Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Brash decisions and ultimate regrets...

Despite the drama that ended Azure prematurely something else also went down..... I agreed to carry out what Ill describe as pretty much the stupidest thing I've ever agreed to do.

My outfit for Mardi Gras has been confirmed..... its a grass skirt with speedos underneath. Thats it.
I get to wear runners, and a lei.

What have I done? I'm one of those guys who doesn't even take his shirt off in a nightclub.

But I felt someone had to step up to help my mate who put the outfits together only to have his partner pull out.
All that hard work and hurt feelings, I couldn't let him be that disappointed. (He flew the skirts in and had a seamstress modify them and retrofit Velcro to them....)
See, I am a big old softy at heart..... Just don't tell anybody.

So if y'all see a bearded idiot strutting around in a grass skirt laugh at us, because I sure as hell will be laughing at myself.

Happy Mardi Gras.

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Azure Reaction...

Ah... so as the dust settles around the wreck that will be the Azure aftermath we start to see the rumors and truths of what happened last night come to light.

This was my first Azure party (which I will post about in a more possitive light tomorrow) so I was a little confused when I noticed the fade out at exactly 9pm last night.

For me the questions keep coming.....

But first the quick background.
Azure is an outdoors party held on the foreshore of the majestic Sydney harbor overlooking the two sides of the city, the opera house and the harbor bridge. Whilst a completely separate entity to the Mardi Gras organisation the event is held the weekend before and some might say a highlight, un-missable party.
First suggestions of trouble came as people streamed through the front gates having passed by Police drug sniffer dogs to find more dogs inside the party working the assembling crowds.
The party went on until 9pm when the music stopped under a court order. The story unravels from there.....

So the questions-----

What does this mean for the main Mardi Gras events??
In my mind, nothing will stop the drugs at what may be called the largest series of dance parties in the southern hemisphere. So can we expect a similar pre-midnight shutdown of the venues?

I also can't help but wonder when the organisers knew about the court order? Did they know the show was going to be shutdown earlier that afternoon? Did they know sometime Last week?

Why did the music levels fall do dramatically at 6pm? The sound levels dropped so low you couldn't hear the words in the songs.... It seemed weird. Of course when Shigeki's set started the sound levels went all the way back up to 'fuking rocked out' (which I believe is just after the '10' on the volume dial)

What kind of backlash are we going to see from the Gay community towards whomever turns out to be the villain in this instance? It shall be interesting to see what kind of actions the powers that be take in relation to parties of the straighter variety.

Although I really do think that this is really what caused it all. I do know that the risk assessment for Sounds on Sunday (where one person died of drug related complications) called for a single police officer to be provided by NSW police. This may be an ass covering reaction from the powers.
I think this interview with Ray Hadley may have been the catalyst for this reaction. Ray Hadley is going for blood on this and I think the Police and NSW Government could not afford to loose face with a media personality with such power and influence held by Ray Hadley.

Listen to the interview


The interesting part comes about half way through when Ray Hadley interviews Phil Rodgerson, Detective Superintendent for NSW Police. Ray rips this guy to strips.

In the light of this media attention, the Government couldn't let the image of non-action continue. They needed to react somehow. Whether this was the appropriate action is yet to be seen.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Narcissus gets kicked out of a gym.... (AKA Miami Beatdown)

Okay, so here's the story of how I got kicked out of a gym...... (And I think you'll find its a lot less amazing or interesting then your expecting....) Especially you Drewby, you like your men tough don't you???

Anyway, it's Miami Beach. A beautiful sunny day and Im jetting around the town soaking in the famous and truly amazing Miami atmosphere.
Miami is also known for its fair share of rather large Bodybuilding names and that makes this town rock even harder.
So I find a gym that Ive heard about through the bodybuilding grapevine that I traverse the edges of and settle in to commit a harry carry effort of a chest workout using these amazing old school weights and machines, surrounded by amazingly HUGE men sweating buckets and grunting/groaning like they are all partaking in a group orgy.
This was a serious gym, which meant not very social. It was friendly and all with guys spotting each other and all but they were here to work...so we all went about our business.
So I finished with my monster chest workout and was feeling PUMPED!!! Nothing like working next to some of the biggest guys in the world to make you life like a motherfuck, but my chest was straining against my sweat soaked T-shirt and I felt pretty invincible. I was moving on to do my abs and cardio when I walk in on a commotion in the back room where all the ab stuff was.
Some abercrombie style guy was yelling at his girlfriend who was just standing there tears rolling down her face. I don't know what they were arguing about but the guys tone was outrageously aggressive and she kept physically cowering away from the guy. It didn't feel right.

