Saturday, March 24, 2007

Good taste?.......

I just received an email from a company today advertising the release of Dark Alley's new DVD entitled "Gaytanamo".

Whilst this style of hardcore punishment is right up my alley I was a little...unsettled..... by the name. Im not sure where the line lies on this one? Whilst my initial reaction was to smirk somewhat (as it is a very smart play on the word) I soon became uncomfortable with a porn video which sets its torture in an actual real life torture camp.... Does this make me a hypocrite? Or just reaffirm my limits when dealing with these S&M situations. (ie Full Consent, safety words, discussed limits and absolute respect)

While the video itself look sexy as hell, what do y'all think about this? Is this too close to the truth to be getting off on? Should we be trivializing whats going on??

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Well, I didn't get the job. And Im bummed. Thankfully I have some Temp work tomorrow near the city so I don't feel like a completely unemployable guy.

As hard as I was trying to not get overly excited about that job (and truly deep down I kinda knew it wasn't my job) but I was so in love with the idea of finally getting out of here and starting my new adventure in my Emerald city.... To the point where I don't think I was even excited about the job anymore, just the opportunity to get moving again.

So anyway, the search resumes....

But as a side note, I was wondering if there were any lawyers in the house? I need some advice on how the insanity plea works.

If I crack some guy across the head with a 20kg dumbbell at the gym because he's too fucking lazy and self-important to put his 3 sets of dumbbells away and just walks away from his massive pile of mess.... can I claim that he is such a dickhead that it made me so insanely mad I HAD to hurt him??

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thanks and an Update...

Wow, thanks to everyone who sent their best wishes for my interview this week. The crazy thing is that whilst I had such a long period of ABSOLUTLY NOTHING in terms of interest in the last couple of days I've been to 7 interviews and 3 assessments for technical aptitude in regards to my computer literacy.
(And to quote: "I haven't really seen anyone with scores this high before..." oh yeah, Im the man! Who's the man? Im the man! *High Five*)

Anyway, I've had job offers (but Im still waiting on the BIG offer from Mondays interview, where I embarrassed myself with my own excitment in my last Blog post), shortlists, phone interviews and all sorts happening in the last couple of days.
Unfortunately this takes my attention at the moment so I haven't really done much thats interesting to you guys AKA Fucking..... but I continue to try.

I did meet a sexy, intelligent man and fun to be around dude for drinks on Monday...that was fun ;-)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I'm Nervous....

Im excited as well. Since the beginning of my search for my fantastic new job started Ive had dozens of phone interviews, quite a few first round interviews, a few second round interviews and two job offers.

But I've not felt like this! This is the one. Tomorrow (or today since Im posting this fairly late) Im going for a final round interview for a job which is the pinnacle of what I want in my next job.

And Im perfect for it. The skills and education I have perfectly fit the role, plus its working with a large national high visibility company which is one of my most liked criteria on my 'like to have' list.

Im so excited. This could be the one, this could change everything....

Friday, March 16, 2007

Big thanks....

Howly cow!! Ive been featured!!!

When I started this blog just over a year ago, I thought that the ultimate in coolness would be to get a mention from one of my all time favourite bloggers (it's a select list...) but today I realise that Ive been mentioned on THREE blogs at the same time... Im blown away!!

So big thanks go to:

The Great Cock Hunt


Bill in Exile

Now all I need is a mention on Roids and Rants and I can die. Hehehehehe

Oh and welcome to y'all finding my site for the first time, check out my previous stories of sordid fucking and getting into trouble.
My personal favourites are Fun in the Desert Sun , with a couple of bodybuilders. Playing with Studs a hot lean guy who likes to play and one of more memorable wrestling encounters with a massive muscle dude.

Do you think she knows?....

Situation: We're going through iTunes to pick out some tracks for my Mum's Ipod.... (Incl Madonna's 'Sorry', Deep Dish, Daft Punk, Sunset Strippers and Iio...)

Mum to me: "Take that pen out of your mouth!"
Me: "Im not chewing it, Im just holding it in my mouth"
Mum: "Chewing pens is dangerous, you'll choke!"
Me: "I just need something in my mouth."
Mum: "..... Just don't let anyone hear you say that...."

And then she complained the DJ Tiesto song Just Be (Streaming in the below Embed) is too slow. She wants something with a real beat.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Playing with some All American BEEF (Concluded)....

This started HERE.

We kiss again and more, his hands slide up and down my chest and abs while my two hands are firmly gripping the immense shoulders of this gentle giant. I keep gripping and pawing at the notted sinews of muscle that form his shoulders and neck.

