Friday, September 29, 2006

New Beginings#Big Adventures

Today is my last day. My office is a shell and all my things are piled in boxes in the middle of the floor. My desk is clear all bar a single pile of papers which Ill have to finish up today.
The kitchen in my office suite is clear and the protein, creatine and other suppliements which used to pile over the counter surfaces are gone, leaving clear space and just the company branded mugs and glasses line up against the wall. (Well not all of them, I had to souveneir something!)

I have mixed feelings about this. I feel like Im finally starting my own life, rather then continuing to live under my family's shadow. I feel like I could do anything, be anyone and go anywhere. I feel like Im abadoning my father when he needs me most, but I also feel that he'll never not need me.

I have a todo list that I have to finish today and then its done. Im done. New Beginings. Big Adventures.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Internet boys and their toys...

I was packing up my office yesterday as I continue my wind down. Ive been finding all sorts of things buried in the piles of crap that accumulated over the six years Ive been working in that office (like 6 years of payslips stuffed in a draw).

Its all been very reminiscent for me as I go through some of this stuff. Well one thing I did find was my old USB camera for internet chatting. I haven't done camming in a long time, I don't really like the idea of look but can't touch, in fact it drives me crazy but I used to get into it quite heavily.

Finding it reminded me of the memorable dude I met online. The poor dude was truly lost in his own sexuality. And he was HOT.
Addicted to the gym, and getting shredded he was 23 years old when we started chatting. He identified himself as straight but liked showing off his muscled body to other guys and having them show off back.
His abs were cut deep and he was smooth all over. He had a perky chest and wide shoulders. Very, very sexy.
He would always ask "This is normal isn't it?? Just two dudes showing off and comparing bodies..." Ummmm, yeah sure it is...
I was always very supportive and answered his questions about when I knew I was gay and playing with guys. His parents were very religious and Lost went to church every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. He was torn, and I was there helping him along.

Each time we chatted and cammed he would get more and more brave and experimental with what we did and how much he would show.
One time he striped his boardies and flexed his whole body, one muscle at a time. He would do a double bi pose and then rub the peak of the muscle in his right arm. He would flex his chest and abs, cutting his chest deep with the muscle striation. Then he flexed his legs and calves and generally showed off his body. His was very proud of his body and liked to see others appreciate it. Then as he flexed around and showed off and I flexed back, matching him pose for pose. His little black Bonds briefs started to grow and bulge more then before.
Every now and then his hand would shoot down and "adjust" himself to make himself more comfortable.
I asked if he minded if I jerked off while I watched him flex. He said sure, he liked it when I guy got excited over his body. Fine. I started jerking off my hot hard rod in my hand.

Suddenly the camera angle moved up and focused on his upper body, he was playing with himself but didn't want to show it. The tip of his cock was just out of view of the camera, but as his body shuddered and his head rolled back in ecstasy his cum shoot up across his chest, up his abs and dripped down his shoulder. This spooge appeared from off screen and just pasted his torso.

Well that was it, I came there and then....Making a big mess of myself.

His camera went black.

"Sorry..." was all he said.

We only chatted a couple of times after that. I always wonder what has or will happen to him, and if he'll ever be happy with himself. From the things we discussed I hope, at least in a small way, I helped him deal with himself.

I always wonder.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Im gonna be honest here (which isn't anything unusual for this blog) but I am just so damn busy in the real world that I feel Im ignoring you guys here online.
The countdown is on at work as the last 4 days of my employment here count down. Its gonna take me just that long to pack up my offices and move my crap out!! When you've been in one place for so long you kinda make it home and there is stuff here that I hadn't even thought about packing until I started physically moving shit around...
Plus Im getting Uber excited about the MASSIVE party this weekend and my best friends intro to the version of Me she's never seen.
Plus Im practicing hard to get my DJing set ready for my birthday party because, noone knows yet but half way through the party Im gonna jump on the decks and throw down the beats for the first time in front of my friends...they are going to go nuts when they realise who's manning the decks!!
So its all very busy and intense, and this blog kinda suffered for it. But don't fret Ill be back and around....but just a little less depth of posting.
Wish me good luck for the next couple of days, Im going for a magic carpet ride....

Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend of Muscle...

So this weekend my mates and I all rolled up to the state bodybuilding titles. Our men to be on stage were favoured highly and our main man was in form and shooting for the world titles.
The crowd were in fine yelling form, as well as being VERY worthwhile to watch as they cheered for their men on the stage.

I love these days, not only because its my sport but because its 100% acceptable to check guys out!! Full head to body scans of the crowd is the norm and even the discussions in amongst the spectators sounds so gay you would think your in an Oxford St cafe talking about HIS abs, and THAT GUYS arms and how much SO AND SO has let himself go in bulking. Well you would until the Sportsmodel compition with all the Bikinis... Then you know, yup, thats the smell of straight men....