And then he hit her.

She yelped like a scorned puppy and started to back away, he followed her. And thats when I stepped in.

I can't exactly remember what happened. It was all quite quick.
But I know the following happened:

- I suggested to him that that was not how you treat a lady.
- He told me to mind my own business.
- I suggested to him quite firmly that I was making it my business.
- He told me that he wasn't afraid to take down a guy like me.
-I suggested that he calm down and fuck off.

At this stage we were quite close together. Neither backing down. He couldn't find the words to express himself any further so he punched me across the face with his fist.
Now, despite this guys obvious tendencies towards physical confrontation I still wasn't as prepared for this event as one may expect.
I reeled around spitting blood and the half tooth he broke. It fucking hurt like a motherfucker. You know that kind of pain where your eyes well up not so much because your going to cry for your Momma but because of how fuking worked up, deep down neolithically angry you are that someone just hurt you??
With blood running down my lips and neck mixing with the sweat on my T-shirt I picked the fucking asshole up, one hand around his throat the other gripping the belt in his jeans.
(The guy was maybe 5'8" abercrombie ripped and maybe 70kgs or so...I dead lift nearly 200kgs so this guy was 'light')
Once in the air I threw him against a wall, dazed he slid down the wall and landed heavily on his ass. His legs and arms all akimbo around him.

Thats when the gym owner ran in as the crying girlfriend ran out. She stopped momentarily at the door and turned to me, "Thank you". Then she was gone.
The gym owner looked at me, looked at the gym on the floor. He shook his head in a way that made me think he had seen this before.
He looked back at me and said: "You better go now."
I left.

And so now my appointment has been made for my tooth 'reconstruction'. Its in May. So if anybody wants to check out my war wound in the mean time just make me laugh....because there is a big gap in my teeth where a tooth went missing in Miami.

I like the think that girlfriend would have made a permanent split from that guy.... but who knows?

**And guys please don't think Im some kind of violent thug head with some kind of ego or self control issue. This is one of the few times in my life I have had to get violent with someone (When then didn't consent to it in the first place, Like this... )
I don't plan on repeating it anytime soon.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ahhhh Venting is FUN!!!

Dear Mr PonyTail,

Hi, how are you? Although you may pretend to not recognise me, I know you know who I am. We go to the same gym at the same time everyday.
I mind my own business and you keep staring at me. Normally, attention is not a problem for me. Im used to it.
But I will say this; if you stare at me until I look in your direction and then you sneer at me, puff out your chest and turn away like I am beneath you one more time, I will break one of you limbs.

I know your comparing our two physiques (I over heard you and your buddy talking). I also know that you are looking in some fucked up mirrors. Because although we may be around the same size in terms of upper body and arms.... I don't have a gut hanging out from beneath my cut too short T-shirt. So stop looking at me with contempt like your dismissing me from your assemblage.

I congratulate you on your diet and loosing so much weight so far, but really until you don't need to suck your stomach in, throw back your shoulders and push out your chest when your doing your comparisons don't bother me.
Especially since you obviously want to show me that you think your bigger and better then me.... here's a hint: Meet me on stage in 10 weeks. Only then can you truly understand how silly your little comparisons are.

But then again you can't, can you? Your 40 year old steroid soaked body wouldn't pass the required tests.... And yes, MotherFucker, I amReally steroid free. I don't care if you don't have what it takes to get to where I am natural, because I do. (And really, is the statement "I couldn't look like that without steroids, so obviously he's smashing them hard..." really an insult to me? Or more likely a expose of how truly clueless you are.)

So, shut the fuck up, stop sneering at me and accept the fact that whilst we are close in many respects you don't even come close in so many others.....



**Few I feel better now. That guys been shitting me in the gym all damn week. Now I can go and smile at him all cleansed and peacefull....
Which would probably save me from being thrown out of the gym (again!).