He walks over to the bed and reclines back waiting for me to join him. I walk over to the side of the bed and kneel up onto the mattress. I throw a leg over his torso and lower my weight onto his body as our chests grind together with the weight of our bodies. I cross my arms on his chest and start to kiss him again. Pulling away and teasing his searching tongue to keep him guessing.

He's aggressive and masculine in his treatment of me, but so am I to him. Two MEN fucking. We push and shove and semi-wrestle around the bed and off the bed and back on the bed as we push each other around. He Tries to grab my wrists to pin me down and we play as I try to break his hold on me. "Nearly!" "Not Quite" "I don't Think so..." he taunts as I try to push his mass off my chest. I give up and wrap my legs around his waist and squeeze him while the surprise makes him yelp and cough.
He tries to move my legs, but realising their strength he reaches down and tickles my exposed ribs and I collapse into a giggly pile.

Then I run my hand down his furry body and reach for his rock hard cock. I wrap my fingers around just below the head and squeeze its length in my fist. HIs body jerks and his back tries to arch but can't under the weight of my body.
He reaches for my cock as I slowly rub his shaft, up and down. He grips tightly and starts stroking it as I roll a little onto my back to give him more access. I bite my lip and my eyes roll as he plays gently with my hard cock.
Quickly he jets out of bed and grabs a bottle. He pours a little oil on his hands, on his cock and then onto mine.
"Macadamia" he says, referring to the oil.
Its a nice replacement for the normal synthetic lubes and crap that get all sticky and messy, this stuff makes everything run smoothly but still leaves enough friction to keep things interesting.

Suddenly his attention goes back to my dick. He grabs my cock and and pumps it a few times, spreading more oil along its length. Im lying on my back as he throws a leg over and sits on my stomach, trapping my cock between his ass checks behind him. He starts to bob up and down while playing with his cock in front of me. I reach up and press my finders against his ass and perineum. He jumps up and down faster and faster, the sweat starting to roll down his chest and abs matting his hair against his skin.
"Man I just wanna fuck you right now!" Im looking up at his bulk as his chest heaves under his breath. "Lets suite up and do this!" I say instructing him to go get the rubbers. He cracks one open and rolls it onto my cock (Turns out that the 'Magnum" brand don't hurt or pinch as much as the ones I usually use, I'm learning all the time!).
He gets on his back and looks up at me as I approach. "Slowly" he says pointedly. If I want to....was all I thought as I started to jam my cockhead in his tight whole. Turns out slowly was the only way I was going to get inside this guy, but that was fine because with each extra inch I could see his head roll and his eyes goggle. He has a massive vein in his head that just started to pulse and bulge when I got all the way in, his head turning red as I started to pump his ass.

I lifted his back and shoved a pillow under there to make my way easier. In and out I slid while he swung furiously on his cock. The redness made its way down his neck and across his broad and thick chest.
His biceps bulged with the pump of working his cock so furiously as I grabbed his hips and drove deeper and deeper into his body.
He's moaning and groaning while I can say nothing my pant as the cock rejoiced at the sensation of this tight, tight ass playing at my shaft.
The sweat collects in pools on the ridges of his abs as our two sweats mingle on his body.
He starts gasping out and lets go of his cock as I drive into him from a lower angle, hitting him differently inside.
I grab his cock to start playing with it, knowing he is close. He clams both hands around mine and locks tight, preventing me from moving at all. He pants up at me breathlessly, "Im going to cum!". He tries to regain control of his breathing.
"Thats the point..." I reply digging into him deeper. His head rolls as it slams against the bed head as I aggressivly work him over.
He reaches for his dick and after a couple of pumps he yelps out "argh, argh, gar argh!!" and spews his hot cum down his hand and across the fur on his abs.

We lie together his head resting in the crook of my arm as we chat and chat. For hours we lie there nakid and just hanging out together. He's a supper nice guy and we get along great.

The next day I message him. "We gotta do that again."
"Fuck yeah, your hot shit!" Was his relpy.....

Things that make me smile....

Ah yes... my ego. It gets a little bigger everyday.....

Overheard at the gym:

Guy1: "God, fuck! Look at the size of him."
Guy2: "Fuck man, he's huge. Look at the veins in his arms!!"

I start looking around for some big, beefy, hot guy with great arms...(Seriously I was actually looking for him!) when Guy1 catches my eye and asks, "How much DO you weigh??"

They were talking about me!! I was being checked out by two straight dudes.... Ah my ego felt as pumped as my shoulders (which I slogged that night)....