So anyway, our guy won. His division and the overall. It was tight for his division tho, there were some tense moments in the audience but elation at the final result. Our crew also picked up a second and a third which was great for the novice guys.
It deff wet my appitite to make sure that I dive straight back into hardcore training when I get back from the states....

No sex, just thrills and one hell of a trophy. What a weekend.

*** Neither of these pics are from my weekend.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

NarcissusAU brings the bling...

So Im having a party!!
My Birthday and going away combined into one. We've closed down a local nightclub for the night and everyone is coming dressed to impress.
For the night we have renamed the venue "Club Bling" so everyone will be Pimping it up or Whoring it out... With some hot DJs and fantastic lighting and lasers the whole night is going to go off.
The reason I mention this is that it explains the nature of the pictures that follow. I thought I would share with you guys some of the shots that were taken to put on the invitation/club night info card and security pass....

Here is the photo series entitled: Club Bling.

I did it.....

So here I am. The morning after my big coming out.

Like I said here over a couple of days I was thinking about inviting my best friend to the big Gay Sleaze Ball as my way of coming out to her.

Well last night I did it. I had told her that I was going to take her to a party but up until last night she didn't know which one. So last night I went over to her place and gave her the ticket I had bought for her. And I just sat back and watched as she read the ticket.
Her eyebrows furrowed as she tried to understand. "Ghetto Fabulous" and "Shamelessly Trashy" are the words that flash in front of her eyes.
Her mouth stats to form the words "Are you trying to tell me something?" then she got to the last line on the ticket: "This is a gay, lesbian, transgender and queer event".

She gasps as she clamped her hand on mouth. "Yes." was all I said.
"Oh my god! Oh my...fuck!" Was what she said.

Then I put my hand on her thigh and looked at her "I have to say the words, Im gay".

All of a sudden she got really excited and jumped up to hug me. She was excited for me and what had just happened.

We talked and talked and then started to get REALLY excited about Sleaze Ball, because now Im going to introduce her to the biggest party scene she has ever seen. And she is going to love ever moment of it.

And so will I.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Playing with Studs (concluded)...

We continue to bump and grind, we get nastier and more daring on the dancefloor. He grabs my belt and yanks my pants up off my hips giving him the gap he needs to stick his hand down the front of my jeans to settle his grip around my half hard cock. An eyebrow goes up in a look of surprise and appreciation, he obviously wasn't expecting me to be as well packed as I am.
I return the favor by pulling him in tight against my body, trapping his hands down my pants. I thrust my fingers under his belt and slide my hands over his tight ass to run my fingers down the crack of his ass. Nice, very nice.

I can't remember how or why we left the dance floor. But we ended up in the bar area where his friends were mingling with my friends (who, in true gay fashion all knew each other anyway) As all the guys could see what was going on and there were smiles all round. I ask one of my best-gay-mates (which is a term Ill have to explain to you guys eventually) and ask him if he knows anything about the guy Ive just picked up. It pays todo your homework and I like to know little things in advance. Is he a player? Boyfriended? A psycho? The result was negative for all of them. He comes back over to me after chatting with his friends and says that everyone is going to Arq. He asks, "So do you want to go to Arq? Stay here or what?" He was being hospitable and letting me choose. I move close to his ear, close enough so he could feel the heat off my body and smell my sweat. "Id rather go to your place and fuck." Was my response. I said 'fuck' in a low, gravely, drawn out fashion, it was more "Fuuuuuuck...." then "fuk" and he certainly got the picture. I was taking charge and we quickly left the building.

As we walked out of the nightclub the crisp morning air hit my face and the clean sunlight ran over my face welcoming a new day. Studs grabbed my hand and we started off up Oxford St towards his place.
It was a nice walk in the early morning sunshine as the conversation flowed easily and we chatted on various topics. What he does, what I do , about the upcoming sleaze party (yay!) and other bits and pieces.
He talks about his new puppies that had recently chowed down on his $6,000 rug and how they were his babies...Which is cute, and very gay. Which is cool, cause he doesn't flounce like a gay and is quite masculine...But he is still comfortable being a little bit gay which means he is comfortable with himself. And thats nice.

So we get to his place. Nice fashionable building, newly renovated to the latest look. In his place, which is a single room plus a bathroom we check out his little sleeping puppies then continue to chat. He takes his clothes off and heads to the bathroom. I take off my shoes and socks and strip my slightly damp t-shirt off and throw it to the floor. I sit in an armchair and await Studs return.
He returns naked and proceeds to put the usual clutter on the bedside table, lube and condoms and Amyl.
Then he gets onto the bed and just looks at me. To this point the guy hasn't seen me without my shirt (I always leave my clothes on at nightclubs...much to the dismay of the other patrons) I stand up half naked and watch him drink in my body and watch his cock jump in anticipation. I strip the jeans and head for the bed.