Monday, February 19, 2007

Crushing news....

Im a little disappointed today.
I was meant to have a training session with my bodybuilding coach sometime this week. So I was all ready for him.

I was all tanned up, clipped down to almost hairless and had chosen a particularly playful pair of bathers to wear under my gym clothes for when he inevitably decides to get me to strip in the middle of the gym so we can practice posing. He's not the bashful type.
"If you can't do it here, how can you do it on stage!?"

I was all ready for all of it, but he cancelled and now Im crushed. You see the missing piece of this puzzle is the fact that I have a crush on my bodybuilding coach.
My 40-something, divorced with kids coach. It may have something to do with the fact that his legs are the thickness of my waist and his chest is so big he can't sleep on his side because his back hurts from the weight.

So Im disappointed, he's cancelled because he has an injury and won't be able to train with me.

Oh well....I guess when I do see him next week Ill be in even condition and impress him even more!! Ha, there's my silver lining.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Birthday To SyntheticEgo

Holy fucking cow!! My first post on this blog was one year ago today.

What a year, who would have thought??
I know a year ago I never thought:

I would be out of work.
Last year I was stuck in my job and in too deep to be able to get out without letting down alot of people. I was stuck and I didn't like that feeling. This blog was an outcome of that, an escape everyday where I could relive all of the better parts of my life away from that goddamn office.

So Many people tune in to read my stories.
Last year I started writing this blog so I could feel as though something I was doing counted. I was hooked on a few blogs and they made life sound so adventurous, fun and sexy. I wanted life to be like that. It wasn't about having thousands read my blog, I remember jumping out of my office chair when I realised that a whole 10 people had checked out my post for that day. Today tens of thousands of people every month read my posts and provide feedback to my life. And I deeply honestly appreciate every single one who comes and spends some time here.

Im a goddamn bodybuilder.

A year ago I hadn't even realised I could compete! Now I sit here a year later staring at the trophies on my shelf and in training for a National Title!! I never would have thought or imagined or even dreamt about being a bodybuilder. Now Im a competitive athlete. That blows my mind.

I've performed as a DJ to a public audience.

I've been playing with music and spinning records in my home studio for a few years. But only ever did it for my own enjoyment and bringing a little bit of the nightlife I enjoyed in my Emerald City home to the hills. I never would have thought a year ago that I would have spun a set in one of my home town's premier venues to a crowd of friends and strangers.

I've traveled through America and lived in Venice Beach.

A year ago I was stuck. I couldn't even take a day off work. No how. A year ago I would never have thought that the first thing I would do after I quite was to travel. But off I went, I spend two months in a country that changed me so completely. I spend a month living in an apartment on one of the most beautiful beaches of the planet and reinvigorated my vision of who I was and what I was truly passionate about.

I have spent an entire year without feeling love.

A year ago I don't think I was thinking about things like this. But if I had Im sure that I wouldn't have thought that I spent an entire year without feeling any kind of connection with anyone. To the point where I became worried that I wouldn't be able to love. And Im not talking about the love I have with my family, thats just a different thing. Im talking about the lazing in bed, kissing because its fun, spending time together doing nothing, fucking over and over and over kind of love.

I found some heroes and role models.

A year ago I was struggling to aspire. I feel that for me to be truly successful and happy I need rolemodels and see people doing what things that are reflective of my life. A lot of life is based on seeing how other people do things and using that as a way of making decisions for themselves.
A year ago I was struggling to find anyone who I could look to as inspiration and mentoring. Sure there were people who were successful in business and bodybuilding and life and so on.... but no one who really struck a chord with being a reflection of who I was or could be. No one who resounded with me to who I could identify with being a strong, passionate and happy gay man. A year ago I thought that was likely to keep happening. Until in an unlikely place, for an unlikely trip I met a couple of heroes and found some rolemodels. And that helped me so much as I move through trying to workout where my life is going right now.

I found happiness.

A year ago I would never have thought that I would so quickly find happiness. I also found frustration, excitement, joy, hope, anticipation.... The feelings of life which were all blocked a year ago by the level of stress which shut down who I was. And now a year later, I can say I feel a lot more.