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Playing with some All American BEEF....

"You look so damn sexy!"
Thats how it started.... my conversation with the Muscle American. We'd actually spoken 2 years before when he first his here in Aussie land and posted his profile on Gaydar.

He hadn't changed much in that time, he was still a hot as hell masculine American with a massive solid body.

As usually happens with my profile, I had posted new pics. So the guys who weren't paying attention I looked like a whole new guy for them to play with. That doesn't really bother me, Im just as subjective with my judgments of other peoples profiles. (They have to say something truly profound to make up for some dodgy photos...)
But anyway, this guy doesn't remember chatting to me, so I don't mention it. He is straight to the point and wants to fuck. I like that style, and I like that attitude.

We kinda banter really slowly over the next couple of days or maybe even a week about how we want to play and how hot I am, how hot he is..... It gets really worked up between us.

The problem is, he's stuck holidaying in Queensland. The day before he gets back he sends me a message..... "Im back tomorrow, you avail?"
I wasn't then but I send back a message that Id be up Sunday night. That he should be ready to fuck.

Sunday comes and I knock on his door. He opens it and smiles broadly at me. He's a little shorter then me at maybe 5'7/5'9 but packed full of thick rugby style muscle. Just real masculine, sexy, fury, mans man kinda bulk. My cock starts to get ready in my loose fitting cargos.
He opens the door and beckons me in, he shakes my hand like real men do when they meet each other (Im not in Europe, I don't kiss cheeks...). So we shake hands and then step back, he is just pepped. Bouncing around and excited to see me like a dog whose been left alone all day. I grab the back of his neck and pull him in to kiss him deeply, exploring his mouth with my tongue.
"Nice!" is what I say as we start to chat about the trip up, his holiday, finding the apartment building. All the while he's stripping clothes and moving step by step back towards the bedroom.
He stands in front of the bed fully naked as I stride across the apartment to meet him there.
"Thats unfair!" He looked me up and down mischievously, "I've taken all my clothes off....and your still fully clothed!"

I smile at him and reply, "And what are you going to do about it?" as I lift my hands into the air. Mr Texas takes the hint and grabs my shirt to pull it off over my head. He gets half way up my torso when he stops to rub his hands over my newly (and ever improving) ripped abs. I break his concentration by ripping the shirt off the rest of the way and reaching for my belt.
He's taken the hint thus far tho and is enjoying the job of stripping me of my clothes.... he pushes my hands out of the way and attacks my pants with gusto. Soon they are a crumpled mess on the floor and I stand there in tight briefs. Sheya, they don't last long and soon my rapidly expanding cock is lengthening down my leg and starting to lift away from my body.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Love affair continues....

I was in My emerald city last night on a last minute muscle fuck mission to work out some agression some steriod pumped muscle dude had pent up. (Posting that story shortly)

And after that was all said and done I took my meal out to Mrs Macquaries Chair and sat watching the city breath in front of me. Absolute quite and a gentle breeze, the city looks so magical like a true emerald city where all the questions are answered and the story finds its happy ending.

Im still in love with this city, no matter how it plays hard to get, how much of a struggle finding my way there has been and continues to be..... I love it.
I tend to take photos like these when Im get moved by something, I can see the emotion I was feeling in each one.... God I can't wait to move Sydney.

Then I went out to Bondi to do my cardio.... And today I am calm. And ready to find MY job.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I still can't believe who I just saw gunning his Merc towards my home town.... Alex Perry!!

I was doing my morning cardio (Im down to a 30" waist!!) and I was walking across the offramp from the Expressway and Alex Perry's shinny black CLK Merc rumbled around the turn and gunned towards the town center. I nearly ran into a pole as I did a 360 degree turn watching his car trying to work out if it was him.....

I mean seriously?? What the hell is a fashion icon and really influentially cool designer doing in this town??

Saturday, March 10, 2007

What to do when your not getting any....

I have found a new favourite website. It comes just in time for another of my 'too busy to fuck' dry spells....

Its called and its like YouTube for muscle videos.... (Yeah! I know! Its like they read my mind...)

Anyway, I suggest you check it out because this site is shit hot!!

Just check out one of the guys who recently uploaded his video....

I love the legs, the vascularity of them... I dig the masculinity of the tats and the hardcore look this guy has got going on. I also dig the fact that he's posing to Justin Timberlake (because thats so damn gay) and I drool over the fact that this guy is soooo into showing off that his package just gets bigger and bigger the more he admires his own form..... That's fucking hot!!

Lost blogger reporting in....