We pull together lying next to each other. We kiss deep and slow. Our hands explore the others reclining torso. He pulls away from the kiss and nibbles a little on my nipples on his way down to my hard, throbbing cock. He sucks down my girth and length and starts to pound his throat on the head of my cock as he tries to suck the whole thing down.
He swallows and swirls his tongue around my cock as my head rolls back and a moan/groan escapes my lips. He works my cock for what seems like days as the room spins and the waves flash across my body.

He pulls off my cock and comes up to kiss me, spilling the spit he worked up on my shaft into my waiting mouth. I push on his shoulders and roll over the top of him so Im sitting on his stomach. I pull back and decent to his waiting cock. I start by licking the head and along the shaft. I make his cock glisten with my spit. I blow on the wet skin and watch his cock jump and bob with the sensation.
Then I take his cock into my mouth and really power on the suction. I suck and swirl my tongue over his cock head. With my other hand I grab his balls and start to tug and massage his sack.
His body jerks and shudders as the new waves of pleasure pass through his muscles and across his skin. I really dig a guy who can't help my jerk around in response to the pleasure I provide. Thats really hot in my books.
After sucking for a while he asks if I mind if he took a hit of Amyl. "Go for it, as long as you stay hard..." was all I said. He gave me a naughty grin and grabbed the bottle of lube. By this point I was lying on my back with him sitting on my legs playing with my upright cock.
He poured the lube all over both of our cocks and he smeared some around his ass. He grabs the Amyl and pulls a large hit up one nostril then again on the other. His eyes glaze and he frantically grabs for a condom.
Now moving with the fervor of anticipation and animal desire he shakily and hastily tries to pull the condom over my engorged cock head. He struggles as Im a little big for standard condoms but I don't really need magnum sized, it just takes a bit of work to get it on.
He finally rolls the condom on and he pulls it snug. He lubes the outside of the rubber and squats over the top of it as it disappears up his tight warm hole.
He gets about half way down and bites his lip as he pauses for a moment to get used to the impalement he is experiencing.
When he is comfortable he fervently starts pumping up and down on my cock pushing with his arms behind him onto my legs.
As the sensations of my cock up his ass mix with the tapering Amyl he rolls his head back and starts to pump furiously at his cock.
He leans back until he is lying on the bed as I follow him around with my cock still up his ass. Now lying on his back legs in the air I get to my knees and start driving my cock deep into his ass. As I pound away he starts working on his hard cock. He strokes himself in rapid bursts then eases then slow...pump-pump-pump-pump then just pump. pump. pump... he is getting into it as he takes another his of amyl and he eyes glaze again. I grab his balls as his pumping hits high gear. His back arches and he takes quick stabbing breathes as cum launches from his cock and rolls down his abs to collect on his chest.

I pull out of his ass and strip the rubber. I grab my cock and start to pump, he rolls round to be lying next to me and roughly pulls on my balls. The cum launches out of my cock and into the hand I cup over the top of my dick. I always cum so hard, that if I don't catch it like that it usually ends up on the walls and bed head and shit like that which isn't very nice.
He takes one look and just says "Shit! Niagara..." and runs off to grab a towel so I can quickly mop up the pool of cum starting to roll down my torso.

We lie there after I clean up and he rolls onto he side pulling my arm across his body like its in imaginary blanket. We spoon there for a few moments(hours? Who knows?) Falling in and out of sleep. He roughly snores each time he falls into deep sleep. A lot of people find snoring annoying, I find is soothing and dead sexy!

Suddenly a key in the door! It begins to open and Studs is to his feet. "Tamara NO! WAIT!" the door closes again. He runs to get some underwear on as I dive for my clothes.
Did I mention that he said his sister was staying with him? In this one room apartment. He thought she was staying out with her boyfriend partying it up at Arq... but instead she was here walking through the front door.

I finally find my Calvins and pull them up my thighs. He opens the door and lets the sister and her boyfriend in out of the corridor.
She takes one look at me, head to foot and settled in the middle before turning to big bro with a "good on you!" and a nod of approval. This is a cool sister, hip to the brothers happenings. The situation is cool and I quickly depart, its time for my long drive home and I have a bed to get to.

As I walk out the door he hands me his business card. "Call me to let me know you get home safely" he smiles and we kiss goodbye.
Its nice to know guys like this care.

I get home and shower then jump into bed...Its midday and Im about to hit the hay. I message him to let him know Im okay and safe in bed. And that I hope we can catch up again some other day...

Playing with Studs...

A hot Saturday passed and the sun had warmed everything in its path. The night cooled the air but the radiant heat remained. It was such a wonderful warm night I decided it was deffinently a night to party.
I call my mates and organise a meet up at The Shift, for a night of sexy debautchery and frantic dancing.