And look forward to the next year. Who knows what Ill be saying "I never thought" to next year. All I know is that its going to be one hell of a ride.
So wishing Syntheticego.blogspot.com a happy birthday! (What did y'all get me for a birthday present? Is it a pony?)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bad mood....

Everyone is ducking for cover. My pets are staying away. My parents are keeping their distance.

I am in a bad mood!!

Ive been fairly stormy for a couple of days now.... Im trying to get out of it because I hate feeling dark but I just can't shake it.

I think I better find some tough guy this weekend to play with so we can try beat the crap out of each other... I wonder where all my fighting buddies are this weekend??

In the mean time Ill just try to get myself out of this bad mood..... and the best way todo that? Duh! PORN.

Tell me you don't feel better about life after watching this?:

Thank me later...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Listen in Dancing Fiends!!

Okay, so I like music. Dance, trance, house, rock, pop, rnb come to mind.

I also workout a bit. Between 4 and 5 hours a day.... so I tend to get very bored of the music on my Ipod.

Recently Ive been listening to a London DJ's podcast. The music is hot and uplifting. Just the right tempo and intensity so you can listen to it anytime.

Well, turns out that not only is his music choice and mixing talents unquestionable but DAMN he is HOT!!!

And Im not just talking "Hmmm yeah? Okay I can see that...." kinda hot. Im talking "Get the handcuffs and strip...right now" kinda sexy.


So check out his mixes here and subscribe to his service, its awesome.....

Funky London @ Podomatic

Muscled laugh...

I was looking for a Youtube clip of two guys workingout to go with the post below.... I didn't find one, but I found this and laughed so hard I woke my god up. (And I have a Very LAZY dog!)

"Do you beleive in Angels??"
"I do now..."


Monday, February 12, 2007

So god damn Inconsiderate!!!

So I've just gotten back from the gym, to tell ya the truth my t-shirt is still dripping and there's a puddle on the floor under my desk...but Im just too wrecked to change. (It was a legs day)

So I ran into a couple of mates at the gym today (one of whom is the mate who a recent fuck reminded me of...Mentioned here and here)

So anyway, Ive been noticing both of them getting a little bit broader and lifting a little more weight the last couple of weeks, but when I saw them today they were massive.
GODAMN those inconsiderate FUCKERS!!! They are on a steroid cycle!!

This always happens to me, just when Im loosing weight and starting to shrink into insignificance the people around me all start to slam on the roids and just rub it in.....

Mind you, with both of these guys looking a hella alot more buff.....there are some new dudes to checkout when Im working out... hehehehe (Ah, and there's the silver lining!)

Psychic Premonitions

So I went a saw a psychic the other day. Whilst Im not sure that I can 100% believe in these people and their "power" or "connections" she totally picked up on some stuff that was incredible enough to make me take notice of what she was saying.

Well anyway, apparently its going to be another 3-4 months before I get a job. (But when I do it will be the ultimate job that I've ever wanted)

So what the hell am I going to do for 3 months?? Money isn't really a problem (although I will have to be more careful on where my money goes), boredom is going to be a problem, and so is the thought of not being truly productive for that whole time....

Hmmmm, what can I do?

How exactly does one get into making money by writing porn? Maybe I should try selling drugs or McDonalds? Maybe I should start advertisements on this site, make this a business? Hmmmmmm

Any thoughts?

Weekend Playtime....Guy Three...(Concluded)

He sucks my dick deep into his throat and then pulls back as his tongue unleashes a flurry on the tip of my cock. His talented attention to my cock made my head roll back as I held my body off the bed, leaning on my elbows behind me. Meanwhile, one of his free hands had a tight grip wrapped around the top of my sac, pulling and twisting my nuts with each slurp and suck on my dick. His other hand made its way along my inner thighs and along to my ass. He gently pressed his fingers against the hole and probed around the edges of my ass. The pleasure waves rampaged through my body, when his hand got to my ass and pressed against my puckered ass I let me arm collapse from beneath me and I went crashing down to the bed. Fully reclined this guy worked over my dick, balls and ass with total skill and dedication.