I've been for an interview!! I can't believe the job that Im close to getting, its insanly perfect for me in terms of what I get to do, what I get to experience and how much I get to make. (Cha-Ching!!!)

The hard part is not getting too excited or attached to what I would describe as a perfect job. Not shutting down my other options while I wait to hear back on this one job. But Im terribly excited!!

I've been very focused at the moment on finding a job and sticking with my training. Ive been invited to compete in a new federation so Ill be on stage perhaps twice more this year then previously thought.

This also means that Im seriously lacking in the action dept. Sad for me..... Sad for you.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The week after the morning before the night after...

Well..... That was fun...

As the Aussie Bloggers start coming back online and posting their accounts of Mardi Gras I can't help but have a huge smile on my face.

I love Mardi Gras, in every respect. I love what it says, what it allows us to say and how we get to do it.
I love the mainstream coming to meet us half way. Like an acknowledgment or validation.

I love the lazy Sunday I give myself to recover from the night before, just a day of lounging and eating and reading. No gym, no cardio, no schedule, no deadlines, no obligations and no disappointments.
A day of reflection of all the things I've just done.

After thinking I wouldn't be watching the parade (I never have, Im always making the commute up from my town getting ready for the party) I was invited to the party all my mates were going to... A roof terrace overlooking the Oxford St route. An amazing vantage point to watch the whole thing pass by. I met amazing people who were all in great moods. Drinking, eating, laughing and living.

The party itself was AMAZING. Firstly, I looked godamn HOT in my grass skirt. Like all buff and ripped, which is a big call from me.
I felt great.
The music was hot, the dance floors were hot, the guys were SMOKING HOT!

Mardi Gras 2007 .... Two thumbs up.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Azure in retrospect (beyond the politics)...

Azure. What a party.
Through all the controversy and the politics and the ramifications I had a fantastic night.

I had lunch and packed my cargo pants with the necessary protein bars to get me through the rest of the day. I headed up the mountain and in towards the city. The clouds blackened and bellowed closer as I approached the city.
By the time I had parked and was walking towards my friends apartments the rain was lightly drizzling down, wetting the ground and the enthusiasm.
After chatting around for an hour or two, waiting for the stragglers to arrive so we could head down to the harbor to start the party.
By the time we hit the street the sunglasses are out and the sun is trying its damnedest to break through the cloud cover as patches of blue appear but quickly dissapear again.
Ive never been to the Harbour Party and was greatly looking forward to seeing what had been described to me over and over again as one of the most visually stunning party in the world.... and you gotta admit it, thats one hell of a call.
So as we passed the much commented on police patrols, and sniffer dogs through the entry gates we passed by the upper area party area and headed down the rainbow lit pathways towards the waters edge.
The ridges of gum trees surrounding the path cleared and the first views of the dance floor sprawled below us. Giant lighting towers framed the dance floor that jutted from the face of the cliffs below us out to the harbor wall.
Beyond the dance floor was the gently rolling azure blue waters of Sydney harbor connecting us with the city on the other side.
The towers and offices of the CBD rise out from the dense trees of the botanical gardens on the far edge of the harbor. And to one side, the Sydney Opera House and Sydney harbor Bridge glinting with damp as the sun started to poke through the loosening cloud cover.
The music pumped loud and the thin crowds who had started to converge on the site stood about bopping to the tunes and catching up with mates.
The atmosphere was excitingly friendly and joyous. I was so excited to be there and the smiles everywhere suggested that I wasn't the only one.

As the crowds formed on the massive dance floor and the sun made its way behind the clouds towards the horizon of highrise buildings a moment happened. Like a freeze frame that was designed as a memory for everyone to keep.
The music was building, it was housey and funky. Wherever you were you could feel a flash of warmth accross your skin as suddenly in an explosion of gold the clouds broke wide open and for the first time the suns rays shone across the harbor onto the party site. The golden rays bouncing off the tall glass buildings like giant disco balls.... the golden force hitting the crowd making everyone turn towards the heat as a giant cheer came up from the crowd overpowering the blaring sound system, as if everyone realised in a moment that this was the moment that they would least I did.
The moment where life is good, all is right. Breath.

What a great party.

**Picture credit to (Azure 2006)

Classic call of the day....

I read this today and couldn't stop laughing.... This is classic liturature (almost poetic really).

"I'll gladly bury my face in a guys ass for a week at a stretch without coming up for air but show me a female pudenda and all I can do is conjure an image of something that looks like a greasy corned beef sandwich and that smells like mustard sardines in a can and I'm ready to spew.

-- Scott (

Amen brother...

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