We roll up to the club and its pumping already. The music blares from the speakers and the hot house music pulses through the crowd.
We dance and groove, the DJ is on fire and the music slips between hot house and light trance, uplifting vocals and simmering beats.
The night flows and I move through the people chatting with the people I know and even those I don't the vibe is up and everyone is here for a great time. There is a lot of talent here tonight, its like the whole city is out to party and have fun. Loving life, because life is good!

I make eye contact with hot guys all night. I don't have a need to hook up tonight, the night itself has been just what I needed. Then one guy does more then catch my eye, he tingles my balls. A sexy as hell guy who is grooving and moving through the crowd with masculine confidence and a flair of fun and enjoyment.
We keep making eyecontact and smiling, he is sexy and friendly. He keeps moving around the crowd dancing with his friends and chatting with the people he knows, as do I. Finally towards the end of the night as the crowd thins we finally bump into each other face to face.
"If you were any sexier Id embarrass myself right here..." I whisper into his ear. He smiles a big friendly smile and replies "I might like to see that...".
We check each other out, soaking in each others bodies. He is my height, perhaps just a little shorter. Neatly trimmed body hair clings to his chest and abs. His stomach is tight and leads seductively down under his low slung baggy jeans with a big rustic leather belt. He is hot.
He has stud earrings in both of his ears, usually this would look feminine but it makes his look rebellious and edgy. And thats why Ill call him studs. He is hot. Apparently he likes what he sees as we both lean back in. I take my cue and I grab the back of his head to draw his face in to mine as we kiss. Deep and sexy and wet. We hold our bodies close together as we explore with our hands and exchange with our tongues....
Our bulges grow in our jeans bulging towards each other until I can feel his hardness against mine. We are causing a scene, and we don't care.

Today's the day...

Well okay. If you remember before I was chatting about how I was thinking about inviting my best friend to Sleaze Ball and for that to be her introduction to my big gay life.
Well, I invited her to a yet un-named 'party' which she rightly guessed to be a rave but thats all the info she has so far. She is supper excited about finally being able to come with me to one of my big Sydney adventures and seeing how I party hard (which is something she has always wanted to see, its a completely different world).
So today is the day. I have her ticket and tonight Im going over to her place and Im going to give it to her then. At the same time, probably around the time she realises that this is a Gay and Lesbian event, Ill tell her the news.... Im gay.

Wish me good luck.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Grrrr trouble in the real world....

So I had a great Saturday night/Sunday morning fuk session that Im busting a nut to write for you guys but I have been crazy busy at work back here in the real world....

Just today the shit made a great pyrotechnics display as it hit the fan at high speeds and mass quantities.

As I continue my wind down and hand over for most of my job functions Im basically left with the stuff that has to be handed over to our CEO. He keeps putting it off and today stated that he was sure that if he had problems working out how I did much of the stuff that I used to do I could come back and show him. And at worst case I could log on with my laptop from home and fix it up. At which point I told him that after the date set down as my last, I was never going to touch a thing todo with the company ever again...
At which point he freaked out. Unfortunately our intrepid CEO is the kinda guy who freaks out internally, so all I got in response was a "okay then." but I know inside he was screaming at me.
Just last week I had to correct him again, he said "You'll be around for a couple of weeks before you go OS won't you?" which is a fair enough question but in the context of the conversation it meant: "whilst ever your not doing something else, you are at my disposal to call on when I need you..." well at least that's what I heard....

Anyway, no sexy story yet. Just me Biyatching about my boss (who's the main reason Im leaving)... so hopefully tonight Ill bring the sexy back.

(Oh fuck, now Ive got Justin Timberlake in my head!!)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Thanks for your Support...

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the dudes who have blogrolled me, linked me or in other ways supported me. It means a lot to me that you guys think that what Im writing is worth sharing.

From the begining always linked to me and thats been great. He has a great and thoughtful blog well worth reading.

Single in the City is a funny, witty and again well written blog which is fun to read. Single guy has helped me from the beging and I thank him too.

More recently, The Great Cock Hunt profiled me on his blog. This was really exciting as this was one of the two blogs that inspired and directed the formation of this blog. So being listed back on that site is really cool!

Roids n Rants is the other blog that inpired what Im doing and writing today. Recently he blogrolled me and that is a massive compliment that humbles me as it comes from a great blogger...and a dead sexy man. Id like to get my ropes around those meaty limbs anytime!!

A new linker to my site is JinkoBoy he linked me from his blog which is a great site to goto if your horny and wondering what masculine sexyness is out there in the Blogosphere.

Thanks to everyone who linked me, Im flattered and excited.

