands to show the scars of hard-work, you don't get hands like mine without working for them.)
I squeeze a little too hard on one of his balls and get a jerking reaction from him. Time to move on. I move back up his body and kiss him. BFM1 returns to the scene and gains my attention by kneeling on the bed next to me and pulling his arms up in a massive double biceps flex showing off the massive peaks of his arms as well as the sweeping barn door lats which hang off his back and sweep tightly to his waist.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ta da....

Back on terra firma. Back at home. And back in the situ for better postings and more regular updates. Now I know you've heard that from me before but now Im really back at it.
Im not sure what direction this blog will head in now. So this is very exciting.

The stories from my sweaty, sexy and devious times will always be a feature of my site. As some of you will know, I quit my job before my trip to America and now the adventure of finding out who I am in the working world and what Im worth in the broader economy. This is going to lead to changes and adventure in my life, I think I'll be sharing these adventures with you guys. So if your here for the sex, you'll have to jumble through the mundane.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Excalibur chooses his victor....

A momentary pause in my story from Palm Springs to bring you some pictures from my stay in California. While bumming around Venice I decided to go to a NPC compitition held in Culver City.
I needed a dose of muscle and this was the opportunity to do it.
This event was a pre-qualifier for the NPC finals where these guys have the opportunity to gain their pro card and compete in the IFBB (Thats where the likes of Ronnie and Jay compete).

So these guys mean business. Espessially the big guys.
Of course like all bodybuilding shows, the best views are not always of the stage....

These guys were walking around all day and distracting the hell out of me. They walked in tandem which just doubled the effect of their pressence and I totally got caught out a couple of times staring at these guys as they walked past.

This second guy was slightly older but damn if he didn't have to most amazing body. A real rugged and masculine affair. The way he walked was a sexy combination of confident, cocky and steady. His ass in those pants were like two bowling balls (just excuse the drool and step over my tongue).

Now this next set of pictures still makes me sick. I'd advise those with weak dispositions or those who are sensitive to graphic scenes to divert your eyes....


This years old.

(Get that fuking chick out of the damn way!!)

Ummm yeah? 21. Damn. (Does anyone else feel slightly inadiquate? Im going to the gym.....)

But before I do, here is a scene from the final posedown.... competing for the Overall Champion of the Night.

BTW, the big guy at the back won. He deserved the overall, he was HUGE. His legs went for miles, if only I got the chance to oil those....<*faint*>

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Fun in the Desert Sun...

Wow, what an amazing time. What an amazing city.
It was never my plan to head to Palm Springs, I had heard of it as a holiday destination of the rich and famous and had read about its extravagant architecture and luxurious ways of life but never really felt the need to head out that way into the middle of the baking desert.
That was until Him.
He and I had been chatting and camming a long time, over a year. We held in common lots of interests and a similar outlook on life. A positive and pro-active approach to getting where we want to go.
I had also messages with his man over a period of time online through BigM so I knew them and their interests. It was only a couple of days ago that I was online and just cruising around waiting between meals or for the time to come to hit the gym (yeah I know, the bodybuilding lifestyles hard aint it?). He hits me up with a Yahoo message like we usually do when we see each other online...
Well few moments had passed before he had worked out that a simple Amtrak ride would bring me straight from LA to Palm Springs so I could come and visit and finally meet Him and his Man, Big Fuking Muscle 1 and Big Fuking Muscle 2. It was too simple. It was simple in a way that it was a message that this was the only option. I was meant to head to Palm Springs, and the fact the BFM1 and BFM2 are BOTH competitive bodybuilders and I was horny as hell certainly helped in making the decision. So it was a team decision, my head and my cock both wanted to go.
So we went.

Two hours on a bus: $1.25 and a headache
One hour delayed while they fixed the train at the station: $9 worth of Jerky and a bad mood
Three hours on an Amtrak train: $14 and a bad back
Seeing BFM1 through the window of the train at the station wearing a tank top and a mile of muscle: Priceless.