I grab his head and pull him up my body and upto my face where I kiss him deeply. I can smell my sweaty ball sweat smell all around his mouth and that drives me crazy. He gets up on the bed over the top of me. A knee either side of my prone body.
His cock is sitting on my abs, pointing up towards my face. I grab it and use the precum that oozes from the end to lube up his whole shaft. He rocks his hips back and forth on my torso as I pump him up and down.
I wrap my fist around his cock and balls in one big handfull. I pump his whole package up and down as the sweat starts to collect on his hairy pecs and run down his furry abs to land on my chest and abs.
His head rolls back and then snaps forward as he suddenly hunches over and pushes my hand out of the way. He grabs his cock and I feel the droplets of cum spray across my abs and legs as he shivers and grunts hunched over me.
He leans back again showing his cock with just a single drop of cum hanging off the end of his red and softening cock.

He gets off my legs while I pump my cock. He stands on the floor between my legs which hang over the edge of the bed. He grabs my cock and starts pumping, pushing my hand out of the way as his other grabs for my nuts which he pumps independently. He roughly tugs and pulls my balls, punishing them almost as he works my cock. My hips lift and sink on the bed as I get closer and closer. He starts double pumping my cock and just slowly and tightly pulls my balls in a single downward motion until I cum across my abs, chest, the bed and the wall behind us.
He stands, smiles. Slews the sweat off his heaving chest with a single sweep of his hand and wraps the towel around his narrow waist.
Then he leaves.
I lie there a moment, catching my breath and just chillaxing before getting up.

I wrap my towel, go for a shower then hit the nightclubs with some mates. These mates don't know that this weekend is my cancer free celebration because I never told them I underwent treatment.
They thought I was particularly happy and fun. (They thought I was on drugs)
But I was just satisfied and happy.
And free to party in my Emerald City. And Oh what a party!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

What are these people thinking of???

Hehehehe, I was just checking out my site visitor information and thought that it was funny that someone made it to my site using the search term in Google;

"How to make synthetic cum?"

How many uses can you think of for synthetic cum??

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Weekend Playtime....Guy Three

Third Guy:

So I continue my hunt on the floor of the spa. I spend a bit of time checking out the porno (which is just getting worse as the day/night drags on).
Then this guy darts around a distant corner and catches my eye. Deep, deep tan and huge wide shoulders first catch my eye. This guy is built wide and tall, a great looking stud with a shaved head and 5 o'clock shadow.
Again furry along his torso and abs. This guy more so then the last. A nice flat stomach and a sexy heaving chest. At first he moved quickly and darts down the corridors and around the open spaces. He kinda makes me think he's "Speeding" along and I don't tend to play with guys like that. They are in a different place to a non-drugged up dude and never really works out for either person, so as hot as he was I kinda wrote him off as just being drug fucked.

However, over the next period of time we end up playing a game of cat and mouse. We would pass close to each other moving past each other in the corridors, the size of our two torsos meaning there was little space would pass between us and the sexual energy kept increasing each time. Suddenly he would be in an area where I was hanging out then I would run into where he was. Soon enough we were cornered together. I looked at his face, he wasn't off his face, he was just nervous.
We head to a room and he steps in close grabbing at my fast growing cock. He raises an eyebrow in what I take to be appreciation/approval and I go for his towel.
I rip it off him and go for his cock. I get a big handfull of meat in my hand and start to pump up and down as he rocks his body back and forth in time with the motion.

We kiss momentarily as I grab him and head to the bed. I push him down and get up next to him on the bed. I press my weight over his torso and he's pinned into position while I grab his cock and suck it down. His body tries to jerk and bounce beneith me but he is held in place by my weight.
His head rolls and he moans deep. He relaxes into slow deep growling as I work his cock with spit and attention. Suddenly he jerks up and sharply pushes my head off his cock.
He stands up and disappears between my legs as he grabs my cock and sucks it deep into his throat.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Weekend Playtime....Guy Two...(Cont)