Soon Ill be posting the story from this weekend, and Ill give you a hint...Me got some action!! Me happy!
Plus Ill post some pics I took for the invitation to my birthday party, lots of bling and skin...I think some of you might like them.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Notice of Special General Meeting...

**Notice to all body parts**

--There will be a special general meeting of all parts of my body this Saturday--

The purpose of this meeting is to resolve several issues and realign all areas to the current goals.

The agenda for this meeting follows:

1. Congratulation for work carried out so far. Increasing the cardio and cutting the calories on the harsh diet has started to work. So congrats all round on the good effort.

2. However, why stop? Whilst the hard work and dieting continued with the effort of brain, the team has been let down by the metabolism unit who have dropped the ball on reducing body fat. Brain is doing all the work, with the help of the legs but not much is happening. We are all working towards the same goal and would like to see an amalgamation between physique and the satellite department abs some time soon.

3. With the trip to the US coming up and Sleaze ball in a couple of weeks we all need to work together to achieve the goals as agreed. We did agree on the goals, ripped for sleaze and intensely ripped for US. Which means that you have to diet and consistently stick to the diet.
So why is brain allowing cravings and weakness to screw around with what we're trying to achieve? I can only do so much, without the cohesive cooperation of the team not much can happen. There is no "I" in TEAM people!!

4. We need to recommit to the plan of attack, reassociate with the mission statement, realign with the vision statements and focus on our synergy relationships. And if that doesn't work, we're going to grow all the body hair back and become a cub.

Please bring pen and paper to make notes at this meeting, tea and coffee will be available after the compulsory team building exercises.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Game Player (concluded)....

The Game Players thick tied-off cock, hanging stodgidly wrapped in veins looking very inviting. I drop to my knees and push my hands against his hips, pushing him back twards the wall. I pin his back against the wall and hold him steady as I open my mouth and suck his cock into my mouth. I work his cock over slathering it in spit and making it glisten.
He moans and rocks against the wall pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. Spit runs down my chin as the player gets louder and more into it. He puts his hands behind his head as I look up across the landscape of his deep cut abs and pendulous sweaty pecs hanging periously over my head as his chest heaves and strains under the waves of pleasure.

His breathing gets quicker and quicker, soon he is breathing in short gasps and spurts. Suddenly he grabs my shoulders and launches me accross the room and pins me to the bench. He dissapears between my sweaty cut thighs and sucks my cock down, the waves of warm sexy sensations cross my body as I sink further into the padding on the bench...relaxing into the talented blowjob that I am now being serviced by. His strong tounge flicks accross the top and bottom of the head sending sharp stings of intensity through my abdomen. His head bobs up and down and all around left and right at high speeds adding up to a single sensation of rapture.

Every now and then, he would pull off my cock to make a comment on something or continue a thought of a converstation which we had started earlier.
He pulls off my cock and sits on the bench.... he's playing with his half hard cock as he talks some more about the various topics we had covered to this point. We talked about our fetishes, about lovers past and internet dating.

And this is where is get decidedly unsexy. The sad story people of blogland is that we talked alot, all night infact. The game player never got hard again that night.
My balls were blue but in the end we had talked so much and found out so much about each other that there was no longer a sexual spark. No sexual tension. (aint it sad?)

We started the beginings of a friendship and it was fun to chat to someone so deeply on some of the things we talked about. But goddamn it, talk about blue balls.... I fuking limped home.

But at least Ive discovered this new cruise club, which Im going back to this weekend... Hopefully then you'll get the climax your reading for. (The story climax people, damn what are you thinking?!?) Hehehehe

(Feel pity for my poor balls)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Game Player (continued)....

We head to the room he had booked for the night inside the cruise club. He had already been in there and set things up, carefully setting out all his stuff accross the vinyl covered bench. Like I said, we had met online on a fetish site and we both knew that we were going to be playing with some fun stuff.... I had my goodie bag in tow and stuffed full with all sorts of hardon producing products.

We walk into the room and close the door behind. It clicks shut behind us at the door bolt locks tight. He turns up the dimmed lights of the room to show the collection sprawled accross the bench.
He had some rubber speedos which he had made himself....later that night, putting them on was amazing, the rubber sucked to his skin and every vein and line of his package was on full display...Such a perfect way of showing his ever increasing hardon. While I was checking out the various hoods he had Game player was out of sight behind me and had removed the skin tight Nike compression shirt. I picked up one of his latex full face hoods (kinda like the mexican style wrestlers wear, but tighter). I turned around to get him to put it on because I knew how much we would both enjoy the sensation. As I turned I saw him standing there with his pants slung low on his hips. Stuck to his torso like a second skin was the shinny spandex/rubber body suit which I knew was his favourite piece of fetish gear. The tank style top clung tightly to his broad smooth shoulders, making his impressivly wide and bulging shoulders seem super humanly wide. The spandex body suit hugged accross his tight chest, slightly tucking at the armpits because of the pressure of his massive chest pushing against the material. His defined abs push through the material and each of the cobble stone lines shimmer in the low light as his breathing slows in sexy anticipation.
The suit is full body so the spandex dissapears below the belt line of his pants suggestivly leading my attention to below the belt line.