We meet and shake hands, warm smiles and easy conversations follow. Of course the first place two bodybuilders go..the gym.
And what a fuking gym. How-ly Sh-i-t! Whilst I had been less then impressed with some of the allegedly gay gyms through other parts of the country with their lack of gayness I had taken three steps into the gym when all of the main requirements of a gay gym had been met.
1) Hot hot HOT muscle guys, lean guys, sexy masculine, handsome big guys and edgy young punks.
2) Revealing clothing (including the new thing in America being spandex UnderArmour shirts, YUM)
3) Fantastic music and hot muscle videos playing on the screens.
And lastly, the most important part:
4) All the jacked hot guys were checking me out.
Friendly smiles and tons of eye contact, excellent.

The gym itself is great, running track around the outside, new and well kept quality equipment intelligently organised. Oh and a DJ up in the DJ booth spinning some hot tunes and otherwise making this place a hotter scene then most of the nightclubs I visited in America.

You guys don't want to hear the ins and outs of our workout but I have to tell you about the half hardon I got watching this guy workout. In a tank top and just out of comp condition each repetition and strain of muscle sent blood pumping through his veins pushing them through his skin snaking their way across his shoulders and down his rock hard and smooth arms threading their path over his bulging biceps and across his twitching forearm muscles.
Yum. Not to mention the times Id reach across and place my hands on his smooth and sweaty skin feeling the flexing, rockhard warmth of his muscles. He is taller then me but are almost matched for proportion. His arms are bigger, monsters with amazing cuts and valleys in his shoulders which he playfully shows for me as I drink in his form. A tight midsection lead down from his pecs which are topped with the most attention getting nipples in the world. Now, all you guys know how I love to swing on a guys nipples so this guy just makes me want to stop what Im doing and go to work. But instead we focus on the workout. A damn fuking fine workout. Delicious, I could smell the Testosterone in the air.

Back at the house of BFM1 and BFM2 I met BFM2. Slightly shorter then BFM1 but so impressively bulging at every seam of his tight shirt. His arms hand slightly away from his sides, forced out by the width and thickness of his monstrous back. Broad bolderous shoulders give proportion to his thick chest which hangs heavily over his tight stomach. Gee, I think Im gonna like staying in this house!

Now for dinner. I won't regale you'all with the details, cause I know you guys are waiting for eating of a different kind. But I will let you in on one thing, joining BFM 1&2 and myself at dinner was a young european thing. Interested in competing for the first time he was joining us for dinner to discuss the sport and what he might like to achieve and when he can do it. He was only a year older then me, 25 and tall. 6'3" I think it was, (Oh yeah, and for you guys keeping score I totally had a birthday while over hear in America, so now Im all old and 24 you guys might want to find a new young buck's blog to read)
Anyway, this guy is classic nordic. Tall, blond and blue. Not huge, a natty boy obviously but wide enough to land jets across his shoulders. Big.
So sitting between two bodybuilders and across from an aspiring devote to the sport was certainly a worthwhile dinner.

Later back at the house BFM1 and I sat at the dining table while I ate another meal (I am bulking) and got caught up on all the stuff that we had missed from our recently fragmented conversations. His competition, my trip through the US so far and all the extra bits and histories from our lives that we hadn't yet gotten around to online. The conversation was so free and easy, we talked and talked. Soon it was 3am and I realised that I had met someone who was not only a special person but someone who was going to be a very special person to me.
We finally dragged ourselves apart with plans of a big day at the gym, the best kinda Saturday in the world.

I wake up late, and head out for cardio on the streets of Palm Springs. This place is simply breathtaking. Its amazing in so many ways and true pleasure to just walk around, amazing. The backdrop of the mountains the gently bend around the side of the town jut out of the barren and flat geography to amazing effect and heightened drama.

But I know what you guys are thinking. Three bodybuilders in the same house? When do we get to the fucking?!? Am I right? Aren't you guys just scrolling past his crap looking for the start of the the hot, sweaty, sexy, steamy muscle fucking? If you are, then Im flashing forward to that night at home.

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