At this stage I should also explain to you that not only was this guy TOTALY my type, but he also had quite an accent. Its was Greek/Mederterainian with a strong Aussie twang over the top of it. Just like a mate of mine at the gym.
He sounded just like this guy who I help out in the gym. And that just drove me wild!!
So I push him over the bed so he's bent at the hips, chest to the mattress presenting his ass for me to use.
I grab some more lube and run my finger over his hole as he twitches at the touch. I stick one finger in slowly probing around followed slowly with a second digit. He's moaning slightly and pushing his body back and forth as I run my fingers around and watch him jump and react.
His dick is stuck between his abs and the padded bench he's bent over so every-time he jerks back and forth in reaction to me playing with his ass his cock gets a rub from the bedding.
He moaning gets louder. Its time to step this up and start the real fun.
I lube everything and gift wrap my cock. I poke my cock in and out of his hole a couple of times as he starts to get more and more insistent on me driving into him and starting the fuck.
He reaches behind him to grab my hips and try to pull me into him. I hold his arms down and steadily slide my cock all the way in, all the way to the hilt. As I push in further and further his back arches and his fingernails claw into the mattress.
His head drops hanging from his shoulders rolling around as I slowly pull back out and plunge deep again, pushing against his prostate. A few more pumps and I grab his shoulders pulling him up so he's standing in front of me. My cock impaling him as I wrap my arms around his chest and tight abs holding him close to me. He looks back over his shoulder and I lean down towards his face and we kiss as I push in and pull out in short strokes. (Being taller really was a benefit in this position).
We kiss slopily until I push back in hard and his head drops away and he groans again. Falling back towards the bed he pushed back and slams himself hard onto my cock.
He gets up on the bench and rolls over while my cock is still jammed in his ass. Now he's lying on his back and I can see his face and his muscled body heavy with heavy breath and shean with sweat starting to collect in his masculine fur and drip in rivulets down the valley between his pecs collecting for a moment in the groves of his abs before running down his flanks.
This is a SEXY fuck.
He's looking up at me and he smiles hard.
"You have an amazing body" he said, while reaching up to grab my pumped up arms, pawing at my biceps and running his finger along the veins wrapping around the muscle.
I shove my cock deeper into his ass and lean back reaching up and throwing down a double biceps pose. I feel his ass close down tight around my cock as he reaching for his own dick in a flurry of masturbation.
"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!" was all he said. I pumped him harder and harder as the sweat started to roll off my body and land on his prone torso.

He askes "do that again. Do that thing with your arms again!" I pump one arm in front of him and then the other. I rub the muscle with my hand, smearing the sweat and rubbing in the shine of the lube.
"Fuck" he says again, in that sexy accent. He reaches up in a passionate thrust and grabs my neck pulling my face to his. He kisses me deeply as his other hand squeezes at my shoulder and arm. I pump him harder and harder while grabbing at his cock to add to the pleasure sensation.
He lets go of my neck and starts to roll over. He stops on his side and lifts one leg in the air exposing further his hole. In reaction to this I plunge deeper and harder into his waiting ass while he takes a huge hit of Amyl and goes bezerk with his cock in a flurry of sweat and lube.

Again he rolls over so he's perches on knees and hands. I grab the back of his neck and push it to the mats. He goes bezerk with moans and groans as the change of angle hits just the right spot deep inside his body.
He looks up at me and says "I want to suck your dick".

I pull out of him and strip the rubber. He grabs me and direct me to the bed. He jumps between my legs sucking my throbbing cock down his throat. He sucks me hard while running his hands along my body and up and down my legs. As he touches my quads I flex them. He stops sucking and just sits back playing with my muscles as I flex them for him.
"Your body is amazing, your muscles are so big" He is genuinely in awe of my body, like he'd never seen anything like it so close. Which I thought was super ironic, since he basically had the same proportions to me just less cut and 5" shorter. But all this attention was really turning me on. (Well there is a reason y'all know me as Narcissus!!)
Again he returns to sucking my dick. He pulls down on my balls and I launch a massive spray of cum in the air. Pulse after pulse of white hot seamen stream across the bed and the wall.
Panting and heaving from the orgasm I reach for him and pull him close, I suck down his cock and after a few bobs of my head he pulls away from me and backs towards the wall, cock in hand. Cum dibbles from his cock and drips onto the floor. His body heaves and the shine returns as sweat covers his flushed form.
He smiles, thanks me and leaves.... I shower and to the hunt. This is after all a celebration weekend and Im a very horny boy.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Weekend Playtime....Guy Two

I head to Plan B also known as my local spa. Talent everywhere.
I strip, wrap a towel and check myself out in the mirror before heading upstairs to do a lap and see who's here tonight.