I can't wait, I drop the mask Im holding and go straight for this fly. I want to see the whole package. I quickly unbutton his fly and drop his pants over his quads, the pants fall quickly slipping easily over the shinny surface of the ankle length suit.

He kicks off the pants from around his ankles and he stands in the light moving to catch the curves of his muscles. His bulging musculature is encased in tight shinny spandex from neck to ankle and its HOT!
Over the top of this suit he wears a studded leather jock to pronounce the incredible bulge in his groin. I grab the straps of his jock and rip it off, its got press studs so its easy to quickly release the bulge still encased in the thin shinny spandex.

I reach to his face and pull his face to mine kissing closely and pressing our tounges deeply into each others mouths, we start to swap spit and things start to get really hot and juicy.
I run my hands across his spandex clad chest and rest them on his amazingly cut deep shoulders. I feel the muscles bunch and seperate as he moves his arms to grab at my nipples. He runs his hands down my chest and gently feels the fuzz on my abs before decending his hands under my belt. Grabbing tightly to my pants he pulls me close to him grinding his package against mine. I step forward collecting him on the way to hitting the wall. I grab his wrists and hold them over his head as I use the resistence of the wall on his back to really grind in deep on his package....hard on against hard on.
With him pinned against the wall I move my mouth down to his nipples and start to bite and tease at his nipples which are still hidden behind the tight spandex.
I drop his arms and reach for the shoulder straps accross his tight traps and pull them down over his shoulders and down his arms.
I pull the top of his spandex suit down so they are low slung on his hips. His smooth tan skin, deep sexy cuts and flickering sinyews of muscle took me aback for a moment before I delved deep again into his mouth. He deeply explored his tounge back into my mouth, his breathing short and sharp he's getting into this and enjoying it as much as I am.

I connect back onto his nipples and grab them between my teeth flicking the tip of the nipple with my tounge. Each tounge lashing produced a jerk of this body as his muscles tensed and his body jerked with the pleasure running from his nipples to his balls and back through his body.

I stand back and strip my shirt over my head and drop my pants kicking them off into the corner. Im standing there in my tiny speedos when game player just leans back against the wall and exhales: "FUCK!"
He reaches down under his suit and starts jerking his cock vigerously. This is my que I reakon so I start going through my compulsory bodybuilding posses. Double front bi, Side chest, Side Tricept, Ab and thigh.... all the way through he's grunting and pumping heavily on his cock.
I can't take it any more and step accross the room and grab the bunched up spandex around his waist, pulling it to the floor stripping his smooth hairless body to nothing. He pulls out a double bicep pose of his own as my eyes trail down from his massive, heaving, shinny from sweat chest down his abs to rest on his massive package. His bits and pieces have been shoved through a shinny metal cock ring turning his cock and balls slightly blue but engorging every vein in his cock. The whole package was pushed forward and plump and engorged with blood and supper sensitive.
Fuck! I thought, that looks delicious....

Gday and thanks...

I'd like to take a moment from continuing my recount of my night with the Game Player to thank Alex over at The Great Cock Hunt for mentioning me on his Blog. I got in contact with him to thank him for the inspiration for this blog and the style I adopted.

Id also like to take this opportunity to say G'day to all the people hitting my site because of that link. I hope you enjoy and find it all entertaining and just a little bit of sexy too....

And yes, this one is of me...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Game Player....

So here is how it went down.... we were chatting online most of the day. It was a dreary, rainy day and it was fun going around the house with my laptop in tow messaging back and forth. Just generally getting worked up sexually, but also the conversation started getting really deep (as it would turn out, perhaps too deep).
We talked about spirituality and the nature of the world, and generally just got to know each other.

In the end we decided to meet up that night on Oxford St. But it wasn't that easy! In the previous post I mentioned this guy likes to play games. And I mean real games.

So here were the rules, between 10pm and 11pm he would be somewhere on the purple mile either on the street or in one of three bars. The idea was that he was the prey I was hunting. Now you gotta remember that to this point Ive only seen pictures of him from the neck down in spandex or latex, or wearing a full face bondage mask. So the idea was I had to try workout who he was from a crowed and pick him out and pick him up.
No hints, no tips, no clues. He knew what I looked like, aided by the fact that I tend to stand out in a crowed so it was always going to be easy for him.
But the whole thing seemed like fun, and deffinently put a different slant on the ordinary weekend internet pickup.