Second Guy:
He walks up the stairs and walks down the corridor furthest away from me. Its only a glimps but my cock sees more then my eyes do as it jumps under my towel and my balls get a tingle through them.
From that instant I could see a dark european, short build but thickly muscled. Chunky is how I usually describe them. Its that muscle look where they arn't fat but the muscles aren't ripped either. A full rounded firm muscle with great shape and form. I wait for him to complete his loop which will bring him out to the foyer area in which I was standing watching some seriously heinous porn.

He appears and I openly and obviously check him out. Full chest and proportionate arms, a slightly rounded stomach but with a solid and thick sixpack tapering down under his towel which slung suggestivly low over his crotch. I smiled and raised an eyebrow, "Hell yeah!" was what I was thinking.... I made eye contact and he walked off. I followed after him, after he got around the corner away from the crowds he stood back against the wall. I stood in front on him my chest perhaps an inch from his. He smiled and I grabbed his head and held his mouth to mine as I started to deeply kiss him and run my free hand down his chest, across his abs then around his waist to tightly grab an ass check pulling his whole body closer to mine.

Grinding two cocks together we realise this should be taken behind doors. I direct him to an open door, we go in and he reaches for the light dimmer. (Now this is the test. Im a turn the lights up kind of guy, alot of guys prefer to mess around in the darkness.) He turns the dim light up and quickly the room is filled with light as I drink in this man's uber masculine body and presence in the room. His chest and abs are covered with very close clipped hair and he stands naked moving closer into me, going straight for my towel.

He moves in close to my body, I can feel his heat radiating against my chest and abs. He strips the towel from around my waist and wraps his hand around my half hard cock. He starts to slowly but firmly jerk it up and down. I grab his cock and pull him closer by his cock. I kiss him deeply as I reach behind him and pump some lube into my palm from the dispenser on the wall behind him. I reach down between us and grab his dick with my lubed up hand. He gasps and rolls his head as I run my slick hand up and down his shaft. He can't bear it anymore.

"Do you want to fuck me?"
"Hell yeah...."

Weekend Playtime....Guy One

First Guy:

So anyway, as you guys could tell from my previous posts I was TOTALLY in the mood of a little bit of celebratory fun. I hit Gayday to see who was up to what and who wanted me to get up them....
As usually happens with Gaydar I got totally distracted from chasing the boys when I started messaging with my friends.... that was until I received a message from a 20-something dude who quite simply said: "Id wrestle you".

Those are actually the top secret code words that launch my cock. Usually they are stored in The Football that the US presidential aid carries, in with all the launch codes to the nukes (and George W's lunch box)...

So anyway we chat back and forth getting more and more edgy, sexy and flirtatious. He has two pics in his profile. Normally not someone I would go for, he's cute and all. Very young looking, a baby face. He obviously hits the gym but by no means would I describe him as "muscular" or even "athletic" .... you could say he looks "fit". But that doesn't matter right now because he is pushing all my fetish buttons saying that he wants to wrestle and fight me in speedos.
Matching up face to face, speedo bulge to speedo bulge and work each other over until the sweat runs off our bodies in sheets, soaking us and our spandex.
And you know what? That will do it every time!

So we plan to meet up out front of Citygym after Id finished my workout (it was a back workout and it was super fantastic!! I was so tight sore and pumped....that always puts me in a happy/horny mood)
So anyways, I swill my protein shake and take a seat with a glossy gay rag and start reading it cover to cover...
An hour later, I give up on him.....he ain't coming.
But Im in my happy place, so this isn't going to burst my bubble.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Weekend to come.....

How was my weekend??
Well Im not even half way through typing it all up yet.... but here is a preview.

Guy #1:
Internet hookup, wanted to wrestle and fight NHB in tight speedos...

Muscle Bottom, big full muscles and a willing and tallented ass...

Rougher and hairy, lean and Tan. Liked to play hard, esp hardcore ball play.... and yall know the kind of mess I make when that happens....

So yes, Im typing my heart out.... Between applying for jobs and fighting with my insurance company.... Ill be with you within the day.... Trust me ;-)

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