I get into the city and park my car. I head to the strip and start from the bottom. I head into the first of the bars allowed in the rules and start to look around. The crowd was thin and stood out like nothing else as I paced through the bar checking out each of the guys. Slipping between the slightly thin crowds I search through the faces trying to find a spark or connection that would give away my game players identity.
No luck at the first bar, so I move on the the second...then the third. Nothing! Couldn't find a single sign or glimps that would indicate the identity of my game player.

Time was ticking and I had found nothing. So we went to the contingency. At 11pm the area restricted down to just Headquaters, a local cruise club.
This was my first time in a cruise club, Id always been to sex spas so leaving my clothes on was a different experience. Now the hunt was on for real.
This place was just jumping with HOT HOT HOTness!! Talk about missed opportunites! Not having been here before is simply a missed opportunity!
Big muscle guys and masculine studs walk the halls, jeans slung low on their hips shirts tucked into the waist band. I walk past a big guy, not tall but fuking WIDE. We turn sideways, chest to chest, to get past each other in the hallway. The sheer bulk of this guy pushed us both against the walls as we brushed bulging pecs together passing in the night.... If I didn't find my game player soon, he was going to miss out. These guys were going to distract me real soon!

So Im walking down the darkened, mood lit hall of the basement level. Walking towards me is a dark clothed, tall (check), wide (check) masculine dude. His bulge is stretching his jeans to slitting point, obviously pushed out by a chunky studded jockstrap (check). The thumping on the floor boards of his big boots (check mate!) was the final signal. This was my guy, no now the game was on.
We walk past each other, no eye contact no interaction. He dissapears up the stairs as I quickly U-turn and head up after him.
I find him sitting in the smoking room I walk in raise an eyebrow and comment: "Nice boots!" then walk out. I stand out of sight around the corner and wait for him to come looking for me, in the beleif that I hadn't picked him out and was looking elsewhere.....
He quickly followed around the corner and stopped with a jump at me standing against the wall. I give him the once over and Im very impressed. "Gday" I say, raising an eyebrow whilst checking out the pecs straining against the tight spandex Nike compression shirt that he has painted on his physique.
"Lets go"

Its the Final Countdown!.....

I have my recount of my night with the Game Player comming soon, Ive just been so busy with work.... Its only Three Weeks until I finish up!!!
Ive booked all my accomidation for my month long adventure through the continental US.... I can't wait!!
The only problem is that because Im leaving everyone at work, espessialy the Board of Directors is smashing me with work which is just holding me back....
I promise I will keep posting more regularly but for now, it will come in dribs and drabs.....

But still wait until you hear what happend between me and the Game Player.... you won't beleive it...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Games of Cat and Mouse...

Ive been messaging a guy online who is into playing games... Which is cool, because when a guy likes to play I like to match it up against them.
This guy is HOT and muscular and totally buff.... And knows it. He's an exhibitionist and I love that, he likes to show off and make a guy wait and make a guy wild.
We message on and off...he's interested then he's online but not answering. Coy and uncommittal but still through the bravado its obvious he's into what I got and wants to play and get some action going.
He has a broad chest which hangs off his frame above his hard ripped abs running down to his smooth legs and bulging thighs. He stuffs his massive pack of equipment into tight latex, spandex and rubber....and he like to pose and flex and show off. Hopefully Im going to catch up with him this weekend...He seems ready to take the game real world... Ill let you know how I go and how hot this guy really is.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sudden realisations....

Wow, so I realised yesterday when I was deep in thought (read as: hauling ass on a treadmill) that I was actually contemplating coming out to my best friend and inviting her along to Sleaze Ball as a introduction to the other half of my life and the scene I feel most comfortable and myself in.....
Its an exciting kinda feeling knowing that I may be close to doing this... Plus Im really looking forward to the possibility of partying hard at Sleaze with my best friend. Finally my two worlds colliding.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Narcissus get told!.....

Dear So and So,

Oh how I wanted to argue with you. Thank you for the bile you threw at me last night, Im so glad you decided to share your thoughts with me even tho I really didn't care. Did you notice how nice I was through the whole conversation even tho you spend the whole time being a negative over oppionionated little shit?? Perhaps you should try that some time.

Oh how I wanted to argue with you. All through your messages when you were sharing with me how many cities you had lived in. Paris, London, New York, Frankfurt, Sydney, Melbourne, Rome all these experiences and you still think they are all the same and all "crap" and "superficial" places full of "the same superficial arses". Oh how happy you must be in your life. Try being possitive, try looking at the bright side. Try being happy. Oh how I wanted to tell you what I thought, but really Ive seen your type before. So I know better.

Oh how I wanted to argue with you and what you said in your message. Click here to read the message in it's entirety. This will open in a new window... Popup Blocker alert!)
And so now I will.... Knowing that I shut my mouth at the right moment to avoid a long and useless argument and sentiment of negativity. And thusly I now vent, knowing its harmless.

Just wanted to let you know that I’m not interested at all in chatting to you ever again.
Thank god for that! I was just being nice and letting you vent. I thought it was interesting that you really didn't notice that my answers had withered down to a combination of "yep", "wow" and "thats one way of putting it". Really, Im glad you have opinions....and felt you could share them with me....but really Im not sure how "Gday, how are you?" turned to your theories on the similarity of various cities of the world.

You're nothing but right when you wrote in your msn chat 'narcissus' - self-obsessed-motherfucking-wanker really.
Yes I am self-obsessed, Ill give that one to you alright...but the way you say that kinda makes me think that you truly beleive that your not. When really, over the period of our conversation we only really talked about you. Well at least when I said something you did take a moment to pass comment on it...then straight back onto whatever you wanted to talk about first.

I thougth this guy is WOW GREAT until you went on about Brisbane being backwards and how Sydney is so much better and you yourself live in Hicksville! I can't believe audacity you have to voice such an opinion.
I wonder what was worse to you? My comment that Brisbane lacked some of the cosmopiltan feel of Sydney, or that fact that I had an opinion? Sorry about that. Next time, Ill make sure I say something that matches your own opinion.

Also, your self-obsessed desire to 'get bigger' (which is great goal to have) basically discounts everyone else's goals and ambitions because you're too focused on physical aspect of live and not on anything else.
Of all the things we talked about thats what you remember? I think I know what your getting at tho... When I said that people who bodybuild show a drive and determination which I find attractive, you think I thought that 'only' bodybuilders had these properties. Which I didn't. When you said that a laywer who was fully focused on being the best laywer they can be had just as much drive as I did, I agreed with you. What I didn't say was that whilst my single minded persuite of bodybuiding success was absolute so was my persuit of success in my job. At 23 Im the Cheif Financial Control for a group of companies with an $8 million turnover, what was it that you did?

What you said to me seems that the only reason why you ever pvted me is cos of the way I look.
Umm, shyeah....Its Gaydar dude, that what you do. And it deffinently wasn't what you said in your profile: "THINK about what I am looking for and be CRITICAL - VERY CRITICAL of what you can offer me. That necessarily includes assessing yourself in all aspects - appearance, character, humour etc... and seeing if you REALISTICALLY would match what I want. If you think that there is some remote possibility that I will meet you - then more then probably I won`t." Ummm Okay, yeah thats attractive. But really what else is there to tell whether you want to message someone? What was it that you used to judge me worthy of a return message? It certainly wasn't my kindness towards animals...

Let’s face it, in 30 years time, you'll be 50+ and look as bad as any other average 50 year old. Then you'll realise that you perhaps should have been focusing on building your relationship not only with muscles but with brain, intelligence and things you have in common with your partner.
Actually, when Im 50 Im gonna be one of those big Muscle daddies. But thats not the point. Because in 15 years when YOU are 50 you'll still be bitter. At least Ill look good.

All the very best in your pursuit of your [shallow] desires.
Oh I see. When we were talking about your training and diet. And how your diet and training would work for me, and how everything I was doing was wrong, and how if you decided to compete you would easily beat me in any competition we were obviously talking about the broader issues of the desires and goals of my life. My bad.

It was so nice of you to not bother me with such questions of goals and passions and direction or even work.... You making broad and generalised assumptions about who I am and what I do really did save me time and thats great, thanks.

Oh how I wanted to say all that. Instead I sent you this: Thank you for your well chosen words. You have an interesting view of the world and yourself. I wish you good luck with that. Which I think kinda summed it up.

But ultimatly I think Ill leave the last word to you, from your gaydar profile: I AM NOT INTO: SKINNY, FEM, ASIANS or FATTIES. I don't do charity. My list is shorter, Im not into YOU.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Straight guys and their gear...

So what is it about straight guys? Really. Today at the gym I noticed a group of guys all chatting around working out in their tag team of 5 or 6 which is really normal around my gym. Perhaps 17 or 18 years old…wearing those baggy as hell basketball shorts that come down past their knees. But the whole group of them would stand around and every second sentence or so one of them would reach down and grope themselves!?! I mean they are scratching themselves, adjusting themselves and generally playing with their boyhoods as they stood around chatting.

To me, they were doing things to themselves in front of each other that I usually keep to the privacy of my own bedroom.

But godamn it! It just makes em so much straighter…

Friday, September 01, 2006

A smell of things to cum...

I dunno if this happens to everyone, or just me.... But Im so horny I can smell it! I can smell it in the heat raising from my body. I was sitting at my dining room table having breakfast checking my email and getting my teams working on their daily tasks, when I smelt the wafting of testosterone and other aromas.
I could smell the horniness, like a dude on heat.

Is this just me, or do other people smell this too?

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